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Solid-Image Projector Unit: This is only an option for Ethereals with a Hover Drone which allows you to move the model up to 3″ after being declared a target of a charge.

At 1CP it is great to have in a pinch, particularly against armies that get free cover, units that get double benefits from cover or if you do not land enough ML hits.

Given cover is a much scarcer commodity these days, this limits the usefulness of this Relic to very specific situations. Throw in your opponent’s stratagems and you can very well end up in the mid to high teens of actual CP to use. They already both have 6″ auras so want to be nestled in backfield infantry regardless. Codex Tau Empire 6th Edition Warhammer 40k Lexicanum.

Of course realistically speaking that’s irrelevant, because both armies are gonna be taking other options in some or all of those slots, but on a theoretical level I would definitely put my money on the Tau army.

Kirby, my apologies, I led you astray.

Adding…, Huh, Promising Pupil isn't barred from Named Characters (And it's weirdly Sept Locked... To what Sept who knows?

Enter your email to get the very latest - news, promotions, hobby tips and more from Games Workshop. I can say one thing for sure right now – Tiger Sharks will jump in price drastically :P. One benefit to Seismic Destabiliser – there’s no requirement to replace anything. This may be just me, but the entire Codex gives off the impression of being made with aims towards levelling the field for Tau somewhat, but no heart behind them. Neuroweb System Jammer (2CP) – Similar to Eldar’s Lightning Reflexes, this is limited to being within 18″ of a Commander model but can be applied to anything (honestly though, what competitive choice in Eldar cannot use Lightning Reflexes?).


You can have up to three. All of the relic weapons are strong options (yes, even the Plasma Rifle; okay maybe not the Gauntlet) and the Seismic Destabiliser is also an okay option against buildings / hordes.

A whole post could (and will) be dedicated to where and when this is useful because Commanders still remain one of the most cost efficient options for Tau and losing 1/3rd of their shooting in a given turn is a steep ask. Uplinked Markerlight (1CP) – Use this nearly every turn. Breach and Clear (1CP) – If you are using Breacher teams, this is a great stratagem to pair with them to maximise their damage, particularly with the less forgiving 8th ed damage table (where S6 is far less useful) as re-rolls to wound are never a bad thing. 621 points for the bare minimum T’au brigade, though realistically 579 + the cost of the commander. As for Branched Nova Charge, if you take a Riptide budget for the CP to use this every turn until you have blasted the opposing army to its component atoms. Stratagems are often what makes or breaks a codex. Until then, as part of getting back into the swing of writing posts let’s finish off the Tau codex review. There are quite a few weapon upgrades for the Tau Relics (aka Signature Systems) but most of them are seen in the specific sept options already reviewed.

Or you could've just had them their…, I don't think any of the Hero of the Chapter-type Stratagems prohibit named characters, only the ones that stack two traits on one Warlord. 1 (Precision of the Hunter): Re-rolling wounds of 1 for a Coldfusion Commander actually goes a long way, particularly for a T’au Commander under Focused Fire (wounding everything bar T8 on 2’s and re-rolling 1’s). Ethereal with a Ld10 bubble is certainly nice for larger squads and if you are running larger squads, you need an Ethereal.

Again, if you are running a list without a backline, this is something to consider though I think Precision comes out ahead.

Puretide Engram Neurochip (PENchip): Your go to choice.

Ok, Internet, that is a very strange thing to downvote. Especially given how lackluster the Hammerhead is in this edition, and how underwhelming Overwatch is in general, unless you specifically gear for it, and your opponent is unaware of what could happen. And then they probably just hostage the kroot, and you're in a worse spot than having broadsides touched. Extra AP on 6’s to wound does not seem like a lot but when it’s in the middle of some triple tapping Fire Warriors, combined with T’au Sept Focused Fire or in conjunction with any other +to wound (i.e. An extra dead MEQ or two is also nothing to sneer at. Seeing Tau lists with 10+ CP should be common sight. I often blow through 5-8 CP before the first turn of the game is over, and between the PEN Chip and starting with 12+ in an army that is a very viable plan. Throw in the Coldstar option which can Move and Advance 20″ and you really are hard pressed to find a better HQ. Gone back to using supremacy armour cos tau are cool but ultimately useless. Losing your Warlord loses the free benefits we will outline below.

Few other armies actually get long-ranged weapons on HQs with any sort of regularity, let alone four. Like the uplinked markerlight stratagem you might not need it every turn but you should build your list to have enough CP to use it every turn. This and Precision of the Hunter do give you pause for taking a Coldfusion as your Warlord but there are also Markerlights that can give you free Advance abilities as well.

Tau have quite a few solid HQ choices and while the Beta Rule of 3 has impacted all armies equally, Tau still have a caveat around their commanders limiting you to one Commander per detachment. Tau already have SMS to get concentrated firepower on taking out things hiding out of LOS and the D6 makes it too variable for my tastes.

Until then, let’s polish off the “front” part of the review and analyse the Relics and Warlord Traits. Onager Gauntlet: The other option to Fusion Blades for a close combat attack, this is from battlesuits only (which is good given they hit on 3s in combat). Here we have the hands down best option which you should always pick and then some very situational options.

This is a great option to keep characters out of combat that you want, particularly on long ranged charge attempts.

on the last damage row to avoid hitting things on 6’s and ensure full movement is available to them.

It all depends but I’m going to use it more often than not. thank you ShasOFish for getting the text for us Slightly better than the Marine Orbital Bombardment in terms of distance covered though still very situational if the enemy has bunched up only (the average of 7″ does get you a pretty decent coverage for some castle builds).

Also, vehicle wargear. In a Sa’cea detachment that grenade is about as reliable as you could ever hope for.

We have not updated the weapons table (this is coming next) but we know from the previous table that you could expect increases of 55% with a full 5 hits. IG Brigade: company commanders, infantry squads, platoon commanders, multilaser scout sentinels, mortar HWTs; 78 bodies, The Mortars are basically the only good thing about it.

With that in mind, let’s dive into the base Tau Warlord traits…. It remains to be seen if this can be used for the Y’vahra or R’varna (whose damage output for one gun is surprisingly similar to the Riptide’s Ion Accelerator though expensive at 429 points base) given the Stratagem specifically references the XV104 Riptide Battlesuit but I would not count on it unfortunately.

I want to like the supernova launcher but the only crisis-chassis weapon its profile goes with is the plasma rifle, which are just bad, sadly. Insult to injury if they do mortal wounds in their own death throes… It’s not a lot of damage but a couple of Mortal Wounds can add up. They’ve even received a point reduction!”, http://natfka.blogspot.com/2018/03/additional-tau-bits-that-are-making.html.

Combine this with the fact that Tau have access to some of the cheapest Brigades which are useful and not full of chaff (Commander, Ethereal, Fireblade, 3x Marksmen, 6x Fire warriors, 3x Pathfinders / Drones / Kroot Hounds and 3x Sniper Drones) and single CP detachments that are useful (Commander + 3 Firesight Marksman for example or go the super cheap route of 12 Kroot Hounds) and you can easily end up with 12+ CP plus whatever the Puretide hands out. That is something I will have to try. Also, it’s worth noting that almost all of the units in the “minimum” Tau brigade are ones that you will actually field in a “real” Tau brigade. Darkstrider too, particularly if he is riding in a Devilfish together with some Breachers or Ion/Rail Pathfinders. This means these are already high value targets and often out in the face of the enemy, limiting their value as a Warlord (which can give up victory points in nearly all mission formats).

Download & read By in PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT and ZIP format.

5 (Exemplar of the Kauyon): Re-rolling failed hit rolls for your Warlord if you have not moved is like Through Boldness, Victory, but worse. Repulsor Impact Field (1CP) – One of those defensive stratagems that really hurts big horde units if they all get within 3″.

Sure, you could use a drone but those are a scarce resource…get yourself a 3++ and tank some the fist turn or two.

Recalling from months and months […] Yay. Tau Brigade would absolutely smash the IG brigade. The profile is sort of ideal for picking off many of the weaker buffing characters in the game.


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