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The fibre optic light level is ten times higher than required, so the fibre can be cut with a knife for easy installation; no polishing or special preparation is required. The reed switch characteristics ensure stable gauge readings even with momentary slight variations in level.

This is show primarily for RV Dealers and Manufacturers. The project's name, MOSE, is a nod to the prophet who parted the Red Sea. The SeeLeveL Special™ Model 808-P2 Truck Gauge provides an accurate digital readout of the amount of fluid in a truck or trailer tank. The system provides a stable resolution of 1/3” and the fixed position of the reeds eliminates any need for recalibration during the life of the gauge. Since November's high tide, many business owners and regular Venetians demanded answers on when the floodgate system would become operational and whether it would ever see the light of day. "The project often grinded to a halt because of the frequent changes of governments, which is … We can't wait to meet you guys! Farm to Table freshness inspired dining by the ocean front.

Self-diagnostic features enable troubleshooting by mechanics, Intrinsically safe, the 808-P2 is popular across a wide range of flammable, hazardous, and inert fluids, Fiber optic connection between tank and display for complete electrical safety, All-digital design eliminates reading drift, ensuring long-term accuracy under all conditions without the need for costly and time-consuming re-calibration, Microprocessor-based technology provides a resolution of 1/3”, Remote display ready; can transmit reading from main display to in-cab or outside remote display, Calibrated (with the 817-USB programmer) to read in inches of level, or in volume units such as barrels, gallons, litres, or cubic meters, Product density compensation adjustable by the operator, High reliability – no moving parts except for the molded plastic float. Three different remote displays are available which can duplicate the gauge reading in the cab or on the other side of the trailer. The MultiRack™ controller provides optic and thermistor loading rack control to permit loading at rack-controlled facilities. An overfill warning feature permits a simple alarm to be operated and then bypassed by pressing a switch on the outside of the display enclosure. The 828 can be used for data acquisition to allow the gauge reading to be transmitted via remote telemetry or connected to a serial printer to enable receipt printing by the operator. 391 North Windsor Avenue, Brightwaters, New York 11718, United States (631) 665-8300 Just an answer to the legend of the sea level rise. Programmable alarm output can operate a, Easy installation and servicing, one-year limited warranty. SeeLeveL™ gauges can be used with other Garnet products to improve safety, economy, and convenience. "In the month after the high tide, hotel bookings dropped by 50 percent. MOSE, the mayor says, will become fully operational by 2021, but it could be activated temporarily as early as June to protect the city from exceptional tides. Ph: 817-573-2981 The gauge is calibrated during installation with the 817-USB programmer. But a series of corruption scandals, rising costs and political controversies has delayed the project, which is yet to become fully operational. Yes, I want to save money by receiving personalised Groupon emails with awesome deals. If fine food and refreshing beverages are on your to-do list, check out 99 Sea Level in Bethany Beach. The 808-P2 operates using a magnetic reed switch sensor bar detecting the float magnetic field. The alarm will automatically reset when the tank is empty. This battery-powered system’s long record of reliability and popularity has made it the industry standard in liquid level gauges throughout North America. "We want Venice to house an international water agency which studies the effects of climate change, so that we apply the lessons learned here to find solutions that work elsewhere in the world.". But the drastic acceleration in the rise of sea levels and the consequent higher and more frequent high tides mean that there is a need for new, drastic solutions. This Bethany Beach staple is sure to satisfy your appetite no matter what your stomach wants. Garnet is the source for leading-edge solutions in liquid level measurement. Claudio Scarpa, director of the Hotels Association in Venice, says the fear factor caused by the dramatic images of the flood is a bigger threat to Venice than the immediate damage caused by the water. Sherwood Park, AB  T8A 4G7 The seawater flooded shops, restaurants, residential ground floors and even the Basilica in St. Mark's Square, causing damage in excess of $1 billion. Groupon has verified that the customer actually visited 99 Sea Level. TF: 1-877-668-7813, Privacy Policy | © Copyright 2020 Garnet Instruments, We want to get to know our customers! Expert reveals how Venice has battled flooding for centuries. Claudio Lavanga is Rome-based producer and correspondent for NBC News. Sealevel is a beachfront restaurant located on the esplanade at Cronulla Beach. A 17-year project to build underwater floodgates in the city has been mired in delays and corruption. At Garnet, we believe that a premium RV customer…. "This is a unique floodgate system: It will be a mile long, with 78 gates ready to rise from the bottom of the sea when needed," Soru says. Until not long ago, those solutions included raising the city at the same speed as the water by adding steps and layers to the city's banks, as well as sacrificing ground floors by walling up its doors once the water got to their level.

VENICE, Italy — While climatologists use highly technical instruments and satellites to measure rise in global sea levels, Venetians suggest a much simpler method: just count the steps of centuries-old buildings that are now under water. The LCD is large enough to allow display viewing from up to 15 feet away. In 2014, 35 people involved in the project were arrested on suspicion of corruption, bribery and kickbacks. If fine food and refreshing beverages are on your to-do list, check out 99 Sea Level in Bethany Beach. The sensor bar is fully sealed to prevent moisture or product from damaging the bar. The bar can be ordered to fit any size tank up to 85” in height, and can be easily removed for servicing, or for use on another trailer. A 316 stainless steel seamless tube houses the sensor bar, and the fitting holding the tube in place can be either steel or stainless steel. THE MENU. If cycling is more your speed, you'll find plenty of space to stash your bike outside the restaurant. The whole city, Cecconi says, can be used as one beautiful ruler that has been measuring the changes in the average sea level across the centuries. The SpillStop™ overfill prevention system provides an automatic horn warning and pump shut down to prevent spills when loading with truck mounted PTO-driven pumps or trailer-mounted hydraulic pumps. So we have no choice but to try to keep the excess of seawater out of the lagoon," Cecconi says.

TF: 1-800-617-7384, Garnet US Inc. There is a pressing need to act. "The irony is that the devastating high tide last November brought the project to the world attention once again and gave it a final push.". The SeeLeveL Special™ Model 808-P2 Truck Gauge provides an accurate digital readout of the amount of fluid in a truck or trailer tank. 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