muscovy pekin cross

Some of their characteristics are like the Muscovy as they are large, quiet, …

Can different waterfowl breeds cross-breed? Like Muscovies, male hinnies are much larger than female hinnies, but the females look like Pekins and fly quite well.

Why do so few hatcheries sell Red Star hatching eggs? I live in Tacoma, WA but am willing to travel (reasonably) in the greater Puget Sound area. Looking for a peacock for my peahens if any one knows of any for sale please advise. Hi I live near Bunbuy and I've loved chooks all my life however until recently have not been able to keep them. American Pekin are most commonly used to breed mulards due to the breed's high meat production. ©2005-2020 MY PET CHICKEN, LLC. If you cross a Pekin male with a Muscovy female, the offspring are called hinnies, which are not grown commercially like mules.

Hello I'm looking for 3 or 4 Rhode Island Reds or Sussex Hens. This cross between a Muscovy drake and a Pekin hen is a sizable bird with a well-developed breast, and is the preferred duck for foie gras, because of its large size and hearty constitution. About half of the eggs hatch into mulard ducks. An Owl took my Rouen Duck Male therefore looking for a replacement to keep our females happy.

The incubation period of the hybrid eggs is between the mallard and muscovy, with an average of 32 days.

Approximately 60% of mule ducks are males. [3] This problem was avoided by the introduction of mulards. Their taste is rich and they are considered a delicacy. Your resulting ducklings (the mules) will be larger and more vigorously healthy than purebreds of either breed, but sterile-- which is OK because they make great meat birds! Geese are more expensive to maintain than ducks (they are larger and more aggressive), and the more temperamental muscovies did not accept the process of gavage (force feeding) as readily as Pekins, causing the quality of the foie gras to suffer. you don't have to eat your son's (or your son), but it might not be a bad idea to breed some more. [4], "Moulard" redirects here. TY. Please email me with any info at I think he's a Narragansett. [1]. The white muscovy and Pekin are the two most common purebred, commercially farmed ducks. Thankyou. Hi, I'm looking to purchase a few runner ducks this spring. Looking for a female close to his size! [3], Traditionally, foie gras was primarily produced with geese, but in the 1960s the majority of farmers began to use mulards. I'll just see what happens now... wow that is so interesting and kind of sad for the babies too if they want to be mums, Poultry and sustainable living, including gardening, Black East Indian Ducks For Sale or Wanted. Hybrids of the two are hardier and calmer, in addition to exhibiting natural hybrid vigor. Hybrids of the two are hardier and calmer, in addition to exhibiting natural hybrid vigor.

About half of the eggs hatch into mulard ducks.

Welcome Guest. Many people say that the breast meat of a Muscovy is hard to tell from a Sirloin steak. The mulard is commercially produced on farms for meat and foie gras. Will all of my blue chicks actually be blue? When the drake is a pekin, the offspring tend to be smaller and are called hinnies. In Taiwan, it’s common to cross white male Muscovy duck with a breed of white duck known as a Kaiya (developed itself from a cross between Pekin and Tsaiya duck) to get very finely textured and lean meat which has about 18% fat content (compared to 30% in a Pekin.) I'm looking for a female turkey, my male needs a friend. I think they're sometimes called moulard. I'm led to believe that the fertility of the resulting eggs isn't terribly reliable, though.

Hi we've just relocated in Newman and I'm looking for 6 layers to take out to community.

That does help. Like muscovy ducks, mulards have claws on their feet, but do not fly and perch; instead, they prefer to stay on water, as Pekins do. Famous chefs know this and use … These hybrids have also become extremely common in countries where foie gras is not produced. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. Please Login or Register. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Agaricus Mushroom Extract for Immune Health, Happy Hen Treats Mealworm Frenzy (2 sizes), Carefree Enzymes Healthy Pen (Pest, Parasite & Odor Control), 32 oz.

The pekin might prefer the females he grows up with but a hen is a hen and they usually cross with scovies no problem. Thanks, Hello Looking for Sussex chickens or pullets, appreciate any info, email is, Hi there I am looking for Malay's and I am in southwest florida. Got the poultry bug, a patient husband, three fantastic kids aged 4-10, a farm, two dogs, two cats, two birds, four fish, an ancona bantam rooster named Reginald, a happy harem of hens, a busy incubator, 2 geese (babies on the way) and some newly hatched ducklings and chickens! And Muscovy meat is one of the healthiest meats on the market today, being 98 percent or greater fat-free. How do I care for ducklings and goslings? muscovy/pekin crosses are frequently used for foie gras and meat, though. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Muscovy males, like this one, are crossed with Pekin females to produce mule ducks. The mulard (or moulard) is a hybrid between the different genera of domestic duck: the domestic muscovy (Cairina moschata domestica) and the domestic mallard (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus). Due to their muscovy heritage, they produce leaner meat than Pekins; females tend to be raised for meat while males are used for foie gras. Muscovy eggs are delicious and are used in many dishes prepared by individuals or by famous cooks. Ph. Any advice/assistance would be appreciated.

In 2007, there were 35 million mulard ducks raised in the country, compared with only 800,000 geese. For the French wine grape also known as Moulard, see, "Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare on Welfare Aspects of the Production of Foie Gras in Ducks and Geese",, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2011, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 April 2020, at 20:32.


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