lg refrigerator ice maker class action lawsuit

I have been sorely disappointed with this refrigerator as I thought that LG was a reputable company and sold a good product and for the money I spent, somewhere between $2,000-$2,500, I expected a better product.

He is also asking for an injunction against LG Electronics continuing the practices complained of here and requiring the company to conduct a corrective advertising campaign. My fridge is experiencing the same issue with the ice machine.. They like to not leave a service record with customers so they can deny later that a service was done or even has a service history as when they applied the “free” service flash part that ultimately did not work. The warranty person I spoke to referred that a consumer with a broken frig/freezer would be somehow shady and nefarious by lying about food spoilage to try and get paid. My ice maker stop working after a 1 and a half.

I want them to either replace the whole thing or fix it. Having same problem for a year now! How do I join this law suit. If you are part of this claim, they will purge your online information in Shop My Way as well. Be sure to register your product for warranty services so they can mail you notifications. 2 years old or less. I bought an LFXC24726S is 2015, and the circuit board had to be replaced (had to fight to get it covered under warranty). It’s always one big chunk of ice.

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The fan also freezes up and need to use blow dryer to defrost, Having issues with ice maker please keep me updated administrator or law firm. Placeholders.enable(); Jung says the models of LG refrigerators affected by the fan defect are model numbers LFXC24726S, LFXS30726S, LFX32945ST, LFXS32766S, LFXS30766S, and LFX28968ST. I constantly need to remove the ice maker to clear the passage for ice. Make sure your frig is registered for warranty services. I am experiencing same/similar problem with Kenmore Elite model purchased in 2015. “I haven't had ice since May,” Falco said, estimating she has had to throw out $2,000 worth of food.