ketu in aries past life
In other words, individuals with this set of combinations have the ability to focus on certain directions in life and fulfill tasks one by one which allows for healthy expansion. Namely, the 1st zodiac sign Aries is all about leadership, action, drive, motivation, new beginnings, initiation power, etc. Therefore, individuals with this combination are very impulsive. Furthermore, Ketu also signifies detachment which also extends the courage by giving the feeling that there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. The place of Venus is also important here. Career and Wealth Vedic Astrology Horoscope, Love, Relationships and Marriage Vedic Astrology Horoscope, Relationship Compatibility Vedic Astrology Horoscope, Marriage Compatibility and Matchmaking Vedic Astrology Horoscope, Health and Medical Vedic Astrology Horoscope, Spiritual and Karma Vedic Astrology Horoscope, 15 Years Dasa and Transit Vedic Astrology Horoscope, Gemstone Selection Vedic Astrology Horoscope, Best Time for Child Birth Vedic Astrology Horoscope, Birth Time Rectification Astrology Horoscope, Saturn's Dasha, Transit & Sade Sati Horoscope, Yogas in your Horoscope and their Effects, Ask One Question Vedic Astrology Horoscope, Ask Three Questions Vedic Astrology Horoscope, Annual or Birthday or Varshphal Horoscope. © Copyrighted Therefore, in this sign, Ketu amplifies this ability with the ability to focus until the goal for which action is initiated is attained.

They have no fear to criticize other’s beliefs. Required fields are marked *, What does South Node in Pisces mean? Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius, which is the planet of blessings, knowledge, and wisdom. If Venus is weak in Virgo, it indicates that a person will have a lack of creativity.

Mars is the planet that governs the 1st sign Aries of mentality and 8th sign Scorpio of intuitive wisdom which proves that the connection of South Node Ketu with Mars through Aries creates a very intuitive person. These peoples have fear to get responsibility and authority of anything. These peoples love to research new things and learn new things. Ketu is the lord of Sagittarius and it contains 2-1/2 nakshatras called (“Mula”, “Purwa Ashada”,” Uttara Ashada”). Like if Ketu is in the seventh house in Capricorn, it means they wouldn’t like an authoritative life partner. This is also a very good placement for research work or surgery. Scorpio is the 8th zodiac sign in astrology, the eighth house is related to the occult and hidden things, transformation, death, in-laws, changes and diseases. 10th house related to career and father and it is the house of Ketu.

Ketu and Ketu are the lords of Scorpio and it contains 2-1/2 nakshatras called (“Vishaka”, “Anuradha”,” Jyeshtha”). Accordingly, this combination indicates that individuals with this combination were likely involved with leading, management, launching projects, making decisions, etc. So, it is better for them to work for themselves. Additionally, if the planet of righteousness is undignified, it also indicates that their impulsiveness and rashness are displaced on innocent people and often by unfair means. They feel that they are isolated and far enough from religion. He will be shying to manage and lead the things.

They will isolate themselves from the creative world and arts. At the same time, Aries carries the element of fire which represents immense courage and will-power to prosper even when heavy obstacles are present on the path. Cancer is the house related to home, home environment, homeland, mother, property, vehicles, things related to mother.

Virgo is the 6th zodiac sign in astrology, the sixth house is related to legal issues, healing, and meditation, obstacles, and conflicts in life, daily routine, routine jobs, perfections and delay in success. Aquarius is the 11th house is the house of gains, it is also related to income, elder siblings, social circle, friends, income, earning, huge and large companies and firms and the Aquarius sign related to uplifting the society, scientific researches and thinking, high ambitions and goals and their rewards.

Mars’s position is very important.

If Saturn is placed in its exalted sign Libra, it indicates that they will not be interested to get higher education but they will learn a lot with their personal experience and practice.

This placement of Ketu can isolate a person from authority and fame. They prefer to work alone. Aries If you have Aries ascending on your first house now, your most critical past life was related with Pisces.

Weakened Mars also reduces faith which also reflects weakened Ketu as there is insufficient faith that prevents them to attain their goals righteously. On the contrary, if Mars is undignified, it indicates that their impulses are ignited by bad thoughts or intentions. The fifth house is all about creativity, romance, and intelligence. It is all about relationships and business partnerships. Aquarius is the 11th zodiac sign in astrology, it is related to serving humanity, higher self, working for the big aims and purposes of life, and scientific thinking. Here’s very briefly looking at the house and sign placement of Ketu and what it tells, regarding ones past life – 1. Aries is the house of aggression, competition’s, individuality, courage, optimism, honesty, and determination. But if it is weak in cancer sign, it indicates that the person will have a good relationship with mother. If the moon is exalted in Taurus, it indicates that these peoples will have no interest to work for the higher self. Individuals with this combination rely more on their gut feelings than common logic and cognitive patterns. But if Jupiter is weak in Capricorn, their lack of belief can create problems in the family. For example, if Rahu is in Aries of your Horoscope, Ketu will be in its exact opposite sign in Libra In other words, Rahu and Ketu represent two different sides of emotions, thoughts or mental characteristics. Ketu is the lord of Cancer and it contains 2-1/2 nakshatras called (“Punavarsu”,” Pushyami”,” Ashlesha”). But if Saturn is weak in Aries, their isolation can create a problem in their business or lack of communication with younger siblings. If mars is placed in Capricorn, it indicates that the person will have a fear to take responsibility and authorities. They simply stop thinking about various problems which helps them to be more confident in everything they do. Leo is the house related to independence, king or queen, leadership, confidence, self-esteem, and ego. Ketu, South Node and Past Lives now: Not only that! They will deny others’ beliefs and make their own belief. Sagittarius is the Ninth house is related to philosophy, religion and beliefs, teachers and gurus, knowledge and wisdom, spirituality, house of fortune, law and faith and the Sagittarius sign related to universities, colleges, religious places and institutes, preachers, professors, and higher wisdom. Ketu is the lord of Gemini and it contains 2-1/2 nakshatras called (“Mrigshira”,” Ardra”,” Punavarsu”). If mercury is exalted in Virgo, it indicated that the person will have not much communication with the mother and family. At the same time, Aries is the 1st zodiac sign which is all about mentality, focus, determination, will-power, and action. But when Ketu reaches in Aries it indicates that the person was aggressive in his past life so now, he will not spend his time on these things. These peoples will never be satisfied with their spirituality and mystical progress. They have limited friends and social circles. Often, their impulsive actions or decisions give good outcomes and results as they are motivated by righteousness and good intentions, as the dignified Mars suggests.

It is because they are always willing to go all in and put all their energy into their undertakings with unshakable faith in the divine. The persons have not much interest in business or partnerships. Even these peoples have not much believed in their holy books. Moreover, their amplified righteousness attracts divine protection and guidance which also enhances their faith to a very great extent. On the contrary, if Mars is undignified, it decreases the amount of courage. When Ketu comes in the house of Moon it indicates an emotionless person. They simply trust the divine and let fate decide the outcomes for them. These are caused by weakened Mars which causes various fears, worries, and useless anxiety which interferes with intuition and scrambles it resulting in incorrect gut feelings. Mars-ruled Aries is all about initiation power, drive, and action while South Node Ketu is very impulsive and hot-tempered. So, you will find these people not too much into sports and competing with others.

It also represents son and Dog. To begin with, South Node Ketu is a very intuitive, courageous, and fiery entity just like the Mars-ruled 1st zodiac sign Aries. But again, they like to work alone. They will find the truth and reality of life. In this article, I’ll explain everything about Ketu. They have no interest in business also. But if they decide to work in the fields related to art, film making, painting, or any other things related to creativity, they will become highly successful. South Node Ketu is naturally a very impulsive and fiery entity because it relies on subconscious and intuition rather than common logic. The quickness of their actions is provided by the Aries sign, which is all about speed and forward motion. These traits include great leadership skills, immense courage, unshakable blind faith, strong intuition, protection from evil, spiritual evolution, high determination, ability to make clear decisions fast, etc. He can become very strong psychic abilities. Like these peoples doesn’t like to communicates a lot, don’t like marketing or sales. It means that the fiery, spiritual, detached, selfless, intuitive, blindly courageous, daring, healing, immensely strong astrological entity Ketu combines with cold, emotionless, serious, ambitious, persistent, hard-working, introverted, focused, Read more…. Rahu and Ketu Always Move Together Rahu and Ketu are always opposite to each other in the chart at 180 degrees. This house is also related to science and technology, so these peoples can become a very good researchers or inventors.


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