griffin kauffman birthday

We are now almost a year over-seas – does it seem possible that so much could happen in a year – gosh what a crazy, yet wonderful one.

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This V-mail, presented in its entirety, mentions a gift from Janine Ganascia and Nicole Messiah for Griffin’s young nephew, Peter. And mal-function is their doom They had turkey & we had two helpings of everything. […]  Also another from Cath and then Jimmie got the two & I got the others with the kids things in them – Dot wore her socks this a.m. I lean towards the letter having been written on November 10, since it would have taken time for word to arrive about the October 22 newspaper, though Ruth Donovan’s mother could also have been given some advanced notice by the paper that the photo would be running at a future date. From attic to cellar you will find good roaming Helen Harrington’s sweater she knit for me is a Godsend. Eventually, however, she reached the point where she could conceal her health no longer. It’s been snowing all night, after pouring rain all day yesterday and now it’s that awful icey [sic] slush about 2 inches deep. At least we are staying for Xmas. The following letter is presented in its entirety. Griffin’s copies appear to be lost, though there were several photos in at least three different collections that appear to have been taken that day. Just think Thanksgiving this month & We’ll be 10 mos over here by then & 11 mos away from home. The ones we took off – just up and walked themselves to the laundry bags. [sic]  I have so many to write, it’s an impossibility. Here they come in all their splendor Pick one that's hard-to-crack, only known by you, and at least 6 characters long. Tomorrow morning I have an awful lot to do – have to get my clothes clean for a change – wash my hair & have a  [shirt or skirt] put up etc. The very Merriest Christmas & Loads of love. Letters from the Alice Griffin Collection: Part I (March & April 1943) This helps us keep people, musicians and brands searchable on Myspace. |  One heavy G.I. duty is about up and Ruthie is to relieve me so I’ll pack up my writing utensils and head back, through the rain, for our tent. Well folks guess I’ll close now – too much talk going around and I can’t concentrate. Mrs. O’Dowd is presumably the mother of Griffin’s nurse friend, Mary O’Dowd. Was 9 months pregnant with her son Griffin when she auditioned for the role of Amy Duncan on the new Disney Channel live-action sitcom "¡Buena suerte, Charlie!" Upon arrival in Naples on December 19, 1943, they entered staging near Bagnoli. Please try again.

We arrived back just in time for our dinner here. The hotel mentioned is the 32nd Station Hospital’s officers’ billet, the Hotel Transatlantique. This is the first good day we’ve had in a week, boy talk about your N.E. Muth you wanted to know details of my party – by this time you’ll have received them. Sending home a few pictures that don’t mean much to you but I want to have them. She was in the last weeks of pregnancy with her son Griffin when she completed filming on the third season of, She was 9 months pregnant with her son Griffin when she auditioned for the role of Amy Duncan on the new Disney Channel live-action sitcom, Her pregnancy with her son Baker was written into. Please enter the account owner's birth date here. We worked about sixteen hours that day. We'll email instructions on how to reset your password. Today I’m all slept out.

Heard from J. today and he arrived in Italy safely and is now in combat.

We are all opening our packages as they come, and Christmas, although a bit early this year is lasting a long time and we’re getting an awful kick out of it. Presumably, she kept up her prolific correspondence until her return to the United States, but these letters were lost during the decades that followed. […]  I have saved the ones from you, Muth & Margie that were wrapped, but that’s all and the food is being saved. After returning to Lovell General Hospital, Griffin apparently met her future husband, Technician Fifth Grade Edward T. Feeney, a member of the hospital’s Military Police detachment. Donations from each Nurse decorated the Villa, complete with Christmas tree and lights. Margie – – I will go up and get Peter another hat – I’ll also send some more along with it in case you want to give any away – that is if there are any left. According to a family tree that I found, Martine was the daughter of Georges Gueron (1910–1995) and Nicole’s sister Jeannine (1919–2015). Alice Griffin’s sister was pregnant at the time; Griffin’s objections to her niece being named Alicia seem either exceedingly modest or facetious, especially considering her mother and sister were already named Margaret! And especially your very nice Christmas gifts. Griffin Kauffman (grifx)'s profile on Myspace, the place where people come to connect, discover, and share. death of 2nd Lieutenant Rachel H. Sheridan, letter probably written on August 26, 1943, Introduction to the Alice Griffin Collection, Letters from the Alice Griffin Collection: Part I (March & April 1943), Letters from the Alice Griffin Collection: Part V (November & December 1943), Doctors, Part III: (Dispensary & Out-Patient, Radiology, & Unknown Assign. Despite her concerns, Chief Nurse Brammer rated Griffin’s 1944 performance as “satisfactory.”  Griffin was hospitalized at the 23rd General Hospital on June 1, 1944 and eventually transferred back to the United States. I rcd an awful lot. View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro, My Favorite Disney Channel Stars (No Order).

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Several months later, she and her husband welcomed the first of three daughters. The snow is almost gone because it has rained all day but it is just as cold as ever. Instead of three of us together now, we are four to a tent, so Wanda is with us and Kate D with the other three – but we are right next door to one another – still. You won’t get this letter for a long while but I’m still writing. (Details aren’t completely clear but this apparently included general duty nursing, service in the Surgical Ward, and work as a supervisor in the Orthopedic Ward.) As much ink as Griffin used discussing whether or not the unit was going to stay in Tlemcen or not, their departure seems to have come without much fanfare (unless one or more letters announcing the departure were lost). The major mentioned is likely the paratrooper or U.S.A.A.F officer mentioned in the November 26, 1943 letter. But you can pick one that's 25 characters or less and includes a letter. had the Xmas decorations but I didn’t take them out, I’ll wait for a while. Went to Mass @ 8.45 (had Papa – Jack Hemsworth – Mrs. O’Dowd and Mrs Mac Gibbon prayed for) and then took a walk around town & looked in shop windows. Just start typing to find music. I believe we were all down to our last clean pair. Oh my gosh, it’s cold.

You really would howl if you could see the outfits we wear. From Cape Cod to the Berkshires a welcoming cheer.

Griffin underwent several Army Retirement Board hearings, the last of them on November 16, 1945. The “pride & joy” mentioned in the following passage is Ruth Donovan, one of Griffin’s closest friends in the unit. Also am enclosing the negative I thought I had sent before that Cath thought was lost – came across it today. This is your profile URL.


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