good intentions without nav reddit

Need rari, reaction, run it up, on my mind, and bag on this album.


EDIT: I don't see why I'm getting downvoted so much for having an opinion lol. Something I wish I could get rid of. Not even close, even his last Bad Habits album was much better imo, at least that album had some replayable tracks. claims he’s learned now, that he’s self-aware, recently stopped complaining about his teachers. He clarifies that he rummages through his fridge for lean, not Sunny D. He invites a woman to quarantine with him, clad in all designer.

Now I'm not saying that this album is a 10/10, but it sure as hell deserved an actual rating out of 10.

It's a cultural anomaly, and a glitch in the universe that Nav is a successful rapper.

The latest mixtapes, videos, news, and anything else hip-hop/R&B/Future Beats related from your favorite artists, Press J to jump to the feed. Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music. But when NAV talks about growing up in the hood and not knowing how to behave it sounds like he’s making a joke or something idk. He minds his own business, and at his core he's really just a chill, funny, and witty guy from a humble background. He's whack. Though I believe Durk’s street lyrics more than Nav’s, at the end of the day, their chemistry sounds great on this song. ... Yeah Durk kills that shit and NAV was aight on that track.

1. I'm compelled to listen to NAV because I'm captivated by how tragically pathetic he is as a character.

I'd give it a strong 6 to a light 7. Nav didn’t like his first album, either. I'm a NAV fan, and this is definitely not his best album. Roughly 24 hours since he dropped off the album.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. Though it’s a good album for Nav, I still think it’s an average album at best.

Adjusting for expectations, this is his best album yet, one in which he makes half-hearted stabs at “maturity” and occasionally tries to be in on the joke.

On “My Business,” he’s content to mumble occasionally in the background while Future gallops over the beat for a full minute. 5. and to make that even worse, unlike these other rappers who are just kids, Nav is 30 years old, More posts from the hiphopheads community, Everything hip-hop, R&B and Future Beats! The lens is equally narrow when he turns it on himself; in “Brown Boy,” a song weird enough to almost be interesting, he sings about himself from the perspective of a third-person observer, whining about the size of his rings and how his music “feels like drugs.” (He pulled the same trick on 2017’s “Did You See Nav,” and he released another song called “Brown Boy” in 2014.). ), RGM Presents: Top 5s (Songs That Mention The Presidential Candidates), Ratings Game Music Presents: Vote or Die (What Album Won September?) But this rating was bogus. Lease Favorite Track: Brown Boy, 100% his best album so far.

Nav repeats the same ideas over and over again—he likes drugs, he doesn’t trust women, look at all his money. For a 30-year-old rapper who only recently stopped complaining about his teachers, any semblance of self-actualization seems like growth. Close. I would say it’s one of his best, but I still like “Bad Habits” a little more (that can definitely change). He references addiction throughout the album, but uses the glut of pills and bottles more to create an aesthetic than to consider their implications. I’m sorry I just can’t stop laughing at this, NAV got 3 NOT GOODs in a row, truly somehow beat Logic at his own game.

You should definitely check em out. It's just Brampton that bigs him up. I do think it’s old Nav, but bad old Nav lol. “No Debate” is diet trap music anchored in plodding 808s. I gotta agree with him here, I will admit I just do not like NAV on albums at all - I enjoy his features usually, and I even enjoyed his debut mixtape as well as the lead single for this record, but it’s just been getting worse and worse for his solo output since then.

I would love to see Nav’s hood for myself (I just want to validate some of his lyrics).

He’s sticking to his guns and that’s what makes him successful. 16. I was incredibly ready to spread the good word of Nav. Nonetheless, there are a few bangers on Good Intentions in which he gifts us with melodies that are infectious and lyrics that are cooler than Michael Jordan with shades on. This is a good album.

To be more specific, I love how hard Future and Thugger rapped on their respective songs, how authentically trill Durk sounded on “No Ice,” how Pop Smoke reminded the world that he had serious charisma on “Run It Up,” and how Don Tolliver blessed us with a great singing performance on “Recap.”. I also like how the two rappers come across like Millenial Godfathers on their respective verses. It only took five lines before the first jarring moment of discord between how NAV sees himself and how reasonable people do. His wordplay is never gonna be better than meh at this point but no nav fan is expecting thought-provoking music from nav. I understand that Fantano may not vibe as much as Nav as Nav's fanbase does, but he's definitely sleeping on this album.

“Saint Laurentt,” whose extra “t”s seems intended to avoid confusion with the better Wale song, is a corroded, moody heartbreak track, with pitched-down vocals to convey the emotion Nav’s voice can’t carry.

report. The most fun moments on the album are the ones where Nav gets out of the way.

Young Thug murders s**t on “Spend It!” On his lone verse on the song, he switches between mellow rapper and wacky singer. Good intentions dropping may 8th. “I act the way you see on purpose,” he admits on “She Hurtin,” a quasi-love song where Nav transparently uses a new girlfriend to make an ex jealous.

I vastly prefer navs tape even though they occupy the same "generic trap" space. On April 27, 2020, NAV released the album trailer and merchandise collection with the phrase “Good Intentions” appearing several “I’m part of the money-making committee,” he announces on “My Business,” a clunky boast that highlights his tendency to write garbled work-arounds of generic rap tropes. Why do you think it is a glitch in a universe, just wondering?

I can't imagine coming back to many tracks on this album. 1/3. Press J to jump to the feed.

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Easily Nav’s best album.

I wonder how the general public is comparing it to lil baby's album though. NAV has grown on me in the last year with Turks and his feature on Lil Uzi Vert's Leaders which is one of my favorite songs of the year so far.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. I was listening to smokepurpp and saw on reddit that his whole album had to be rushed, and changed dramatically cuz of leaks. LINE.

Jesus fucking Christ. or “I just spent $200 on my nails on “I Don’t Care.” And it really just doesn’t get any better on either of these damn projects.

He would have us believe he's ejaculating royal semen inside women so regularly that the only explanation for him not being a father is that it's part of God's plan. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Mix. Like the top guy said, if you didn't like a single song on here I don't think you'll ever like Nav.

And on that front, Good Intentions did not disappoint whatsoever. I don't think you understand, that it's NOT his voice. The first verse starts shortly thereafter and the reason for him saying something like that is revealed. I gotta agree with him here, I will admit I just do not like NAV on albums at all - I enjoy his features usually, and I even enjoyed his debut mixtape as well as the lead single for this record, but it’s just been getting worse and worse for his solo output since then. On the song, you get unorthodox flows, an extremely infectious hook, and top-notch trash-talk by both Nav and Lil Uzi Vert. share.

Young Thug killed both of his features on this album. Bottom 5: He is getting better and better now he has found his way without thinking about the music side of things. Close.

I already believe that's the case.

NAV implies it's an act of God that has caused him not to have children.

Log in sign up. that theory made sense tho. Thank God I ain't got no baby mama between my fetti. I haven’t cared much for him besides his first album but I actually really enjoyed this. Interesting, big fan of NAV(the album) but each new release has been worse in my opinion. I definitely laughed out loud when I heard him say “chopper go chop chop chop” and “got her suckin my cock cock cock.” I understand that a lot of rappers are corny but it really just seems like he’s constantly churning out the most generic bars and every time says something unorthodox it just comes off as unintentionally funny, such as him talking in the third person on Did You See NAV?

Even songs like Myself, Up, Good For It, Some Way, Perfect Timing, Hit, Freshman List, To My Grave, I'm Ready, Ralo, etc. Travis Scott appears only briefly, and his AutoTune-slathered influence seems to have waned.

I’ve listened to the record and I like some of the songs, some not so much but NAV does what he does best and that’s what makes him unique in today’s rap climate. Fire album. ReddIt. Really digging this tape though. Funniest Fantano review for me is still the I'm Brain EP (leaving out artist name because dumb r/hhh rules).

To be more specific, I like how he bluntly lets the world know that he’s this reckless-ass dude that f**ks b*tches, gets money, and smokes weed on his verses (Let them know that you are really about that life, Nav!). I suppose a lot of the reason I like Nav is because he's just a genuinely good persona. It serves as the lead single to his third studio album, Good Intentions (2020), which was released later and then became his second number-one album on the US Billboard 200. She Hurtin (50) But this rating was bogus. 137. Still haven't received Good Intentions shirt after 100+ days So I ordered the Harmony tee on May 9th and the only update I got was on July 1st that it will be delayed.

Nav may not be the most talented rapper in the game, but he definitely knows how to make bangers!

I love how Nav and Pop Smoke’s styles mesh on “Run It Up.” While the former sounds pretty gassed up on the song, the latter sounds unbothered and sly.


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