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He is revered by many, even as he appeared cold and indifferent. It is a sequel to the original “The Eternal Love” (2017), which was based on the novel Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait for Your Divorce by Fan Que.

The second season aired on Tencent Video from October 22 to December 3, 2018. He likes Feng Jiu. An aquatic dragon deity who once served under Dong Hua. Una sera decide di fare un accordo con la sua governante, 2 ore del suo tempo per accompagnarlo ad un ricevimento in cambio lui salderà tutti i suoi debiti.Ma il party si prolunga in un soggiorno su un`isola da sogno invitati dal capo di lui, il tempo trascorso con lei diventerà qualcosa di più di un semplice accordo finanziario.. Uscito dal carcere, Jesus Quintana non riesce a placare il proprio spirito di av ... Samuel conduce un'esistenza senza legami e responsabilità nel sud della Francia, ... Maya ha quarant'anni, di cui quindici passati a fare la commessa. Screenwriter. After he retreated to the mountains to heal, Dong Hua froze him in the mountains and took on his name in A’Lanruo's Dream.

Dong Hua's disciple, who stayed by his side after her father's death. It is based on the novel Three Lives Three Worlds, The Pillow Book by Tangqi Gongzi, and is the sequel to the 2017 drama Eternal Love. [3], The series surpassed 190 million views on the first day of release,[4][5] and over 1 billion views in just a week. She has great culinary skills. Former female monarch of the Qing Qiu kingdom and current Crown Princess of the Heaven Clan. Dong Hua's mortal identity. Esiste una seconda possibilità in amore? A water deity under Lian Song. She is actually Feng Jiu's shadow born to fulfill all of Shen Ye's wishes. Ji Heng's mortal identity after she fell off a cliff and lost her memory. The second season aired on Tencent Video from October 22 to December 3, 2018. Eternal Love of Dream (Chinese: 三生三世枕上书; pinyin: San Sheng San Shi Zhen Shang Shu), also known as Three Lives Three Worlds, The Pillow Book, is a 2020 Chinese television series starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Gao Weiguang. A deity in charge of mankind's fate. E` un uomo bello e affascinante, molto apprezzato dalle donne. He fell in love with Feng Jiu at first sight, and almost married her 70 years ago. Ji Heng's father. ... Just seeing these two in one frame is cause for celebration for The Eternal Love 双世宠妃 fans and maybe it was a premonition for an even bigger news now that it’s been announced that a sequel is in the the works. This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 15:39. It's also a very cutesy and comedic romance drama with a bit of standard imperial court drama, so overall it's easy to throw in when you need something light and cute to watch. Director. Will they get a second chance at at love? Mo Lian Cheng (Xing Zhao Lin) is the 8th Prince who is still in love with Qu Xiao Tan (Liang Jie). Adopted Princess of Chong'an Kingdom. He is kindhearted, but powerless and weak. It is a sequel to the original “The Eternal Love” (2017), which was based on the novel Hilarious Pampered Consort: … A’Lanruo's husband (in name), and Shen Ye's teacher. Can Mo Lian Cheng find a way to make Qu Xiao Tan fall in love with him all over again? He was locked up on Mount Bai Shui, where he first met Ji Heng and died saving her, asking Dong Hua to take care of her in his place. Three Lives Three Worlds, The Pillow Book, "Dilireba's "Eternal Love of Dream" Breaks 190 Million Views On First Day of Release |", "Diliraba's "Eternal Love: Pillow Book" Surpasses 190 Million Views On 1st Day of Release",, Television series by Tencent Penguin Pictures, Chinese romantic fantasy television series, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.


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