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#ElRemix programa de comedias 100% boricua. Víctor Manuelle trae su carisma a El Remix - Duration: 44:45. Eleuterio Quiñones, a die-hard supporter of Puerto Rican statehood whose grasp of public affairs and general culture level would be best compared to those of Archie Bunker in the U.S., and his son Elpidio -a 38-year-old special education patient with the emotional age of a child but with rather stunning reproductive organs - are still a staple of Puerto Rican radio and television. © 2020 Hemisphere Media Group, Inc.All rights reserved. Conoce al elenco de la nueva temporada de Sunshine Remix. Besides his short stint as a disc jockey, Logroño served as a voice actor for Puerto Rico's then-active dubbing industry. The show has one of the biggest audiences and is one of the longest running shows in local radio.[4].

According to an interview that Logroño gave Vea one time, one day, he arrived at his office to learn there was an audition for another movie. In 1991, Logroño had a chance to star in a Hollywood movie: he acted opposite Martin Short and Kurt Russell in Captain Ron. Jacobo Morales and Logroño appear as Cornelius Rodas and Igor, respectively; Rodas is responsible for enlarging the pig, as requested by Don Rodriguez, one of Agrelot's many comedic characters. A third character, "Chinito Rivera" (a flasher that said little and wore a raincoat he was eager to open at the slightest provocation) would eventually evolve into "El Barbarazo del Amor", one of his radio characters. During the 1930s, Dr. Cornelius P. Rhoads, in charge of health services for the Institute of Tropical Medicine in San Juan, wrote a few letters to friends in the United States in which he described his hatred for Puerto Ricans. Logroño filled in for Pérez on vacation, and when Pérez returned, he was allowed to fill in López's shoes (who was considered irreplaceable by some), with great success. By his own account, he caught a flight to New York City, made the audition, and flew back to Puerto Rico, arriving just in time to participate at a play in Mayagüez. Born in New York to a Puerto Rican mother, Logroño moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico along with his family when he was nine years old. On February 25, 2007, Logroño appeared as an archbishop in the filming of the video for Calle 13's "Tango del Pecado", the first featured single of their recent album, "¿Residente o Visitante?". In 1988 Logroño began hosting a show named Sunshine's Cafe on WAPA-TV. A famous episode had the Hermano try (unsuccessfully) to cure José Feliciano from his blindness (Feliciano's memorable response was: "I can see! as a punchline, particularly whenever the Hermano met a stunningly attractive woman, or when another character caught him in a profiteering scheme. He was soon recognized as a multifaceted entertainer by his schoolteachers and classmates. Logroño kept himself busy in the late 1970s as a voice talent for radio commercials, as a comedic actor on Puerto Rican television, and as a radio host. Logroño obtained a Bachelor of Arts (English Language Literature) degree ("a degree in unemployment", Logroño claims) from the University of Puerto Rico at Río Piedras and a Master of Arts (Theater) degree from Michigan State University. The program was controversial because it confronted many Puerto Rican stereotypes head-on. Todo lo que pasa en nuestra realidad boricua es llevada a la pantalla de TV. During 2014, Logroño became involved in a dispute with television personality Josué Carrión over a section of Logroño's show, "El Tiempo es Poco", which mocked Carrión's television show El Tiempo Es Oro. One of these letters was intercepted by affiliates to Pedro Albizu Campos's Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico, and Albizu vehemently denounced Rhoades as an unethical and sadistic doctor who treated his patients as guinea pigs.

Sunshine was also heard in 1974 as a part of the new announcing crew at "The New WRAI" 1520, a station created by Bill Thompson and "Radio Man" after the format change from English to Spanish at WBMJ.

His nickname "Sunshine" came from a short stint (1973) as a disc jockey for San Juan-based WBMJ-AM, Puerto Rico's first rock and roll station (another WBMJ disc jockey at the time, Raymond Broussard, better known as Moonshadow, later became the co-host of El Vacilón de la Mañana, a very popular Spanish language morning radio talk show in New York City). On March 21, 2007, Logroño released a children's book, "El coquí que quiso ser sapo" (The coquí who wanted to be a bullfrog), based on a story he once developed and recorded as part of a children stories' album for the Museo del Niño (Children's Museum) in San Juan. Los Rayos Gamma edited a music album in 1982, from which "Me apesta la vida" (My Life Stinks), a funk-meets-rap fusion song penned by Logroño, was a minor radio hit in Puerto Rico. Another character portrayed a fake Pentecostal minister, El Hermano Emmanuel (Brother Emmanuel), who had a hunch (mirroring that of a famous Puerto Rican minister, Yiye Avila), was constantly angry (as yet another local minister, Jorge Raschke), frequently schemed to profit from the members of his congregation, and almost always was caught doing so. Logroño's work is filled with porcine references throughout his career). After his return to Puerto Rico, Logroño was a member of the Puerto Rican folk group, Moliendo Vidrio, which also starred bandleader Gary Nuñez and later comedic actress Carmen Nydia Velázquez. ", he gives as an explanation). Wapa TV 49,999 views. At his initial stages in "Los Rayos Gamma", Logroño created a character that seemed to lighten up the absurdity and gravity of another character, played by Morales, that was in turn based on a real-life incident. In the program, Sunshine played many characters; one particular character portrayed a clever closet homosexual named Vitín Alicea Arévalo, many of whose phrases became household sayings. 44:45. Among the cameos and film roles are those played by José Miguel Agrelot, Nena Rivera, Wilson Torres (later known for another comedic character named Maneco), Guillermo José Torres, Enrique Cruz, Antonio Pantojas and others (Ruth Fernández sings the movie's theme, her trademark song "Gracias, Mundo"). When Iris later left the show for personal reasons, it was renamed to De Noche con Sunshine (At Night With Sunshine).

[1] Igor reportedly was created when Rodas submitted an unwilling participant to a 23-hour long orgasm using Frankenstein-like electrodes. Due to the physical demands on him while playing the character, Logroño has since played Igor only sporadically. El Remix con Fernando Arévalo como invitado especial ... Wapa TV 42,728 views. At one of these shows the comedic characters of Eleuterio Quiñones and his son Elpidio were born. Sunshine has been hosting the afternoon radio show Agitando El Show since 1997, with Fernando Arévalo. El elenco completo de la nueva temporada de Sunshine Logroño te espera todos los miércoles de 9:00pm-10:00pm Cuéntanos cuál es tu personaje favorito, Sunshine Logroño Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas, Marian Pabón Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas, Alfonso Alemán Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas, Francis Rosas Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas, Danilo Beauchamp Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas, Alejandro Santiago Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas, Albert Rodríguez Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas, Wanda Sais Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas, Jereck Fernández Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas, Eyra Agüero Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas, Jazmín Caratini Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas.


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