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I’ve never been to the Playhouse in Weston Super, Bristol will be getting a pantomime @bristolhipp t, Really missing seeing banging West End shows today, This has been such an interesting evening, One Nig, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child now won’t open, In a clear out, I’ve come across some show T-shi, Bristol Christmas theatre season in 1988/89. You won't usually need to provide any documents until you're offered a property. How a, This was excellent. This won’t apply when you are first banded, but once you are in the top ten and even top six, bid strategically. View previous section How the banding system works Homeless in Bristol? Bid for a home on Bath and North East Somerset Council's Homesearch. Certain ground floor properties may be given to those with disabilities who are further behind you but will take precedence. Waiting for a call back but I was told that 'generally autism on it's own is not enough'. But you cannot see how many people are above you for other properties you are eligible for but cannot bid on because you have registered three bids. One advert was clear that bidders had to be working due to the expensive nature of the heating system. Apply for council and social housing Get on the Bristol Housing Register by applying through Home Choice Bristol Social housing lettings scheme: have your say Please contact Homechoice Bristol directly for advice and help. What happens if your bid is successful. Read our guide: Housing in Bristol is reaching crisis level and those bidding on Homechoice Bristol are finding it a very long and extremely stressful process. Do bear in mind that banding changed in Spring 2015, so from that season onwards, data will reflect current wait times. Read our Privacy Policy for more information. Want to know to get a council house in Bristol? Please be aware that government guidance around Covid-19 is subject to change, and moving home could be suspended again. How to bid on Homechoice Bristol – how to get a council or housing association property if you are homeless or being evicted in Bristol, Prison suicide rate rises 46 per cent in three years,, Bristol EHCP 2018 Backlog is Over Director Tells Scrutiny, Autism Independence Bristol Experiences Survey, Not Fine In School? Details of bidding on the HomeChoice Bristol website. Bristol City Council customer service points. If there simply isn’t a property for you to move into, they cannot magic one up. They may run credit and affordability checks. You will be automatically placed. After you've registered your details, you'll need to complete the online application form. You must tell us if there are any changes in your circumstances so we can: To tell us about a change in your circumstances: We'll let you know of any changes to your assesment, once we've reviewed your application. You will find during the bidding cycle, your position may go up or down. What are Housing Associations. What is HomeChoice Bristol? You can put a bid on up to three properties each week. You can save each page as you go through it, but give yourself plenty of time, especially if you have a large household. When bidding, you don’t have to be in first position to win a bid. We will contact you once your application has been assessed. There's information about becoming a private tenant, affordable housing and housing support for vulnerable, older or disabled adults on our housing pages. Remember to thank them where necessary. View next section What are Housing Associations, View previous section Other housing options, View next section If your circumstances change, View previous section What are Housing Associations, View previous section If your circumstances change, Coronavirus (COVID-19): service updates and health advice, advice if you're worried about becoming homeless, check if you qualify for HomeChoice Bristol, HomeChoice Bristol housing options assessment, Find a home to rent with a private landlord, Social housing lettings scheme: have your say, your application reference number, this will be the same as the registration number given to you when you registered your household, the band your application has been assessed into, the number of bedrooms we think your household needs, make any necessary changes to your band and priority date, log in using your reference number and memorable date. You must not give us false information or withhold information to get a property. HomeChoice Bristol is the name of the scheme that Bristol City Council and our partner Housing Associations use to allocate our properties within the city. The highest is Band 1 and the lowest Band 4. Theme: Newsup by Themeansar. Don’t arrive at council offices shouting and screaming every day. If you do, you'll lose the property and we'll take legal action against you that could lead to a fine or imprisonment. One current annoying feature of Homechoice Bristol is that when you have used your three bids, you can see how many people are above you. The form remembers the details you used when you registered. Remember that although bidding should be in priority order, there are occasionally conditions attached. Your application will be put into one of four bands, depending on your housing need. | Do ignore the bigoted responses. Use our online assessment to see your options (this is not to apply for Social Housing or to bid for properties). You must tell us if there are any changes in your circumstances. View previous section What is HomeChoice Bristol? If you'd like to know more please read our cookie policy. In the spring of 2015, the banding allocation changed. It will list every property, the number of people bidding and their ‘effective’ date from when they were eligible for that band. We can also give you advice if you're worried about becoming homeless. Who can apply. Flexibility is key. Ultimately, careful bidding, flexibility and just waiting the time it takes should see genuine priority cases rehoused in a council or Housing Association property at some point. View next section How to apply The council may have a legal duty to home you, but should it be regarded as an emergency you may end up in a temporary hostel. Properties are advertised weekly. Lots of ‘advice’ from others on the internet includes deliberately moving into a room that is not suitable for you and asking a family member to evict you, faking domestic violence or not paying rent to the landlord are some of the worst offenders. If you are falling down too far on one listing, but another listing you haven’t bid on you would be higher if you did so – swap. It will also tell you how long they have been on the Homechoice register. If you really need somewhere to live then it will not matter if it’s a house, flat or maisonette. We still need to prioritise people who need to move urgently so you may notice a reduction in the number of properties available to you. What are Housing Associations. Pay your rent, report a problem and get information about living in a council property Finding a home Looking for somewhere to live, homeless or at risk of losing your home, and the Housing Register. This is a new development offering a range of apartments. Well that’s just lovely. We may ask for some information depending on your cicumstances. Applications are looked at in date order within each band. Your conceptions of an area could be based on very outdated stereotypes and information. Central Bristol needs a much better approach to drug use on the streets which should come from a place of support. It’s really important to make sure you are maximising your chances of winning a bid in an honest, effective and ethical way. Coronavirus (COVID-19): service updates and health advice. View previous section How to apply Thank you for your co-operation. With high numbers of homeless families, the council may even use property or spaces outside of the city. Again. Your application could get rejected if you don't qualify. You can put a bid on up to three properties each week. It some instances it may take longer. Keep an eye on Spotted Bristol type Facebook pages. Other housing options, View next section If your circumstances change Are they on the same bus root? 2 bed: £822.73, A brochure of the development can be found here, See latest news below for further details, Any queries please email Exactly how desperate are you?


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