ant farm season 1 episode 1 dailymotion
But when Olive showed up their only, Chyna discovers that Lexi took all the girls Chyna invited because her slumber party looks better so Chyna uses the green screen Olive painted to make Lexi jealous. Farm season 1 episode 1 Online TransplANTed : 11 year old Chyna starts her first day at High School as part of the Advanced Natural Talents (ANT) Program. Meanwhile, Paisley gets attention from her injuries and Lexi get jealous. Looking for new series? There she meets Olive (who is smart) and Fletcher (who is a good artist and has a crush on Chyna). There she meets Olive (who is smart) and Fletcher (who is a good artist and has a crush on Chyna). Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, and Angus want to go to an upcoming concert with older kids, but they know Chyna's mom will never let them go.

We have all the information about your favorite TV series. Meanwhile, Cameron learns that Gibson has been living at the school and offers to let him stay in his family's living room. Meanwhile, Olive and Fletcher are on opposing teams of a Home Economics class challenge. Olive loses her memory after hearing a loud noise and is kicked out of the A.N.T. Fridays, 8:30 PM EST on Disney Channel.

Fletcher thinks Chyna is talking about him and tells Chyna to ask him out. So, Chyna and Fletcher hang out with him to cheer him up. A reality show "America Needs Talent" arrives at Webster High, and everyone auditions to be on it; however Chyna and Lexi both get picked as finalists for the reality show. Program from England. 11 year old Chyna starts her first day at High School as part of the Advanced Natural Talents (ANT) Program. Only Chyna gets accepted into the squad, but she gets more than she bargained for, when Lexi puts her cheer-leading skills to the test. After Chyna invites Nigel to go roller skating, Fletcher gets jealous and, along with Angus, devises a plan to sabotage Chyna's date. It's Chyna Parks' first day in the "MutA.N.T. go. Only Chyna gets accepted into the squad, but she gets more than she bargained for, when Lexi puts her cheer-leading skills to the test. Farm season 1 episode 20 When Chyna gets the lead in the school musical, Lexi tries to sabotage the show with the help of Fletcher, who does not want Chyna to fall for the leading man, Jared. But, Olive, Fletcher and Cameron (Chyna's brother) might ruin her chances. Choose per series where you want be kept informed of.

Popcorn Time If we rode the coattails of this “conspiracy” then so be it. Farm - 11 year old Chyna starts her first day at High School as part of the Advanced Natural Talents (ANT) Gomovies

So, she decides to sneak into a party and show the High Schoolers what shes got. Feeling that something fishy is going on, she gets help from Olive to prove that the school is treating the ANTs differently. Farm. From the latest news or reviews till a list of the episodes. Chyna's two new friends help her learn the ropes of her new school. Chyna stays up all night watching a show instead of studying for a test, but gets a good grade anyway. Meanwhile, Fletcher is asked by Principal Skidmore to paint a portrait of her, and gets more than he bargained for. Meanwhile, Fletcher takes a stand against Principal Skidmore when she replaces the dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets in the cafeteria. int(0), Aired: May 6th, 2011 @ 5:00 AM GMT on Disney Channel. ANT Farm Season 3 Episode 1 – video dailymotion. If you don't want our ads please become a Premium user. Chyna is overheard singing by pop superstar Madam Goo Goo, and is totally star-struck when she is given Goo Goo's phone number so they can work together on a song. When Principal Skidmore makes drastic cuts to the school's budget and has to release Gibson from the staff, Chyna, Olive and Fletcher host a "Save Gibson" web-a-thon to raise money to cover his salary. Gibson and Sophie then become a couple again, besides the fact Sophie is in jail, and Gibson is ... Darryl accuses Chyna of shoplifting and sends a police officer undercover. Showbox is a popular app and APK to watch free movies and TV shows. Annoyed with China's friend Olive (who shares a locker next to him), Cameron convinces Olive that a ghost inhabits her locker, which causes her to become locker mates with China; when this proves to be too much for China to bear, she tries to convince Olive that there is no ghost in her own locker. Meanwhile, Cameron and Lexi find Skidmore's phone in the trash and decide to keep it so they can get a reward. It is a web app that works on any operating software including iOS and Android.


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