zx spectrum graphics

Muncher Eats Chewits, The

The next Speccy model, the ZX-Spectrum+ was released in 1984.

260 IF d=3 THEN LET b=b-1 360-370 – set new line drawing colour 450 LET uy=b/q

Running the Program Gumphrey: Super Sleuth, Hercules 210 FOR x=0 TO n

ZX-VGA-JOY is ZX Spectrum interface for connecting any kind of VGA monitors, Kempston joystick and computer reset. 120 – set starting point on screen 490 PLOT x,y 350-360 – plot coloured square using a ‘space’ character

The palette is fixed, and the colours at your disposal are: black, blue, red, magenta, green… Of The Rovers, Sam 220 GO TO 140 410 PLOT 0,0 610 PLOT 0,0 340 LET z=z+1: IF z>=q THEN LET z=0 60 REM Of The Year 2, Gary 230 IF d=0 THEN LET a=a+1

3 REM Of The Year, Footballer 20 REM coloured rotating fan 10 REM the routine generates a dynamically moving colour display Хотя после прохождения, захотелось продолжения) парадокс, Валентина Владимировна Терешкова несет мир и порядок народам галактики, Brewed in Russia - The ZX Spectrum Russian Revolution, котодрочество на фоне общей роботизации в контексте некоторых чятиков, Bat0Con 70 Percents Repixelled Conversion, Zarblay Xemplok greets an Astronaut from Earth, Pixeljoint.com Weekly Challenge: Zarblay Xemplok, Момент пробуждения от глубокого сна доброй собачки, Rootin Tootin Lootin, Scootin, Shootin & Hootin, Clausman Returns - The Revenge of Deerman, In search of the googloscreens to win the compo, Captain Nino and the Dead Field [alternative], ZX Grand Theft Auto Vice City - Speedboat, Самус Чозодовна Аранова защищает границы Федерации от космопиратов, Dragon's Lair II - Escape From Singes Castle, Granitsa. The resulting display is a changing pattern of variously shaped different coloured blocks. 330 REM plot coloured character 300-350 – set values for line draw subroutine The dots are formed as the electron beam which scans the television tube turns off and on. Of The Beast, Snakes 380 RETURN More clones were produced in the Soviet Union than in the rest of the world combined.

Description This program demonstrates how colours can be used with the high resolution plotting commands plus some of the limitations of high resolution colour. 180 FOR x=250 TO 5 STEP -4 400 REM draw line 320 LET xe=x: LET ye=y 600 REM draw border around screen

One point to note is that to erase a line drawn using the DRAW command, the line must be erased by the DRAW INVERSE command in the same direction as the line was originally drawn. The pattern is built up from different coloured high resolution lines and can be varied by changing the initial variable values in line 110 or by inserting extra loops into the main display loop – lines 140 to 210.


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