which was written first colossians and philemon
First, Colossians is unrivalled in its portrayal of the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. So in short, Onesimus’ honor and obedience is not claimed by Philemon, but by Christ. Insightful, because it contains many insights into the text that are unlikely to occur to the Western reader but will readily resonate with readers who have an Asian background. Commenting on Philemon, Baur described the subject matter as "so very singular as to arouse our suspicions,"[5] and concluded that it is perhaps a "Christian romance serving to convey a genuine Christian idea. Paul’s epistle to the Colossians provided guidance on how to deal with their past, showing them how faith in Christ brings new meaning to their situation. As written in Sacra Pagina Philippians and Philemon, the move from slave to freedman has to do with a shift in “standing under the lordship of Jesus Christ”. Reliable, for while it interacts with alternative understandings of the text, it always represents “informed orthodoxy.” Innovative, with its splendid special studies that are particularly relevant to Asian teachers and pastors – such as “Apostles and Apostolic Succession” and “Slavery: Then and Now.” Warmly and highly recommended. Christopher A. Beetham (PhD, Wheaton College) is assistant professor of biblical studies at the Evangelical Theological College and assistant professor of New Testament at the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology, both in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. [21], In the final section of the letter, Paul describes his confidence that Philemon would do even more than he had requested, perhaps indicating his desire for Onesimus to return to work alongside him.

Christ is the very image of God, whose perfections serve as the pattern for their renewal as image-bearers.

Slavery was most commonly found in households. In Colossians, the preeminence of the eternal Son over all things is revealed. 8:22-31). God has launched the promised kingdom and new creation in Christ’s death and resurrection. The best answers to that question will come when we understand why God gave us this book.

BRUCE NICHOLLS is a graduate of London Bible College, Ardmore Teachers College, and Princeton Theological Seminary. [16] Apphia in the salutation is probably Philemon's wife. This is a treasure of sagacious reflections, a must-read for pastors, theological educators and anyone who cares to hear God speak to Asians today through the gospel. Philemon is described as a "fellow worker" of Paul. He redeems them, forgiving all their sins (1:14).

He also describes the affection he has for Onesimus and the transformation that has taken place with Onesimus's conversion to the Christian faith. Paul's specific request is for Philemon to welcome Onesimus as he would welcome Paul, namely as a Christian brother. Ezekiel wants us to know that God is where he always is; he is with his people. Moreover, the expectations fostered by the traditional fugitive slave hypothesis go unrealized in the letter. The sagely duo invest their first-hand knowledge of Asian philosophies and cultures to make the text speak to the context: Anatolia is bridged with Asia! Paul also was not suggesting that Onesimus be punished, in spite of the fact that Roman law allowed the owner of a runaway slave nearly unlimited privileges of punishment, even execution. Both of these epistles are extremely relevant to the church in Asia today, especially as it is confronted with syncretism, false teachings and the mistreatment of the less fortunate and marginalized in society.


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