western union money order tracking
Call (800) 999-9660 and enter the 11-digit serial number on your money order receipt stub, then press the pound sign. For more information and links to the forms in Spanish and English, visit MoneyGram’s money order service pages. There is no fee to track a money order online or by phone. Rules & Requirements Explained, Can You Mail a Money Order?

Alternatively, you can call MoneyGram customer service at (800) 926-9400 and provide the money order serial number and the amount of the money order. How to Send Money Online Explained, Can I Make a Money Order Out to Myself? Most letters arrive at their destination within a few days, but for some reason payments seem to move slower. Armed with a Western Union tracking number, or MTCN, you can find out where your money transfer is right now.

The definition of 'finance', Everything you need to know about the batch payments tool.

And why is it such a big deal? Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. And in this article, you’ll find out how to do that. If you don’t have your money order number, you may need to pay an additional fee and fill out a different form to dig up the information you need. 5 Convenient Places Listed, 11 Gas Stations That Do Money Orders (Fees, Limits, etc Shown), What Do I Need For a Money Order? The USPS is most affordable at $6.15, but other issuers charge $15 or more to research potentially lost or stolen payments. Call (800) 999-9660 and enter the 11-digit serial number on your money order receipt stub, then press the pound sign. The MTCN is printed on the receipt that the sender gets when they make the transfer.¹ ² It’s also in your transfer history online.², If the receiver is collecting the transfer from a Western Union agent location, it’s important that the sender passes the MTCN on to them. "Money Orders - The Basics." Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Your bank may keep a copy of the receipt and, if you are an account holder, it may be able to trace your money order with information in your account history. Read on to find out more. In fact, best to keep the MTCN only between sender and receiver. But of course, do be sure you’re tracking via the real WU website. Solved, Can You Cancel a Money Order? Sometimes people and businesses don’t process orders immediately, and they take even longer to deposit payments they’ve received. The process can take at least 30 days, and if the money order has been cashed or deposited, you’ll receive a copy of the front and back of the document.

We contacted the major money order issuers — MoneyGram, Western Union, USPS, and Amscot — as well as several major U.S. banks to find out more about how to track money orders. Don’t spend the money until you’re certain that the funds have cleared. The clearing process can take a few weeks, even if your bank’s funds availability policy allows you to use the money immediately. However, if you don’t have the Western Union tracking number, it’s still possible to check on the transfer status so long as you have other details to hand. 19 Options Listed, How to Cash a Money Order: Step-by-Step Instructions, CVS Money Order FAQ: Does It Sell/Cash Them? Accessed Jan. 13, 2020. Simply enter the serial number in the appropriate field, enter the dollar amount of the money order, then click on “Check Status” to track your money order. It might even be easier—especially if you bank at a small institution.

The countries in question are Argentina, China, Colombia, and Jamaica, although the rules are slightly different in each case. It’s basically a reference code, 10 digits long, that refers to one particular money transfer.

If you use the funds and the money order turns out to be fake, the bank will require you to repay the amount. 1  3  You may also have to fill out forms, sometimes in person, and you might not get an answer (much less a refund) for 30 days or more. If it doesn’t, the store may be able to reprint a version of the receipt that contains the serial number. Go to the Western Union website and click.


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