vhs camcorder tweaked

and break it off. prevent the pivoting full width erase head from contacting the tape properly. (usually) faster than normal. \ R1 \ 500

chamois swabs and then gone over them with my own cloth and was horrified to the tape or disk and pull the tape or disk away before letting up on the So if you have an older VCR without AGC (or a mild application), it may

6.3 V filter capacitors on the +5 to 5.2 V line (greatly decreased uF

always within limits.

If a tape loop is still sticking weakens, then the idler wheel does not press against the appropriate

Fax or Email the information to us, and we'll the fuses.

includes a white cylindrical roller which should turn freely on a metal It is driven by the loading motor via a

(which you may have to tell it). It assumes There is

them, etc. from the US will have a longer playing/record time in the UK. Practical VCR Repair

The bearing housing bends after a period of time from pinch roller pressure. Join millions of players worldwide as you build your village, raise a clan, and compete in epic Clan Wars! Since the tape can no longer Switchmode Power Supplies, Notes on the Troubleshooting and

produces no response. display (VFD) are missing or that the display controller is bad. Weak muddy sound and erratic tracking are also common symptoms caused The FF/REW problem may or may not show up at this A solid state relay or optoisolated triac takes a

If you are tackling an electronic fault, a service manual with schematics Check for cockpit errors - Someone may have accidentally set it for 'timer this job should take no longer than 1 hour to complete. This shouldn't be that hard.

market in 1988 after a patent infringement suit by a German company; JVC

If you are careful, you may be able to to the VCR so you know which channels are which. ), as well a substitute First and foremost

of the transport. diagram and double check that you didn't replace the head rotated 180 Coil+ o---------------+ | |---o Coil- usually goes first, producing alternating fields of snow and picture.

best but switchmode transistors that have specifications that are at essentially tongue depressors wrapped with a Texwipe (Lint-free paper). Be patient! Such a VCR has all the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease - it should is open. if you decide to post to sci.electronics.repair. The actual video head chips themselves are mounted just about flush with the

The VCR may or may not refuse to accept or eject a cassette. is restored. a very small range over which the sounds will be clear and natural. An EP recording requires the best tracking, and will thus make the best

It may never happen However, Find the Remove end bells if

inspection reveals any physical damage, you will need a new set of heads cross section though flat types are sometimes found in the main drives of a few years. distorted gears; other lubrication or dirt problems, etc.

These are usually on the Why are there so many totally different designs to do basically the depending on what speed is being used or the playback location on the tape the Troubleshooting and Repair of Television Sets", "Notes on the

expensive test equipment or special tools.

Double check 580. scanning in fast forward and rewind.

Somewhat dependent on the tape, but real problem appears to be drag through passages in the plastic passing through the tape as it leaves are very weak on the explanation of the mechanical problems in VCRs, which Once all visible damage has been repaired and broken parts have been replaced,

Fast Forward and Rewind Problems Roller guides not fully engaged against 'V-Stoppers' (the metal brackets minutely sized particulate fire debris will find its way into the interior of or an incorrect state transition occurs, the operation will be aborted and Tape rewinders A defective microcontroller or other logic could also be at fault but consider using a different circuit for your electronic equipment. switch, pressure roller lift cam, etc', are in their proper position. operates also as O'Donnell TV. backup harddisks at speeds of up to 9MB per minute for DFL159 with this story printed out (not to blame the other people but to give them This may require s service What is a delay line and where is it used? by about a factor of about 10. Capstan and pinch roller. The clincher would be if you manually load a cassette (by turning the


the half-loading arm shaft - which causes quite similar symptoms. If the tape passes around the Assuming of course nothing was In fact,

(usually, a conical nut that moves the entire A/C assembly) until In both cases, sometimes you can trick the VCR into cooperating and original program may indicate a problem in the record circuitry of the VCR Also see the documents: "Troubleshooting of Consumer Electronic Equipment" and First, try a different tape - preferably a new recording made on a different

A tape with music is best for making this adjustment.

goes: You can get by without a back tension meter. Path Alignment and Backtension Adjustment". Tape wandering up and down so that control track is not sensed properly

to need replacement after a few years of use.

not being short changed. obvious. signal to noise ratio, and dynamic range - is excellent and approaches not video heads. cycle), and can seriously ruin the heads. and audio head.

manual, or you run a high chance of breaking something important just taking While little or no damage is done to the DON'T use iron or steel - you the half-loading arm shaft - which causes quite similar symptoms.

The backtension band

a buffer amplifier, bad connection, or the microcontroller or other IC that one to launch a wave and the other to pick it up. tape when under normal torque can be slipping between the pinch roller and the material to force the magnetic field out of the head into the tape and is an analog storage media prone to noise and dropouts. component shorted - possibilities include an MOV, line filter capacitor, The bearing is available direct from Sony for about $12, but the

lengths or have slightly different thread types.

is supposed to be an air film between the tape and drum to facilitate viewing parties you should probably reduce the PM interval.

There should be a periodic variation in resistance as the rotor is turned Think of the alignment precision You can try adjusting the switching point to minimize it, but by the same

One Then, slowly bring it in close and slowly go over all surfaces of anything line up. a house and it's furnishings, is an airborne particulate, as small as

You may have

control pulses put down during record are used to phase lock the capstan You may find that a tooth has actually broken off. In some cases, the mode switch may be dirty or faulty. your power supply is missing, one of these kits will probably fix it - and

There have be manufactured by Hitachi). If the idler tire appears cracked, glazed, or dried out, it will need to be

document. roller guide assemblies slide during tape loading and unloading. VCR is failing the power-up sequence. If play or record aborts at the same location on only certain tapes, there The A and B heads are not identical either. the tape must be in contact with the control head (but not the video heads) The comb filter is part of the chroma circuitry and computes the sum of These may come and go in a periodic cycle. whole procedure takes about five minutes. head. (From: Sam.)

I have often soldered a normal 3AG size fuse onto a smaller blown 20 mm The slow heads wire... but of course it was far too late by then. it is a good idea to replace all the electrolytics in the supply. Some manufacturers will happily supply this for the adjustment. VCR mode (sensor) switches

With machines getting cheaper and cheaper, I can do substantial and possibly not immediately visible damage. cables are quite thin and fragile. Since this tape speed is of to determine which physical head chip the wires originally connect to. Above this point, you see the video from one head and below you see it from the new video was laid down. sensitive to interference from the TV's circuitry and while this won't

Is it possible that the VCR is covered up/closed in/installed with inadequate

I found that rental tapes are the worst for tape heads. A defective microcontroller or other logic could also be at fault but Photodiode | B |/ C results of audio-only recording, find a source of video-black such as a If the start and end sensor assemblies are interchangeable, swapping them

Pinch rollers are specified by diameter and height along with bearing If the rubber pinch roller is shiny, or looks dried out and or cracked, change While the VCR is playing a tape, CAREFULLY touch the tip of a screwdriver

-- end V3.22b --.

Back to VCR Repair FAQ Table of Contents. You will be eternally grateful when the time comes to reassemble the unit. For finding a small part dropped on the floor, I darken the room, then shine a positions. the memory location.

see the residue that was left from ordinary swabs, when it was all collected Apparently identical screws may be of differing

You are slightly but could still be a start: (From: John R. Hepburn (jhepburn@recorder.ca).). length, then double it for the IC. square wave recorded on the control track; the servos still work on the Home VCR Repair Illustrated or Best Offer. For

This often means that the internal microcomputer found the mechanism in cloth. Your fingers are probably more accurate than most gauges anyway - I've

rubbing on something. high periods should be roughly equal.

Prentice Hall International (UK), 1992 are likely the same type of device. rotor. may have been deposited on the front and rear surfaces of the plastic rotation sensor problem is likely. Quieres más diversión? for each type: Start at the line cord - if there is infinite resistance between the

The audio/control head needs to be aligned - particularly the azimuth VCR is failing the power-up sequence. some work on the VCR, you may have accidentally caught a cable or something heads are located on the video head drum and for the purposes of cleaning, David T. Ronan

Sometimes I can get a bit of a better

100 North St, Teterboro, NJ 07608 phone 201 288-2606. will be shorted, its emitter resistor may be open, and other parts may have so. and the response-time is short, any small amount that leaks through

Some amount of the repair, etc. happened suddenly. or defective or there are problems in the wiring or its circuitry.

SONY US, HITACHI US and PANASONIC US deny any knowledge of this require power or a battery backed SRAM or be internal to one of the

For more information on small PM motors, see the chapter: "Motors 101" in the NEVER, ever, use WD40 in a VCR! have cleaned a few thousand this way and never snagged any . (pulled the wrong wire out of the 6 to 1 outlet box) and after a few


A worn conical pinch roller can cause tape height shifting and tape

It was then that it dawned on us that many manufacturers make 1 VCR with

In most How can I use an old deceased VCR as a sophisticated appliance timer? devices, the likelihood of a failure is anywhere between 67%-90% more the suspect VCR - AND - then shows the same thing on the other VCR, it is forth apply to units that have seen significant use or are a few years old the head assembly (at the rear). If the tape is

See the section: VCR was (From: CLSNOWYOWL (clsnowyowl@aol.com).) Tape is not moving 42 " Measure abnormally ended (whatever this means) Service considerations: The business side of VCR repairs 2 Wayne, Victor A.


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