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$25 a month goes a long way in the fight for a free and fair media. But the latest Trafalgar poll actually has Trump up by 1.3 percent. The mission of the Media Research Center is to It offers sharp criticisms of ... With a fair dose of humility — I pedantically explained to my grandmother that Trump could not win on Election Night 2016 despite her insistence otherwise, and she foresees a Trump landslide this time around — I submit these predictions for Tuesday. From Presidential and major statewide campaigns to market research, we have delivered quality polling results to candidates and businesses at all levels. But if he wins the presidency today, he will have been the luckiest politician in American history. "Look, there are two gospels out there: The gospel according to … The Trafalgar Group. For Arizona, Trafalgar asked the same question of 1,087 likely voters. 1972: Biden only wins his first Senate race Delaware after Richard Nixon misguidedly convinces incumbent J.

Joe Biden will become president-elect with a six-point ... Republican senator David Perdue has a slight lead against Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff, according to a new poll from WSB-TV/Landmark Communications. Donate today to help CNSNews continue to report on topics that the liberal media refuse to touch.

Since there aren’t any big stories in the news today . When asked about the Trafalgar and Rasmussen polls, many in the mainstream media dismiss them as “crazy”, but Trafalgar and Rasmussen were right on the money in 2016. For Arizona, Trafalgar asked the same question of 1,087 likely voters. Welcome to “The Tuesday,” a weekly newsletter about culture, language, and politics. For a while, the battleground states have tended to be uniformly blue, except for polls conducted by the Trafalgar Group.

He believes the former.

The media are hard at work weaving a web of confusion, misinformation, and conspiracy surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. T In response, 48.4% said they would vote for Donald Trump; 46.1% said they would vote for Biden. AZ Oct 2020 Presidential Poll TOTALS (with leans)Donald Trump 48.9%Joe Biden 46.4%Jo Jorgensen 2.3%Someone Else 1.7%Undecided 0.7% See Report Here Nevada Oct 29, 2020 Presidential Poll October 30, 2020 In Michigan, the latest RCP average of polls has Biden up by 9.0 percent, and so that makes it seem like Biden has absolutely nothing to worry about there. If you are a firm believer only in polling averages, this isn’t particularly meaningful, but if you are familiar with Trafalgar’s successes in 2016, when (unlike other pollsters) it had Trump leading in Michigan and Pennsylvania and, in 2018, Ron DeSantis winning his gubernatorial race, it is notable. We were named the best polling firm of 2016 presidential race, and this year, Real Clear Politics called us “the most accurate pollster of the cycle among those firms that polled multiple Senate and governor races.”.

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Trafalgar Group Chief Pollster Robert Cahaly who accurately predicted the 2016 presidential election claims President Trump will win again in 2020. No charge. In response, 48.4% said they would vote for Donald Trump; 46.1% said they would vote for Biden. And now, thanks to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, you can make up to a $300 gift to the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of your choice and use it as a tax deduction on your 2020 taxes, even if you take the standard deduction on your returns. called for Biden; Sen. Mitch McConnell retains seat in Ky. President Donald Trump, left, and former Vice President Joe Biden. . is a division of the Media Research Center. (CNS News) -- The Trafalagar Group polling firm, the only pollster to accurately foresee a Donald Trump win in Michigan in 2016, and one of the few groups to forecast a Trump win in Pennsylvania in 2016, currently places Trump ahead of Joe Biden in Arizona and in Florida. That poll was conducted Oct. 11-13, 2020. Regardless, it’s worth knowing ….

CNSNews has emerged as the conservative media’s lynchpin for original reporting, investigative reporting, and breaking news. Get our conservative analysis delivered right to you. On Metacritic, it’s .2 out of 10. Louisiana Voters Consider a Constitutional Amendment to Protect Unborn Children, Dixville Notch, First Town to Cast Ballots, Unanimously Chooses Joe Biden, Colorado Voters to Decide Ballot Measure Restricting Late-Term Abortion, For North Carolina Republicans, the Early Vote Was Better Than 2016 or 2012. NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE create a media culture in America where truth and liberty flourish. "The president is installing an illegitimate Supreme Court justice just one week before the election," Pelosi said during an Election Day news conference with the chairwoman of ... Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden has faced a number of tragedies in his personal life. The MRC is a research and he polling aggregator on the website RealClearPolitics shows the margin in polls led by Joe Biden in a blue font and the ones led by Donald Trump in red. . At CGMagazine, Brock McLaughlin writes that “This game is much like 2020, a giant disaster” and urged those interested to buy it if ... Read More In the poll, Trafalgar asked 1,051 likely 2020 general election voters in Florida, "If the election for President were held today, how would you vote?". The text is longer and more substantive than typical presidential EOs. In response, 47.8% said they would vote for Trump and 43.8% said they would vote for Biden. NC Oct 31, 2020 Presidential Poll TOTALS (with leans)Donald Trump 48.6%Joe Biden 46.5%Jo Jorgensen 2.6%Someone Else 1.4%Undecided 1.0% See Report Here, AZ Oct 2020 Presidential Poll TOTALS (with leans)Donald Trump 48.9%Joe Biden 46.4%Jo Jorgensen 2.3%Someone Else 1.7%Undecided 0.7% See Report Here, NV Oct 29, 2020 Presidential Poll Totals (with leans)Joe Biden 49.4%Donald Trump 47.1%Jo Jorgensen 1.7%Someone Else 0.9%Undecided 0.9% See Report Here, FL Oct 29, 2020 Presidential Poll TOTALS (with leans)Donald Trump 49.6%Joe Biden 46.9%Jo Jorgensen 1.5%Someone Else 1.4%Undecided 0.7% See Report Here, MI Oct 29, 2020 Presidential Poll TOTALS (with leans)Donald Trump 49.1%Joe Biden 46.6%Jo Jorgensen 2.1%Someone Else 1.2%Undecided 1.1% See Report Here, MN ’20 Presidential Poll TOTALS (with leans)Joe Biden 48.0%Donald Trump 44.8%Kanye West 3.3%Jo Jorgensen 2.0%Someone Else 0.8%Undecided 1.1% See Report Here, North Carolina Oct 31, 2020 Presidential Poll.


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