tr38 astra aurora
Could they pass through the Van Allen Belt to the Moon | Or Not? It uses highly pressured mercury accelerated by nuclear energy to produce a plasma that creates a field of anti-gravity around the ship. join. This makes the vehicle extremely easy and able to overcome the performances and manoeuvres of any aircraft ever built, except of course UFOs. The mass of the circular accelerator and the entire mass of the accelerator, such as crew cap, avionics, MFD systems, fuels, crew environment systems and the nuclear reactor, are reduced by 89%. The operational model is approximately 183 meters in diameter. So take something to strengthen the mind and plunge into the world supertechnologies of the future. IN TIME – Time Travel Possibilities eBook, The Atrahasis, Akkadian/Babylonian epic of the Great Flood, Enuma Elish – Creation of the World and of Mankind, Ancient Arrow Project: Visitors from the Sky – Anasazi – Chaco Canyon, 10 of Most Influential Ancient Women in History, Dynamic Theory of Gravity by Nikola Tesla. Part I. The rank of trolling and provocation. A black triangle UFO or a top-secret military aircraft known as TR-3B was spotted near Portland Air National Guard Base and caught on video. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. It's like behind the scenes. Even at the Groom Lake facility, not everyone knows about the operations. The three multimode rocket engines that are mounted on each corner of the platform use hydrogen or methane and oxygen for propulsion. On this day, this UFO was verified by a NATO radar installation and another one belonging to the Belgian military force. There is only salvation although some we have already seen. Let’s hope that the so-called “black helicopters” and their technology, flying without noise and carrying out the black operations of the hidden government, will be revealed soon. Aurora was a mid-1980s American reconnaissance aircraft development project, that did a large amount of research into triangular shaped aircraft including the B-2 Advanced Technology Bomber (the one that uses the gravito-electric T.T. Do not misunderstand. TR-3B Secret Plane | Top-Secret US Air Force Black Triangle. American superweapon TR-3B Astra – not for the faint of heart! Check out's original video series today. Still, despite the fact that aviation publications published not one photo of the tr-3a, on an official level, their very existence is not confirmed. Brown Effect for additional lift), The SR-91, The SR-75 Penetrator, and the TR-3B Astra or TR-3 Black Manta. All clear. Don't quite understand the fact that this concoction somehow seriously perceived by our readers. Without ever challenging the existence of UFOs of alien origin, we must make it clear that some of such aircraft are in fact owned and used in the greatest secrecy by the US government. TR-3B is a hoax (we’re not talking about the conceptual design of a formerly alleged, aerodynamically sound TR-3A – Black Manta, “Aurora” here, we are only talking about Fouche’s TR-3B) Edgar Fouche’s TR-3B is a hoax, based on his credibility. As you would be expected, the government didn’t give it too much of an attention.

Star Classification – How Do Scientist Classify Stars? The result is a stunning superconducting plasma with 50,000 revolutions per minute which would easily generate a magnetic field that reduces gravity by 89 per cent. Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close, maintaining health or even recovering. The NSA, NRO, CIA, and USAF have been playing a shell game with aircraft nomenclature - creating the TR-3, modified to the TR-3A, the TR-3B, and the Teir 2, 3, and 4, with suffixes like Plus or Minus added on to confuse further the fact that each of these designators is a different aircraft and not the same aerospace vehicle. The reactor heats up liquid hydrogen and injects liquid oxygen through supersonic nozzles so that hydrogen burns at the same time as liquid oxygen. And here i thought the first and last nuclear engine were made and even tested us. The speed is purported to be around Mach 9. Nuclear War In Ancient Times | War Between Rama Empire and Atlantis. "Aurora — the alleged strategic reconnaissance of the us is probably capable of suborbital flight at hypersonic speeds and uses stealth technology. 10,000 km / h], both vertically and horizontally. This was the story, as you read with many technical details, to hope that as the data will appear in the press and more people will have access to them, they will help to “wake up” the masses and lead to their removal for the use of mankind, on the one hand, and on the other hand, people are no longer manipulated or stupid, about an eventual alien invasion, as it has begun to propagate through the media.

Get the eBook and f, TR-3B Black Triangle – Code Name: ASTRA – Magnetic Field Disruptor Plane.

But it does even more. Some of these are designed to have a human crew, others are designed to operate unmanned.

What is it about the testicles of titanium or tungsten. Are also reduced by 89%. The government and the ministry of defense deny the existence of they are armed with such aircraft. A circular ring, filled with acceleration plasma called Disruptor (Magnetic Field Switch), surrounds the crew’s rotating compartment and is far from any imaginable technology. Sandia and Livermore Laboratories have developed reverse engineering designed by MFD. This is also behind how fast it could run and how high it could go. Parallax – How do astronomers measure distances to stars and galaxies? The reactor heats the liquid hydrogen and injects liquid oxygen through supersonic nozzles so that hydrogen combusts at the same time with liquid oxygen. Floated silently in the same position for about 10 minutes, after which he left softly on the asphalt of the track. Kortom, service! "Repent, he came up with, inspired by, you know. How often do you look up into the night sky and wonder just how many stars, planets, galaxies, and more are out there? Don't get fooled by all that write on the internet. Aurora was the budgetary code name for the stealth bomber fly-off that resulted in the B-2 Spirit. Related articles.

What If The Moon is Not What You Think It Is ? ”. Star Classification – How Do Scientist Classify Stars? Planet 9 Nibiru Searching -139 New minor planets beyond Neptune. MFD creates a disruption of the gravitational field of the Earth, the circling mass of the circular accelerator. AN ALLEGED top-secret US spy plane that can 'fly into space' was seen being driven in a military convoy near the mysterious Area 51, it has sensationally been claimed.

And which is already successfully used in terms of combat application. With the weight of the vehicle reduced by 89%, it can travel by 9 Mach (9 times the speed of sound, approx. "Appreciated? As, for example, "" the flying triangle in 2014 in Afghanistan. Detailed examinations of the U.S. defense budget claimed to have found money missing or channeled into black projects. "Drew attention to the number of "Estimated", "Probably" and so on? This suggests that this UFO could have been controlled from an external base. A Glacier Was Detached From The Ice Cap. Another candidate for the alleged spy plane is a design from Teledyne Ryan, patented in the United States on April 26, 1977, under number 4,019,699. This literally means that it can go to any country it likes without being detected by air traffic control & air defence systems. Had a drink and in the ground. 10,000 km / h, ) either vertically or horizontally. Black as triangular pitch, TR-3B was rarely mentioned (and only whispering) in Groom Lake, where he worked. however, for the confident "Experts" runet wiki never was an authority (rightly so), so that there, in the depths of fevered desire to collect likes, you can find just a masterpiece of the description of the unit from the future. Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality Device – Augmented Reality Headset, The Phone – History and Evolution from 1876 to present day, Robotic Contact Lenses Enables Users To Zoom In On Objects by Blinking, Nikola Tesla Genius – His Legend, and His Inventions, Star Trek Legacy – Back To The Future Innovations, Global Consciousness | One Mind – One Energy, All Connected As One. To understand the truth about TR-3B Astra is to catch a glimpse into the world of Aurora, one of the best kept secrets by the government today. - German readers react to the situation with Navalny.

The only known confirmed evidence for such an aircraft is based on speculations about several reported sightings of mysterious flying wing aircraft over Antelope Valley, an area of desert in southern California. This aircraft of low observability, as it is called, was invented by Robert W. Wintersdorff and George R. Cota, employees at Teledyne Ryan, a firm specialized in building unmanned reconnaissance aircraft.

The nsa, nro, cia and U.S. Air force played a game with the modifications of the machine, creating the tr-3a, tr-3b, and the teir 2, 3, and 4, with the prefix "+" or "-". For, TR-3B Astra, it is not what you’d expect at all. Not every UFO spotted is one of their own ( aliens ) TR-3B’s external coverage is reactive to radar electric stimulation, it can change its reflectivity, radar absorption and colour. IN TIME – Time Travel Possibilities eBook, The Atrahasis, Akkadian/Babylonian epic of the Great Flood, Enuma Elish – Creation of the World and of Mankind, Ancient Arrow Project: Visitors from the Sky – Anasazi – Chaco Canyon, 10 of Most Influential Ancient Women in History, Dynamic Theory of Gravity by Nikola Tesla.

Since this report, originally published online at, is no longer accessible at that address, we offer it below: “A friend told me at some point he would never forget the image of the TR-3B aircraft in the Papoose Base, which looks exactly like an alien ship.


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