thesis statement on campaign finance reform

), John Samples

The court rules 5–4 in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission that the limits violate free speech protections. But we should not be misled into thinking that restrictions on campaign finance primarily seek noble ideals and a pure politics. Near the end of 2003, McCain and his allies would also win in that forum.

But not everyone has an interest in free trade; the owners, managers, and workers in firms exposed to international trade would have higher incomes if the government protected them from international competition. ‰¿¤S+~ÏcÚó€æ£ñöìR׳óËÉ÷«ŸÝ¾ The Progressive critique of money in politics is thus one aspect of a more general rejection of the ideals of the American founding that began in the late nineteenth century and continues today in the editorial pages of the New York Times and the speeches of Senator John McCain. They have not been hit by “these last-minute ads,” nor are they eligible for the lowest advertising rates on television.

However, today’s candidates are faced with raising larger and larger amounts of money with each new election that comes along. In fact, such restrictions serve two kinds of interests. It is possible, perhaps even probable, that the future will see Republicans using campaign finance restrictions for their own ends. Because the House of Representatives had already passed it, the bill needed only President George W. Bush’s signature to become law. But campaign finance laws pose a special problem.

They contend that money corrupts American democracy by perverting representation, undermining democratic political culture, lowering political discourse, fostering inequality, and reducing electoral competition.

Both parties are less sure now that their ideals accord with their interests in campaign finance struggles. Understanding that vision helps us understand why certain people care so much about this issue. Consumers receive more for their money if international trade remains free of government control. Such regulation is more often about politics than about principle, a truth that holds for citizens as well as political activists. In the politics of campaign finance, like most politics, interests are fundamental, but ideals shape what individuals find to be in their interest, if only for reasons of coherence and electoral credibility over time. Conversely, restrictions on campaign finance harmed challenges to sitting members of Congress, thereby damaging the Republican minority’s aspiration to take charge. The effort to restrict and “reform campaign finance reflects one part of American political culture, the Progressive vision of politics and its trust in government under the control of an ethical and enlightened elite.

They favored, in other words, limits on the government’s power to regulate political activity, limits enshrined in the First Amendment to the Constitution. In contrast, Democrats can count on unpaid labor provided by members of their coalition and favorable free coverage by a largely sympathetic national media. In recent history, Republicans have generally raised more money than have Democrats.

. The term bipartisan is an interesting choice by the sponsors of the law. The Madisonian vision suggests another problematic particular interest: the government itself. Appearances notwithstanding, other evidence indicates that their assertion is not persuasive. . The symbol and means of that corruption is private spending on elections and politics.

Bibliovault Most people support campaign finance “reform” because they believe it will apply to people and ideas they do not like. Henceforth, the parties would have to raise funds strictly within the contribution limits and disclosure requirements set by federal law in 1974.

Much of what follows concerns the Progressive vision, the ideals that have animated and informed the long crusade to restrict money in politics. What is Campaign Finance Reform?

If Americans can spend money freely on political ads, incumbents may get hit by last-minute attacks on their record or character. Since 1994, as we shall see, ideals have become detached from interests: Democrats have become outsiders, the natural targets of state control over speech. A more extended reading of the Congressional Record might reveal more purposes for McCain-Feingold. . They are tools, partisan weapons to be used to attack the political power on the other side, and we should expect it to happen."

The Fallacy of Campaign Finance Reform The First Amendment reflects that strategy: particular interests have a right to be heard in the national debate. Public Law 107-155 (McCain-Feingold) runs for five titles and about thirty-five pages in the statute book. University of Chicago In the words of former congressman Guy Vander Jagt (R-MI), “When you are dealing with campaign [finance] reform, you’re talking about one of the most precious things a Congressman deals with. (Footnotes and other references included in the book may have been removed from this online version of the text. Many people would rather not listen.

About 80 percent of Republicans in the House of Representatives and in the Senate voted against McCain-Feingold. ]Óg“iö–ÞeŒþ—&ïጔœ Gì7Bzê¼ZXQƒÌ´JÛ³W5±Ô9jÛdù|&'ôuÎÞ±îsèá…Üi˜¨Åœ—2qk͇no˜øl ô“ÆŸ^O®Æg=½E*°ÔAIï™®³ÛÐ13‰ÿH0ýR 9ªÕNU.ãG¢8™šÅY^j+™âOÑpó@šµ#Ä椪ƒ@³†Ê«ÚïÚ@¼VŠ”

I myself have illiberal feelings from time to time about speech I find uncongenial. The Progressive vision, however, did not inform the founding ideals for the United States, which can be read in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and make up what might be called the Madisonian vision of politics. The statements by the senators reflect a larger set of political ideals that have informed debates about money in politics for more than a century. The formal name of McCain-Feingold is the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002. The politics is a stage for many different characters of whom each is trying to convince their audience to give them the loudest cheer and the grand applause. One thing got knocked out of the bill, which was ensuring that the lowest rates would be available to us on television.” What did Boxer mean in saying “we” and “us”? . Their vision of politics says that economic elites—variously defined as “Big Money,” “the rich” or “corporate America”—compose a particular interest that corrupts American government, thereby preventing a redistribution of wealth that would realize the Progressive dream of an egalitarian nation. This is why the implementation of an amendment that reforms the financing of campaigns is disputed greatly among scholars and political officials alike. Setting aside the qualifications and verbiage, the law tried to change the world in three major ways. If it had that power, I do not believe that the laws we have governing campaign finance would be good public policy. .

Because the restrictions inhibit electoral challenges to incumbents, we should expect that any party with a majority will be tempted to pass such regulations. Chief among the wrongheaded and unconstitutional sets of proposals is the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act of 1999, sponsored in the Senate (S. 26) by Senators John McCain (R …

It is as if they are responding to an implicit assumption that all laws governing campaign finance seek to advance the electoral interests of one party or the other. Today no one should exercise his or her First Amendment right to freedom of speech without advice from counsel, preferably one schooled in the intricacies of campaign finance regulation.

Because most people are consumers, we can say that the nation has a general interest in free trade and the economic competition it fosters. Republicans also have in practice both affirmed and denied the free speech ideals they learned to love in opposition. In a world of true believers in campaign finance restrictions, count me an agnostic on the path to atheism. The First Step Towards Lasting Campaign Finance Reform Campaign finance laws regulate and restrict the use of money in elections and in politics. The one-time campaign finance ceiling has become the campaign finance basement. Despite his past promises to the contrary and urgent pleas from leaders of his political party, Bush signed the bill into law on March 27. If the government restricted that spending, my and their right of freedom of speech would be limited, perhaps to the point of silence. We still have a big problem. After five years of struggle in the legislature, the fate of the new law shifted to the courts. Partisanship guided the final votes on BCRA. Archiving, redistribution, or republication of this text on other terms, in any medium, requires the consent of the University of Chicago Press. We shall see whether their vision has much to do with empirical reality. Instead of assuming that only economic elites threaten democracy, we might also consider the danger posed by those who have political power. Campaign Finance Reform Campaign finance issues are complicated in the United States by the fact that the funding sources of the Republican and Democratic parties differ so sharply. Site Map campaign finance reform is sufficient enough to prevent the reoccurrence of 21st century scandals involving Congress, ii!! Chicago Manual of Style Mizo Metallic 2 / 9 . In another blow to campaign-finance reform, the Supreme Court strikes down caps on the total amount individuals can donate to federal campaigns and political parties.

Therefore, it is reasonable to infer that any eligible man, Campaign Finance Reform


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