the nine lives of fritz the cat chita
Doesn't it? | However, Fritz is given a rude awakening from his drug-induced reality by his wife, who finally throws him out of the apartment. At the end of the ice age, an evil queen and her son are set on conquering the world using magic and warriors. In his final life, Fritz finds himself living in the sewers of New York, where he meets an Indian guru, and the devil. Niki says that that's his wife's name and that she doesn't have the clap. After being caught having a ménage à trois with two German girls by a commanding officer (the two girls being the officer's wife and daughter), Fritz escapes, and winds up being an orderly to Adolf Hitler.

Except for the wraparound segment, none of the film's storylines are based on Robert Crumb's comics, and he was not credited on this film. Fritz at one point blurts out that the woman has got the clap.

I didn't waste anymore of my time, I don't recommend you waste your time either. The unfettered exuberance, the lust for life? The first character he meets on his stoned journey is Juan, a Puerto Rican. Fritz Jan 24, 2013. The pot makes her horny. Fritz makes a lame comment about why doesn't Juan speak English so he can understand him? After a quick look at all of his lives, Fritz sighs and says "This is about the worst life I've ever had. Quitting university Fritz the Cat wanders through the hash, Black Panther and Hell’s Angels scenes to find to himself. In his second life, Fritz meets a drunken bum claiming to be God. Fritz at one point blurts out that the woman has got the clap. Chita complains to Fritz when he blows smoke in her eyes. However, Bakshi has sometimes been incorrectly credited as having worked on the film, such as in Jeff Lenburg's Who's Who in Animated Cartoons, which claims that Bakshi had been a producer on the film. Because of this, America and "New Africa" are at war, and Kissinger eventually admits an unconditional surrender. The scene fades to Juan's house where Fritz is seen sitting on the couch smoking a joint next to Chita, while Juan is at the store. Verlichting pot, beginnen dromen met acht andere levens, in de hoop een die meer afgeleid en plezierig vinden.

The film cuts back to 1970s-era New York in Fritz's fourth life as Fritz attempts to sell a used condom to a liquor store owner, Niki, who bets he knows who Fritz used it on. Doesn't it fill you with joy? As he walks out of the store, Fritz bumps into a pig named Lenny. Fritz's fifth life is a psychedelic montage of old stock film and animation, vaguely illustrating Fritz's downfall in the 1930s (losing everything to excessive partying and drinking).


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