tf2 soldier voice lines

The update also added statues of the Soldier saluting to most of the official in-game maps. These responses override the default responses for that category. Voice Responses are contextually triggered lines that play after the player has achieved something, for instance killing a certain amount of enemies with a Primary or Melee Weapon, or the player has triggered something, like being set on fire. ", "Run, robots! I got a good feeling about this. ", "All men gave some. ", "This rank is better! For, "Heavy has tiny bird head! ", "Ya-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta ya-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta do-de-da-va-da-da-dada! He vill not crush you.

I’ve gone through a lot for you... Hope you appreciate it. ", "Drop your socks and grab your socks, boys! This is Soldier, by the way. it's considered to be a way of traversing when there are no walls present to Rocket Jump off of. ", "Any man comes at me airborne, I am turning into a meat cloud! If you didn't win I would need to see your birth certificate! Vrrrrr!

These statues all feature a commemorative plaque dedicated to May, and will reportedly last through the end of the month of May.

"Remember men, 'the flag was still there'! ", "I am going to enjoy killing each and every one of you sorry sacks of scum! [singing] God bless America, land of...America...and so forth and so on...Move out! ", "You are the sorriest excuses for soldiers I have ever seen! But, "I would be worried, if I was not giant! Again! The Heavy has several vocal responses, all of which are listed below (excluding Voice Commands).

Heavy owns best thing! Anonymous people are training an AI Soldier voice that can turn text into spoken lines. I love the smell of charcoal in the morning. Knock me down, and I'll keep getting back up. I am here to take American jobs!" And he is us! ", "You were good son, real good; maybe even the best. I crush you.

", "Merasmus! You're going up against a highly trained, well-equipped and ruthless enemy. ", "I will kill any man who tries to take this from me. To perform a basic Rocket Jump, you must jump, point at the ground, and shoot, launching you to a decent height. ", "Merasmus! ", "Do not make me kill you again, Merasmus! I am programmed to give you a sensible haircut! Epic Rocket-Walljump Kill - Team Fortress 2 Badwater Basin Replay HD, A soldier using rocket jumping and wall jumping in combat. Use this to reach normally inaccessible areas and traverse terrain within a matter of seconds. Found Creation. It's not burned! ", (singing) "Yah da yalatata.

All voice lines associated with a player-initiated taunt are located in the Heavy taunts page along with a description of the animation.

", "You have grit, you have valor, and now you have proof! ", "Everybody's dead now, Merasmus! We are the best! after the first rocket (if connected well) hold down your crouch button and keep holding down the primary fire.

", "Now Bird Heavy will vomit worms down your throat. Best thing! Now seriously, imagine the potential of this thing! I take jobs from American vampires! "Dominated! ", "Your white flag does not stop American bullets. ", "Bah, Heavy is regretting costume choice. ", "I will eat your ribs, I will eat them up! The Soldier's real name is revealed in the comic Grave Matters, as he is called Barrister Doe by Redmond, but he has been referred to as Mister John Doe. Yeah, I'm hungry too. Your mission: secure this installation, destroy the enemy, take no prisoners. But only one gave nothing, the winner! After nine years in development, hopefully it was worth the wait. ", "If God had wanted you to live, He would not have created, "I joined this team just to kill maggots like you. When it's empty, you're vulnerable. ", "I'm gonna mail my boot to the Kaiser with your ass around it! This could be a problem for Soldiers using the Direct Hit, however, since it lacks splash damage. ", [Mocking] "Ooohhhh, run, run, I'm coming for you! ", "You were loud and ugly and now you're DEAD! "You sissified maggot scum have just signed your death warrants! My Tactical Visor is ready for deployment.

User account menu. (chuckles) "Now Heavy has seen everything! ", "Bomb head! ", "You just got dominated, Barble Bapkins! This is Strike Commander Morrison. I am going to pull a rabbit out of your ass!

Move the payload! "You're like the Cyclops of Greek myth; except you are Scottish. ", "You are all maggots, you scum sucking fruit baskets! Some voice lines aren't on all of these websites. ", "Come on out Merasmus! Who did this? "I am a ro-bot from the fu-ture!" Good idea! When dealing with groups of enemies, like shooting a Scout, use the splash damage to hurt all of them at once. In my apartment. You are all bleeders. By the great seal of the United States of, "You are all maggots! But dammit, we took it didn't we? Some men gave more than some. ", "I am a robot! Looking for wizard. The Soldier is believed the oldest out of all the mercenaries (50 years of age). [sotto voce] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine...", "I love the smell of a rank up in the morning! Wall jumps can be performed vertically or horizontally.


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