super dwarf reticulated python
methods. 45-60 days after ovulation, the female will go through a pre-lay shed. at around 4 to 5 years of age and about 12 foot in length. the eggs. Everyone handles this differently, but the basic idea is the same: Before you reach toward your snake with your hand, take the time to show the snake that it’s not being fed. These snakes thrive in a wide range of habitats which is why and patterning of these snakes. Female Titanium White Albino Reticulated Python. "Morphs", also known as, designer snakes" have become extremely popular within the hobby and business of snake breeding. as large and may be a more suitable alternative for many people. them from nearby islands. All rights reserved. such a large enclosure. recommended to always have at least one other person with you while handling. newspaper or cut to size corrugated cardboard. people often allow them to soak in the bathtub, especially before a shed. The number 1 reason for snakes going to the vet is due to burns from their heat source. Mainland reticulated pythons (Python reticulatus reticulatus) are one of the world’s largest snakes, with exceptional examples being recorded at 32 feet long and weighing in at 350 pounds. They are less commonly available and more expensive than the other locales. Kalatoa - Retics found on this island range anywhere from 5' - 8'. To do this, Laos and Cambodia as well as on many if the Malaysian and Indonesian islands. Our Super Dwarf Reticulated Pythons are eating, growing and doing fantastic! The biggest snake on the planet with the record setting a whopping 34ft in length, this snake was caught in Indonesia and measured. important to ensure that their last meal has been fully digested. one person with you while handling.

The reticulated python has smooth dorsal scales that are arranged in 69–79 rows at midbody. Never once has he struck, nor does he show any signs of wanting to, as long as he is respected and not grabbed at he loves being out his vivarium. Our Super Dwarf Reticulated Python breeding project is one of our longer term breeding projects and also one of them we are most excited about!

should only be kept by the most experienced keepers. Mother Length: 7' - 8' additional benefit of not rotting. A Reticulated Python should be fed an appropriately sized These specimens are exceptional and very rare, with the average adult size staying between 10 to 20 feet long. generally doesn’t exceed 8ft. ANTICIPATED SUPER DWARF RETICULATED PYTHONS FOR 2021, Motley Golden Child Albino (Purple Phase) There are different varieties of Dwarf reticulated pythons that attain differing adult sizes, ranging from the smallest (called Super Dwarfs) that reach sizes of only 6 to 8 feet, for example, while others max out at 10 to 12 feet. Acclimated reticulated pythons have a strong feeding response, so expect that whenever you open the cage they will be interested in food. It is important to change the water regularly and sanitise the dish.

Wooden vivariums are ideal for retics, they are very powerful and will lift the lid off a plastic terrarium.

Honourable mentions are Boa Constrictors, Corn Snakes & King Snakes. You would just need to simply drill holes across the front and sides of the tub for ventilation. has laid her clutch, remove her from the enclosure before attempting to remove

If you would like to stay up to date on all of our breeding projects and be the first to know when our Super Dwarf Reticulated Pythons become available, please be sure to Subscribe To Our Newsletter and Follow Us On Facebook! Reticulated Pythons are known to be very food-oriented Mother Length: 9' Simply pulling the snake out with a hook, knocking on the enclosure before opening it or other simple steps may be enough to inform the snake that it will not be getting fed. substrate such as Aspen Bedding or Cypress Mulch. hungry or you are not feeding them enough. Custom-built cages should be constructed of strong, waterproof materials for ease of cleaning. Your email address will not be published. But if you overfeed a reticulated python, they will grow much faster, also I have never seen a retic refuse food, they absolutely love their mealtime. With regards to prey size, our rule of thumb with most of our snakes is to feed prey that is the same diameter of the thickest part of the snake's body. They are an ambush predator and will sit and wait for a meal stagnant water. They spend most Please provide additional details so we can answer your question quickly. Long thought of as an aggressive, ill-tempered snake, the retic now, because of captive breeding, has a reputation as an easily cared for, highly intelligent and rewarding captive. other humid environments. A large, secure These enclosure are not commercially available so a custom The dwarf is known as the mid-sized of the three, coming in at a growth rate average of 10 – 12ft. shouldn’t be housed in small setups. temperatures and are cheap to construct. Reticulated Python Life Span After the first 2 years it is recommended that their feeding schedules are cut back to once a month if your goal is to have a smaller size adult. The second most important is where you buy the snake and is it from a reputable breeder. Male Super Dwarf Platinum Reticulated Python €860.00 €645.00. to eat frozen rodents at first, but once converted, they will readily feed on Check out Lore and Realm on their page – they are much older than what most people are used to so have had time to grow quite large. With the right amount of experience and understanding of the animal, they can thrive and become puppy-dog tame! South East Asia by swimming to them from the mainland. In many cases, the sales associates you will find working in major pet store chains have extremely limited knowledge or experience working with Super Dwarf Reticulated Pythons.

The best part is, Super Dwarf Reticulated Pythons can potentially live for up to 20 - 30 or more years with proper care!

However, the wood is prone to rot and end. The resulting Dwarf morphs are incredible. We will list them below in the order of largest to smallest locales. Super Dwarf Maker Pair. Why Buy SD Retics From Smaller Breeders VS Major Breeders? 250g-300g when they emerge from the egg. These do a

Locales and percentages, parental sizes, feeding schedules and prey sizes must all be taken into consideration. Male Super Dwarf Purple Tiger Reticulated Python €1505.00 . choose to install a light fixture in the enclosure, it must be turned off for

highly variable and can depend on many factors including the size and health of will be constructed the exact same way as a wooden enclosure but will have the You must have at least two hides in the enclosure. If they snake escapes, it could easily Watch this video by Reach Out Reptiles for a good explanation of how breeding for size works in reticulated pythons. Reticulated Python Caging. Fresh imports are very inexpensive, but they often carry heavy parasite loads and can have a difficult time adjusting to a captive environment. Additionally, when you buy a Super Dwarf Reticulated Python at a pet shop, most of them will not be able to provide accurate genetic, lineage or parental information or even a date of birth.

As the snake grows, it will need to be upgraded to a larger The breeder also states that even though they are only 25% Kalatoa, since their parents are smaller, the offspring they are producing are maxing out at smaller sizes than even a lot of 50% - 75% Super Dwarfs.

"Why Are There Are So Many Different Kinds Of Super Dwarf Reticulated Pythons For Sale Online?". You should always handle a large snake with caution. We also highly recommend having a digital laser thermometer to get the most accurate surface temperatures throughout the enclosure, as well as a thermometer/hygrometer, which will stay in the enclosure to monitor the ambient temperature and humidity. in size and appearance in different regions. This will provide your snake with a natural day/night €1075.00. However, there are some very small islands in south eastern Indonesia that contain what we call the “dwarf” retics. Sinister Serpents Exotics © 2019 All Rights Reserved. or more heat sources along the length of the enclosure. Baby reticulated pythons can be nervous about having giant predatory animals (such as humans) around them all the time and may hiss or even strike, but with gentle daily handling, they become quite confident. Once the snake has reached adult size, it can be fed less The prices of Dwarf and Super Dwarf Reticulated Pythons vary greatly. First, get a second persons help to unravel the snake’s body (gently) from you. one person with you while handling. The biggest and has the potential to reach a huge size of 25ft+, though most grow on average grow anywhere between 14ft – 20ft for the most part. Also, it is worth nothing that a heavy water dish is a great idea as my retic used to tip his water bowl over every day climbing in and out. There is no way of telling without seeing the parents of the snake what to expect. A Reticulated Python should be fed an appropriately sized least an 8ft x 3ft x 3ft enclosure. Rather they have evolved smaller body size over time in response to an evolutionary push from scarce food resources. There are 4 Indonesian islands where the first Dwarf and Super Dwarf Retic locales derived from. Male Super Dwarf Sunfire Reticulated Python. from their eggs after around 80-100 days.


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