subaru forester transmission replacement cost

Australia's #1 booking site The mechanic will sign off each item and stamp your logbook once all tasks are completed and your manufacturer's warranty will remain intact.

Booking through AutoGuru gives you access to three payment options: 1. Tough question. It was not replaced but repaired.

Original dual-mass flywheel also replaced with a solid flywheel. They would only do rear diff as the front diff dipstick was stuck in filler tube and would not come out. U Joints went on driveshaft when driving 350 to Idaho. Computer needed to get reprogrammed. One of the most common Subaru repair needs is to replace the transmission. There's no fee to reschedule your booking, however, if you’ve prepaid upfront on credit card, PayPal Afterpay or Zip and wish to cancel your booking altogether, you will be refunded the original booking fee paid, minus a $20 cancellation fee. The average price of a 2010 Subaru Forester transmission repair and replacement can vary depending on location. The 2009 Forester has 10 recalls, most of which relate to the front passenger airbag. Time to trade it in. Slave cylinder in clutch died, dealer said had some kind of service recall(TSB) on that part. Should you fail to show up at the time and place arranged with the Workshop without canceling in advance, you will forfeit the entire prepaid amount. The stick shift frequently sticks and refuses to go into reverse. Certified Transmission offers the following resource for identifying the correct transmission for your Subaru vehicle. What's the difference between a basic service and a logbook service? Fixed by replacing front differential oil. Bring the part back so that the input shaft does not experience undue force. Sometimes it just needs an adjustment, other times it needs to be replaced. As a result, had to replace the solenoids, the torque converter, and all the fluid. Before you move the component, let all the transmission gear oil drain out of it. Use the jack to raise your Subaru, and keep it propped up on jack stands. ongoing clunk from either transmission or differential, diff fluid clean & fairly new as is trans fluid, clunk is sporadic and goes away, normally only happens once per every few weeks, will try changing fluids, probable long term issue. The critic’s final answer is yes – noting that he would probably buy it if he were shopping for a new sports car. Factory initiated TSB effort to confirm CVT filled with fluid to proper level. Refill with synthetic fluid. Shop drained and flushed the transmission to resolve the problem. Found during routine maintenance. Total includes.other fluid and filter annual maintenance. The problem ended up being a failed solenoid on the old shifter. However, insurance might cover the cost if your transmission was damaged in an accident. This is located directly underneath the name and price of the service you've selected. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Are you seeking an honest Subaru transmission mechanic in Boulder? There are several tell-tale signs, but it all depends on your type of transmission. Pulled old shaft and replaced with remanufactured non-dealer replacement part.

The frequency and severity of repairs are both fairly average when compared with all other vehicles. $2500+ (6%) $1000 - $2499 (16%) $500 - $999 (13%) $100 - $499 (28%) $100 (37%) See most expensive repairs. A new trans from Subaru ( has an MSRP of $3601 with NO core charge, but online it sells for $3383. Lights both came back on 30 minutes after picking up car, in a rainstorm. turbocharged 186kW 2.0L H4 8-speed shiftable CVT AWD, turbocharged 177kW 2.0L H4 8-speed shiftable CVT AWD, 127 kilowatts 2.5L H4 4-speed shiftable automatic AWD, turbocharged 167kW 2.5L H4 4-speed shiftable automatic AWD, turbocharged 167kW 2.5L H4 5-speed manual AWD, turbocharged 108kW 2.0L H4 Diesel 6-speed manual AWD, 127 kilowatts 2.5L H4 4-speed automatic AWD, turbocharged 165kW 2.5L H4 5-speed manual AWD, turbocharged 165kW 2.5L H4 4-speed automatic AWD, turbocharged 169kW 2.5L H4 5-speed manual AWD, turbocharged 157kW 2.5L I4 5-speed manual AWD, turbocharged 157kW 2.5L I4 4-speed automatic AWD, 123 kilowatts 2.5L H4 4-speed automatic AWD. The Forester turbo 5-speed gearbox is the same transmission as the WRX, hence they had the same common faults as the WRX turbo 5 speed. Replaced. Vehicle had a whine from about 5 to 50mph or so, after which it was drowned out by wind/road noise. Repairs still in progress, seeking a good used part. If done at dealer are they new or rebuilt? To see how frequently 2009 Subaru Forester problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. Transmission temperature light kept coming on; transmission would not shift properly. Replaced transmission with remanufactured transmission, Worn components covered under extended warranty. Throw out bearing wore out. Strong vibration and shutter @ low rpm and low speed. Unit A Boulder, CO 80303, Hours of Operation


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