smash ultimate main picker
Or do you have any other character suggestions? Try playing with every character. group Updates. It ends up being 8 player (both FFA and teams) smash with all items on, so it's quite the clusterfuck. The term itself is just a big john in Smash culture. She fits my playstyle of playing patiently, but also going for those burst options on the offense. He fits my playstyle in a weird way, because he’s more bait-and-punish, but I can still effectively play him in the way I want. I’ve played quite a bit of Captain Falcon in Melee and Smash 4, so my experience there kinda transfer over. Every character can fall into at least one of these archetypes. Basically I wanted to play random online but there isn’t an option so I used this website to make one. His disadvantage state is also bad, and it’s difficult playing him defensively due to his slow dash speed and poor reach. Play through as many single player Classic runs as you can. Do you like to get in your opponent’s face, or do you prefer playing a heavy zoning game? Having a main crisis right now.

Check it out! I've found Palutena to be...ok but not great, as I can get away quite easily but can't do anything I normally do. And with that, /thread. Only main characters that you have fun with. Now if you choose to take the game seriously to that extent, consider your practice time.

These subcategories are as follows: Zone breakers, characters capable of playing various playstyles and heavily pressuring opponents while maintaining a relatively safe approach. HUGE EXCEPTION: Jump, Up B, and Up Smash out of shield ignore Shield Drop frames.

D3: Most fun and lively character to play. It really depends on how you play Mr. G&W. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Login.

This is a game. Quoting the words from the /r/CrazyHand Ultimate Handbook, “finding your main is something only you can do for yourself”.

Palutena ~ Palu is one of the best characters in the game. Getting Up Tilt combos and Up Air combos are great, doing Side B shenanigans is fun, and other moves like Jab and Back Air just feel good to hit. She leans more into the beat down strategy than m2 or pit does though, I’d recommend to try her at least.

Lucina/Marth: Good but extremely boring to play.


Hit and Run characters have the speed and toolkit capable of rushing in, getting a few hits in, and getting out before things get sticky. Footsies characters rely on their strong ground game, more often than not relying less on “low damage/high combo” but more so on their explosive power. When you're done take a screenshot and share it with the world! Biggest issue for me is that hes a heavy and his matchups are either amazing or impossible. As the sun begins to rise on a new game, people have had time to lab characters out, find the differences coming in from Sm4sh, see what cut veterans now have to offer. It relies on controlling an opponent’s available space and limiting their options at a distance. I'm also having a bit of a crisis. Take a lvl 3 CPU to the ring and figure out how each character best bodies that CPU. Just chill and realize that no test is perfect and take the character you get as the type of characters you get. The main reason I didn’t enjoy playing him was because his neutral-heavy playstyle made games slow down & become more stressful. Probably joker or pikachu I’d try inkling as well.

Ultimate from Nintendo Switch and last updated on February 18th, 2020. We’ve all got our preferences on how we like to play. From my experience they seem to counter Link the hardest, as such I would like to ask someone to recommend me a character that fills in the weaknesses of my main. You can spend hours in the lab figuring out bread and butter, but if you’re not getting relatively high pressure experience against other players, you’re gonna have a hard time retaining and applying what you’ve learned.

There is an absolutely massive roster of 74 characters (76 if counting all the Pokemon for PKMN Trainer) and growing with DLC. It all depends on the current situation.

Aerials have 3 frames added to them because it takes 3 frames to leave the ground, so a 3 frame aerial would be 6 frames out of shield. Yoshi: Feels awkward but i play well with him. Thanks for reading. I'm broke :(Nah. Half-Grapplers are characters whose toolkits have a heavy emphasis on what they can get off of a grab. I stopped having fun with him, so I dropped him.

ADD COLUMN. If you’re here on the subreddit, chances are that you’re here because you want to play the game on a competitive level. Have no opinion on pit idk he’s kind of just alright in every way but not exceptional in any quality. DELETE ROW. Not every character fits into your personal playstyle, so try out a bunch of characters and see how you like to play. READY to FIGHT? Or sitting your fat spiky ass down on an ongoing fight. Hey!

If not, keep reading.

These are the characters that ive been playing with. Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone the same way—some people just have a crazy amount of retention and absorption. No matter how a character looks on paper or how they look on stream, the best way for you to determine how you like a character is by playing them. Quiz: Which Super Smash Character Are You? Robin ~ Robin is an intriguing character that I enjoy playing due to the powerful Levin Sword and the projectile play. Every fighter has enough tools that you can play them more than one way, and Smash is one of the few games that offers enough flexibility to play any fighter however you’d like. With all that in mind, remember to get experience against actual humans, as that’s where experience and growth happens. Alright, are you getting Ultimate? With four, that’s half an hour per. My biggest value when looking for a main is having a manageable disadvantage state. I used to main K. Rool, and in SSB4 I mained Toon Link.

Obviously! This website hosts a huge directory of servers for the popular franchise, Super Smash Bros™! To be the best of a single character in your group/scene/region? I have extreme power. Keep in mind that it’s okay if you’re a “tier whore”.

Your character is CLOUD! With one character, you have two hours to practice that character. So I main Palutena most smash situations, but I have a group of IRL friends that I often get together with for smash bros.

I’d also add any of the links to the list. My issue is that he struggles in a lot of matchups (most notably the electric rats). There is clearly nobody there that knows how to make a random option so your expertise would probably help them a lot. If you want a more defensive setup character, I would recommend Snake, Pac Man, or Mega Man. We hope that we’ve answered some of your questions and that we’ve helped out a bit. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. This test tries to find your main character or the type of characters you likeThere is a high chance the character you get won't be your favorite.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. After matches, take note of what you did well, what you could have done better, and specific steps/moves to improve for next time. Whether that means going out to tournaments or just being the best player in your friend group, you want to take the 1v1 no items setting seriously. No need for projectiles. Smash Ultimate has no true grapplers as there’s no character whose moveset completely relies on getting one grab, so the characters who get a good amount off a grab live in this subcategory. Ridley: just like D3, he gets destroyed in many matchups but just much harder. #PostYourRoster for Smash Ultimate is out now! So, I’d go with Wario. I'm so OP that I don't need a projectile.

Faster than average but slightly less power than average. I made a character randomizer for Quickplay. Who needs a projectile when you have a sword capeable of anything?

And since you have items on, your final smash both shakes things up and gives you some breathing room. 96% Upvoted.

That’s 74+ playstyles and toolkits to mess around with. Press J to jump to the feed.

That, along with just having inherently mediocre options outside of a few good moves I mentioned, means that it can be frustrating to play Lemmy.

I think I just like the allure of people not knowing what the hell is going to happen with G&W lol. With two, that’s an hour per character. 69. SUPER SMASH BROS: What character is best for you?This test tries to find your main character or the type of characters you likeThere is a high chance the character you get won't be your favorite. Check out the rest of our sidebar for Smash resources, community links, posting guidelines and more! Help?? Honestly, at the skill level most of us are playing at, the lines between tiers are so blurred that it’s irrelevant to consider matchup spreads unless the matchup is disproportionately skewed, which there are little to none known at the moment (though Ganon vs. Belmont is looking gross). Ask yourself what you’re playing for. Still great at zoning, killing, and racking up damage but less good defensively. hide. Archived. Your dead.

The words “Character Wheel Spin” is a clickable link. I don't mind getting down and dirty when I have to (both of those characters can put some pressure on in the right situations), but I like being able to make my opponent come to me, rather than the other way around.


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