simian line personality
This energy comes in bouts, and to some extent, some find it difficult to relax. We can tag them single-mindedness, intensity, stubbornness, and obsessiveness.

I am a 56-year-old male. SUGGESTIONS FOR FURTHER READING: The Suwon crease and Sydney line are also variations of the Simian line; at least they give similar meanings. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The quadrangle area between the Head Line and Heart Line is lost in such a hand. 28.5% of them also believe they are creative and athletic. They have the mental capacity to bring emotions and reasons on one point. TRIBUTE - THE HANDS OF: ROBERT DE NIRO If used positively, this compulsion can be of great benefit to them.

N = Neuroticism |

Usually very open-minded, yet cynical; nonetheless mostly what you see is what you get. (please insert here depression article) Interestingly they have positive blood groups only i.e., A+B+AB+ or in a few cases O+.

With the qualities of the head line, (rational) and the (emotional) of the heart line seemingly combined or missing, it makes sense to regard this line as a sign of single-mindedness. He concluded that there was a close relationship between presence of the Simian Line and the disease. • It's remarkable that 8 out of 15 simian cases (53,3%) approach a profile in meta-group 1 or meta-group 4, while in the full research population only 28,6% approaches a profile in these two meta-groups.

9 out of 15 simian liners (60%) have a profile-combination (involving the no.1 and no.2 profiles with the smallest distance in every individual) featured with a melancholic temperament. short fingers), certainly enhances the qualities due to the already passionate (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); My area of specialization : Martijn van Mensvoort | Contact | Privacy Policy, Hand Signs in Big Five personality dimensions, Hand Signs in Marfan Syndrome (hand test), 300+ Hand Reader Websites around the World, Hand Art, Hand Reflexology & Palm Therapy. If found only in one hand, you should give some allowance to above genetics anomalies. Physical activity and relaxation are highly encouraged for such people. Mind. NOTICE: The Big Five profiles of Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster & Robert De Niro are presented by (being part of a sample 52 actors) are based on the public appearance of the persons - this implicates that it remains unclear whether the profiles are completely representative for their personalities.

I have noted that the Simian gives qualities of either a lot of empathy or none. Major hand signs & the General Factor of Personality (a.k.a. Some are very energetic, and the energy varies in each person. Once they no longer love, however, they will hate very much and make the other highly embarrassing.

personality is more obvious to those who do not have it. The only downfall is that sometimes they focus on one activity too much and find little time for anything else. I learned Western Hand Reading from Ms Sue Compton, UK. Feng Shui. While there might still be the passionate nature, they will not be as assertive with it. META components: Cognitive efficiency -13.0%, ALPHA -16.1%, BETA -8.3%, Melancholic temperament Together with a full Mount of Venus, love, desires, and passions are even more amplified. The association of this line was once thought only to be with chromosomal disorders such as Down syndrome. While these people are intense, at the same time they can be very empathic. In Pakistan, 2-3 % of people are seen with this line. SIMIAN LINE, NRI, Multi Billioner Indication hey is Palm Mey, palmistry Hindi analysis of real palm - Duration: 19:38. A simian line in both hands vs. left- or right hand only. Health Problems. Women with a simian line tend to be ambitious and they can make outstanding achievements if the ambition is used properly.

As far back as 1866 Langdon-down concluded that this line is normally seen in children of the mentally retarded. Normally, such a person will take things to extreme, they are intensive. The good rosy-pink color, strong, long pinkie, and good thumb make them balanced and more productive.

There might be a branch from the line downward, acting as a head line. This type of character might feel the need to go into It is most difficult for those who do not have Simian lines to understand some of the behaviours of a Simian owner because some things that the double Simian sees as common sense, is not always so for others. Or, there might be branch rising upward, similar to the heart line. Palmistry. Hypnotherapy. Unlock the meaning of palmistry. On a soft water hand though, the energy is not as high. For instance, at work, always making sure everything is done on time, the right weight, perfect portions or whatever the job requires. Me with my double simian lines in 2016. The illustrations below present for three Oscar-winning actors with a simian line their Big Five personality profiles (according - featured with an impression of their simian line: all three top-actors have the simian crease in only one of their hands. There is also a strong feeling of enjoying conflict. If the bearer is an accountant he may be a workaholic. Or just one on either hand?

The water hand gives more sensitivity and compassion, but they might not handle stress as well. On the other hand, if they do not feel the intense connection, the partner might feel unloved or unwanted, even if they are not. These Simian line variations are common and they indicate the person has an outlet for their emotional or logical side which lessens the obsessive or singlemindedness. 80+ Famous simian lines, including 5 Academy Award nominees! I am trying to use this advantage to improve all this inner potential. The scientific work in regard to the relationship between the Simian line and congenital research is quite extensive.

Bronchitis or other respiratory diseases; 2. I can speak English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi languages. It is also one of the indicators of depression. The Single Palmar Crease or Simian Line is the name given to the joining of the heart line and head line. This line is found in the hands of big figures. Inspiration.


Rathin Sarkar Palmistry Reading 17,064 views Of course, as with all palm Men with a simian line are loyal, honest, capable and highly responsible and would rather deal with the difficulties on their own than have others intervene in their thinking and judgment.

How Mariyam Nawaz Sharif might react under current political scenario? Celebrating over 10 years online. Discover the impact size of the simian line relative to other hand signs: Many palmists always focus the Simian line with the negative influences. In doing so, it is taking full advantage of the single-minded and determined nature.

They move from one emotion to another.

It is nearly always ideal for them to engage in their passion. My friends and people I know say that I have However, now it is mostly normal and recognised as a minor physical anomaly (MPA). Big Five dimensions: Agreeableness -10.0%, Conscientiousness -11.7%, Neuroticism +26.7%, Extraversion -15.0%, Openness -1.7%; What Does Having Too Many Lines on Palm Indicate? However, a deeper analysis of the results does reveal a tendency towards low scores for Cognitive Efficacy, and a very consistent tendency towards a low score on at least one of the meta-components - only 1 out of 15 simian line individuals does not show this tendency, which illustrates that simian lines are by principle occasionally also found in personalities featured with both Cognitive Stability (Alpha) and Cognitive Flexibility (Beta). This line signifies that the bearers emotions and mental powers are blended together. A = Agreeableness | From medical point of view it may be an indication of brain retardation and its variables like depressed personality as pointed out by Mr G Murtaza, Esq. These people might be empathetic and kind natured. Another reason they might struggle finding or keeping relationships is that they find it a challenge seeing things from another’s point of view. Hand Reading and Beyond- how can Modern Hand Reading be used for your Inner-Satisfaction, Personal Growth and Corporate Sector? The Single Palmar Crease or Simian Line is the name given to the joining of the heart line and head line. A detailed description for each of the 39 Big Five profiles is presented in the article: Therefore, this kind of women are regarded as the challenge to the authority of husband in the patriarchal society and have a poor marriage and bad luck to husband.


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