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Kuhn told a Newsday reporter afterward, “I sent myself to prison the night I thought I was bigger than the game, the night I agreed to get involved in the scheme.’’. “I think BC was as much as a victim in the scandal as I was.’’. At this point Kuhn, who had failed after two seasons as a minor league pitcher, brought in his teammate Jim Sweeney. “He wanted to be able to say that one of BC’s own was prosecuting it,’’ McDonald said. Davis did not respond to interview requests. “If we win, we win, and if we lose, we win,’’ Kuhn concluded, according to the 2000 book, “Fixed: How Goodfellas Bought Boston College Basketball.’’. “It’s not just a great sports story,’’ Pizzo said in a statement, “but a great story.’’. As Holland entered the room, Carolyn wrote in her community blog, Kuhn “walked enthusiastically up to Santa.’’, “Dad!’’ Kuhn shouted, “I’m your long lost son.’’. Mackey said the BC staff knew nothing about the conspiracy until the news broke nearly two years later. A jury acquitted him of sports bribery charges. “I guess the scandal is something they want to forget.’’. By the time the FBI came for them, Kuhn, Sweeney, and Cobb had left Boston. He was indicted in 1983 and tried in ’84, more than four years after he graduated from BC as Eagle of the Year. In 1978, Rick Kuhn was in his final season at Boston College,amarginal player with little going for him. At 23, Kuhn was BC’s oldest player.

The scheme paid off for the mobsters at least four times, when BC played Harvard Dec. 16, UCLA Dec. 23, UConn Jan. 17, and Fordham Feb. 3. “How would your honey feel if she came home to see you wearing a bracelet with your [genitals] hanging from it?’’ Sweeney quoted Hill as saying. In 1978, Rick Kuhn was in his final season at Boston College,amarginal player with little going for him. Mr. Zimmerman called the length of the sentence ''outrageous.'' The only clue that Kuhn occupies a bungalow here, deep in deer country, is a worn basketball hoop rising from the snowpack. Hill later confessed the BC conspiracy to agents investigating the signature crime of his mob crew — the robbery of $5 million in cash and $1 million in jewelry from Lufthansa Airlines at Kennedy International Airport in 1978, then the largest cash robbery in US history. Hill had become part of the witness protection program when he was arrested in 1980 in a $1.5 million drug ring that smuggled cocaine, marijuana and qualudes. Dunn, the BC spokesman, suggested the school doesn’t need Sweeney’s help to fight corruption. Federal investigators first learned of the point-shaving scheme while looking into Mr. Burke's suspected role in the $5.8 million robbery of the Lufthansa freight terminal a t Kennedy International Airport in December 1978. In addition, athletes are required to review NCAA guidelines, which prohibit gambling by players and coaches. Three of Mr. Kuhn's co-conspirators were sentenced by Judge Bramwell on Jan. 22. Valerie Ray, the girls’ basketball coach at Ligonier Valley High School, said Kuhn has contributed as a community volunteer in basketball and softball. Kuhn's sentence was the heaviest ever imposed on a college player convicted of point shaving.

. He knew what the money was for. And Daniel Simone’s forthcoming book, “The Lufthansa Heist,’’ takes a new look at the BC crime, which the Goodfellas gangsters committed the same winter as the Lufthansa caper. James Burke, 51, a reputed organized-crime figure from the Howard Beach section of Queens, was sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment and fined $30,000; Anthony Perla, 31, and his brother Rocco, 23, both of Braddock Hills, Pa., were given terms of 10 and 4 years, respectively. Kuhn recounted that in the summer of 1978, a Pittsburgh bookmaker he knew, Anthony Perla, offered him $2,500 a game if he could ''see to it'' that in games Boston College … Hill was a central figure in Nick Pileggi's book "Good Fellas" and the ensuing film. Jim Sweeney, who now lives in Florida (above), has been trying to convince BC to allow him to reconnect with the school, where he was Eagle of the Year and nominated as a Rhodes Scholar. But, he wonders, do his decades of good citizenship before and after the scandal count for anything?

He turned to Hill, a former prison pal connected to New York’s Lucchese crime syndicate. The Perla brothers were small-time gamblers who saw the upcoming 1978–79 Boston College Eagles basketball season as a perfect opportunity to earn a lot of money. “A lot of kids could find themselves in the same boat as Rick Kuhn,’’ said McDonald, who graduated from BC a decade before the scandal. With Rocco’s high school buddy Rick Kuhn entering his senior year at Boston College, where he was expected to be a contributor to the school’s basketball team, … Kuhn suggested that his harsh sentence not only failed as a deterrent — college gambling scandals continued — but inspired sympathy from some people.


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