rdr2 horseman 9 as arthur

I was using a health tonic every couple of seconds to survive the onslaught of bullets! Save just before you try and you can go back for another go without wasting health items (get some ready!). Towards the left most part connecting Strawberry and Tall Trees is a narrow bridge. Give your horse a meal, stimulant, and take something to fortify your health/health core just before you cross into the hostile area of West Elizabeth. Archived. .)

Surprisingly going to New Austin isn't really required to finish this Challenge. Plus you have 17 minutes, so there's no need to stress if you just keep riding hard. Be mindful that if at any time you crash and/or fall off your horse, you WILL need to start over.

Chances are you've been to Saint Denis by now, but if you haven't yet, take a train there to get it visible on your map. You can easily kill five rabbits while mounted as you go from point A to point B in your travels.

In Valentine, ride through the sheep pens in the south side of town hopping the wooden fences.

Took me like 5 tries. I used a black arabian with Beaver saddle. Using the Stable, in any town, you can store up to four horses (hell, that's ominous . I can't wait to finally unlock this horseshit only to be rewarded with the tedium of tracking down every horse in the game! Once you are on the other side head Northwest from Strawberry to the dam in the corner of the region.

Is it possible to play Horseman 9 challenge as Arthur Morgan? Your first Way-point should be set on this bridge, which will get you across the Kamassa River.

If you don’t keep an eye on your health, your horse’s health and it’s stamina you’ll be toast before you know it. They’re easy to one shot with the Springfield rifle and there are a lot of them. This took such an absurd amount of time and I honestly thought it was impossible with Arthur, but thanks to the power of minty big game meat and potent miracle tonics, that assumption proved to be incorrect. Took me a few times, but I got this with 2 minutes to spate and bounty hunters on my ass.

From here you can set your waypoint on BlackWater and ride it on in but if you still have a high bounty you could easily run into bandit trouble so be careful.

Not that it's easy to do and it can still take a few tries but nothing new here really. 4) Strawberry to Saint Denis is pretty self explanatory...just use that railroad bridge to cross the water. Essentially you're taking the longer but safer route across the top of the map until sweeping down and out of Tall Trees.

This location is where you can find an Appaloosa. And no I didn't run into Colonel Sanders (literally) while taking this screenshot. I did this with a maxed Arabian and 3 horse stimulants.

Hope this answers any possible questions and good luck!

PLEASE ROCKSTAR!!!! Once the challenge pops up that you made it hightail it across the river that’s North of BW. Cookies help us deliver our Services. So ride hard, but carefully. Here we transfer back to the path and ride south so we can cross this river safely, then head further out west and out past Strawberry to cross at Owanjila Damn. Horseman 9 is possible as Arthur!

I started at the stable North of Van Horne, purchased the horse care package. I came across this post and changed my behavior. Saved me a cool thousand but was a shame to lose her at the end. Discussion . Follow the road around the edge of west Elizabeth, ignoring the bounty hunters at the dam. The game's vast and atmospheric world also provides the foundation for a brand new online multiplayer experience. I did it without the glitch - it sucked (HARD), but it’s possible. Great write up, I came here to find out if it was possible to finish the challenge before you have access to Blackwater, and I’m happy to learn it is possible! It's not likely here, but there will be times that could happen in later time trial Challenges (like Challenge #6 and #9). I started the journey and used three horse stimulants to get near Strawberry. I tried several times before, using several tonics for horse and Arthur, and I would make it to the town but it wouldn't pop. Horseman 6 - Ride from Strawberry to Saint Denis in less than 9 minutes without touching any water. Its annoying). Then I read what challenge 10 is and let me say I’m not happy. In this video I used a fully bonded Black Arabian (which is the best horse the player can legitimately achieve before the Epilogue) with the Hooded Stirrup, which not only adds a +2 bonus to both speed and acceleration, but also decreases its stamina drain rate by 50%. Keep watch for any oncoming trains. Use the train line from van horn to lemoyne border/turn off at the border and cut through hilly terrain. SIDE QUESTS MAKE YOU SLOW DOWN AND FOCUS ON THEM MAKING IT OBVIOUSLY HARD AS HELL TO FOCUS ON THE DAMN ROAD NOT TO MENTION SLOWS YOU DOWN WITH NO CHOICE!! Once you get to either side of it, mount up and keep control with the Left Stick.

I guess if you jump that successfully, it saves a lot of time. Apparently calming your ride helps with lungs.

This thread is archived. Well if you hang back with a rifle, you can easily do this Challenge without breaking a sweat. Completed Horesman 9 challenge, 5/11 as Arthur in the beginning of ch.4. So far I’ve tried jumping that broken bridge with my horse but it’s pretty hard to nail it right. When You Can Do It: After Challenge #9. This took such an absurd amount of time and I honestly thought it was impossible with Arthur, but thanks to the power of minty big game meat and potent miracle tonics, that assumption proved to be incorrect.

Ride from Van Horn to Blackwater in 17 minutes or less without touching any water. I tried several times before, using several tonics for horse and Arthur, and I would make it to the town but it wouldn't pop. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the reddeadredemption community. Cross the Upper Mountain River using the Owanjila Dam west of Strawberry. This is the path I've been trying but I haven't succeeded yet: Cross the Kamassa River on the bridge north of Bluewater Marsh. My wife was not amused with my language after attempt #2. And I've never been able to do it again since.... :-( Now I know why! How else are we supposed to drag someone?

When You Can Do It: Chapter 2, after Challenge #1. Rode all that way for nothing.

In fact, it's also a good mission for Weapons Expert Challenge #5. Was able to get there with Arthur in a little under 12:30-ish minutes (that's when I stopped my stopwatch, as I got killed). If it's not here go do a couple story missions and come back later. If you're playing this during the Epilogue than Rachel is a good enough horse for this Challenge. As you ride, press in on the Left Stick/L3 to calm your horse every other minute or so. Camping constantly didn't help me spawn it. yes.

Though if you're trying to get it done, and have it out of the way (unlike the little idiots that cross the trail as you're riding through), then try riding along the Dakota River. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. . But while the rape was in progress, I learned that you can CLICK DOWN ON YOUR LEFT THUMBSTICK TO REGAIN A CHUNK OF HORSE STAMINA.

FAILED: You Alerted the Law. Red Dead Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. IVE SPENT OVER 20 HOURS TRYING TO COMPLETE THIS GOD DAMN CHALLENGE!!! This little outcropping of land is an almost always guaranteed place to find the White Arabian. That made stamina and health yellow the whole ride. This guy is the founder of the wagon method: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY81jQc-HoPYJDdc-h4_YoA/videos.

This has already been done a long time ago. You can also do this with rocks around the Dakota River but there is an almost 70% chance your horse will mistakenly flip over and send Arthur flying.

Question. Now if you're not in a hurry, which you shouldn't be because grinding ANY of the game's Challenges isn't advised in my opinion, you can kill grizzly bears, wolves, and cougars for this. Your horse might disagree but let's be real here, your horse gets skittish if you so much as ride past a snake . When You Can Do It: There are a few examples but a GREAT chance for this is the Chapter 3 mission "An Honest Mistake". One group will likely spawn in Tall Trees just as you cross over, another will spawn in Great Plains (they spawned just near Beecher's Hope for me), and the toughest group of them will spawn right outside Blackwater. The only hard part here is finding someone to grab with the Lasso. The rest of the challenges are pretty easy and self-explanatory. that you either buy or find in the wild.

As before crashing and/or falling off your horse abolishes the time trial, and you WILL have to annoyingly restart. Then you break off and have to go to the Owanjila Dam - no choice if you don't want to touch water. Archived. Discussion. DO NOT eat anything yourself while riding.

Make sure you keep pressing the left stick down to calm and give stamina to your horse. Exactly the way I tried! This page takes you through how to Ride From Van Horn to Blackwater in Less Than 17 Minutes Without Touching Any Water for the ninth of the Horseman Challenges in Red Dead Redemption 2.

I suppose if you super load on health cures/horse medicine you could make it past the onslaught. NEXT . Once you get to Chapter 3 (just so that you're not grinding), take a train to Valentine. My horse died 1st, then me. Also remember to keep pressing X/Square to Calm the horse as you approach it to mount, and during the breaking process.

Either one or the other will be here. Once you're at Emerald station we're going to change to using train tracks for this portion of the journey. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Cut straight through the desert to Blackwater, make sure after you cross the border you continue riding into TOWN until you get this challenge.

Out of curiosity, how is Herbalist 9 possible to complete? I tried it once before I finished the main story and gave up due to the bounty hunters, tried again when it was possible but no. When you've completed it you can delete all the red markers. . This thread is archived. Horseman 9 as Arthur Morgan? Two other breeds are also in The Heartlands and you can easily get them when you are trying to get the Hungarian Half-Bred to pop up.


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