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Salvador Dali's "Silk Allegory" is a painting of an egg and what small, colorful flying creatures? Which comedienne scored a New York Times bestseller in 2011 with her comedic autobiography "Bossypants"? The Rijksmuseum can be found in which European city? Which famous fashion designer was gunned down outside his home in Miami Beach, Florida in 1997? In which language was the Christmas carol "Silent Night" originally written? You can find the correct answers at the end of this quiz. d. Catherine Parr.

By what name did the Romans usually refer to Ireland? 19. Fifty Shades of Grey was originally fan-fiction based on which young adult book series? In computer science, what does USB stand for? What is the deepest point in the Pacific Ocean? Which Beatles film featured the songs ‘You’re Going to Lose that Girl’ and Beethoven’s Symphony Number 9 in D Minor? 4.

After Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel who is the next person mentioned in the Bible? Courteney, Jennifer, David, Lisa, Matthew and Matt make up what? Stephan King secretly published five novels using what pseudonym between 1977 and 1984 before being discovered?

35. Complete the saying. Gangsters Paradise was a hit for which US rapper? What is the main ingredient of bread?

What are the two cities? Portrait of King Henry VIII of England. Which type of player would be referred to as one of the "2" in the traditional football formation known as "4-4-2"? The Ishihara test is used to check for what condition? Which civilisation was responsible for the pyramids? With which country did the UK fight the Cod War in the 1960s? Engineering and Technology Related Online GK Quiz Questions.

a. Pisces What famous actor made his film debut playing "Boo Radley" opposite Gregory Peck in 1962's "To Kill a Mockingbird"? 5.

The phrase "shot heard round the world" refers to what? A child could swim through the veins of a blue whale, 5. 43. c. Taurus

b. c. George II What is a website telling you if it serves you a "404 error"? What is the name of the first "test tube" baby, born in 1978? 3.

Which is the third letter of the Greek alphabet? In general, roughly how many months does a human pregnancy last?

d. Kim Clijsters. Which was the first US city to host the Olympic games? It’s deemed as important due to the fact that current affairs form an inevitable part of our lives.

100 general knowledge quiz questions and answers - ready-made for virtual get-togethers Whether you're putting together a lockdown quiz, or you want to test your own knowledge… In total, the quiz is out of 54 and the answers are at the bottom so you can check who is the winner. What country is famous for inventing the Taco, Burrito and Quesadilla? What species of bird builds the largest nests in North America?

In which game might you "Go to Jail" or "Pass Go"? What is the highest possible score in a bowling match? 3. Engineering and Technology Related Online GK Quiz Questions. Which breed of miniature horse is the smallest in the world? In which circle are you most likely to find Polar bears?

In 1793, Leonhard Euler invented "Latin Squares," the precursor to what modern puzzle? In which fictional town is Coronation Street set in? How many baby or milk teeth does the average person have? Outdoor sporting goods and clothing retailer L.L. 19. 8. d. Vic Foster. How many books make up the New Testament? The Great Fire of London started in what kind of shop? Who originally said "Government of the people, for the people, by the people"? Who was "Plain and Tall" in the title of a 1986 children's novel by Patricia MacLachlan? Dubbed the ‘King of Pop’, which artist released the album Thriller, which went on to be the bestselling album of all time? Which island group that Britain fought a war over 149 years later was first annexed in 1833? d. George VII, a. Bosworth Field Which King George did Prince Regent become? Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley played "Edina" and "Patsy" in which long-running British sitcom? Which planet is said to influence the way we communicate? In which fictional town is Stranger Things set? d. San Francisco. Salts of which metallic element are often used as a treatment for bipolar disorder? Retinol is the chemical name for which vitamin? 6. 8. c. Evonne Cawley a. Bacon 100. According to Northern European tradition, Thor rides across the sky in a wagon pulled by what sort of animals? The small city of Kalispell, Montana is the gateway to what one million acre National Park? What do you add to milk to make porridge? Is this just a fantasy? a. Elizabeth II In classical singing and opera, females with the lowest singing voices are classified as what?


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