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Mackinnon then approached a number of co-producers and directors, and eventually contracted the producer Finola Dwyer and director Dustin Hoffman. Headline Pictures' Mark Shivas and Stewart Mackinnon acquired the film rights to the play from Ronald Harwood, and, with funding from BBC Films, commissioned him to write the screenplay. That second question must have been more convincing in the original stage version of “Quartet,” written by Ronald Harwood, whose “The Dresser” remains one of the best plays and films ever written about the theater.

Mr. Garnet gives him some advice: never gamble, never lend money, and don't have anything to do with women. The premiere was attended by the film's producer Finola Dwyer, who gave an interview on the making of the film. Jean asks Reg if he was serious, he replies yes. Reg, Wilf and Cissy were in the cast of a very highly rated recording of the opera Rigoletto, which includes a famous quartet for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor and baritone ("Bella figlia dell'amore"). In the meantime, Cedric has come up with a plan that could work, but has one flaw. Even the colonel's mistress has an interest in it. Their tickets must have been really expensive. A colonel's mousy wife writes a book of poetry under a pseudonym, but is immediately unmasked by the papers. Aghast, Herbert angrily refuses to give her any further financial support and is put in prison as a result. Finances threaten closure of the home, but proceeds from a yearly gala concert on Verdi's birthday hold hope for a continuation of the place. Reg overhears this. The movie’s time span is so uncertain that Cissy recovers and is ready for “Rigoletto” in no time. (Hoffman started to direct “Straight Time” [1978] but bailed out after a few days and hired Ulu Grosbard to take over.)

Betty has second thoughts and tries to make up with her husband, but he refuses to go home with her. Herbert and his father had designed and flown their creations every Saturday on the common since Herbert was a young lad. In the ensuing conversations her infidelity arises, as well as her past marriages, but Reg comes to understand that all that is now in the past. The next morning, on the plane returning home, he counts his money and finds there is more than there should be. Quartet Official Trailer #1 (2012) - Dustin Hoffman Movie HD But Harwood is funnier, less plangently melancholic, and much faster moving than Hunter. Out of anger, she destroys his new kite. Who knows? 131, the film … The author appears at the start and end of the movie to introduce the stories and comment about his writing career. It was filmed late in 2011 at Hedsor House, Buckinghamshire. His family, who want him to succeed to his father's place and title, try to talk him out of it. It is so late, his hotel has closed for the night. It saw a limited release in the United States on 11 January 2013. We understand that these characters made a lot of money in their lifetime and can afford this expensive retirement. It has a good heart. Upon his return home, his father laments to his friends that his son ignored everything he had told him and profited from it! Dustin Hoffman said Harwood was inspired by the 1984 documentary Tosca's Kiss (about the world's first nursing home for retired opera singers, founded in Milan by composer Giuseppe Verdi in 1896) to write the original play on which the film is based.[4]. To call it predictable is being kind. Finally, his cousin Paula (who is in love with him) comes up with a compromise: he will study in Paris for two years, after which an impartial expert will determine whether he has it in him to reach his goal. His family is anxious that his death be ruled accidental, and, at the inquest, the coroner's jury returns such a verdict with clear consciences, since, in the words of the plainspoken foreman, the jurors cannot accept that a gentleman such as the deceased would have killed himself "just 'cause he couldn't play piano good.". Quartet is a 2012 British comedy-drama film based on the play Quartet by Ronald Harwood, which ran in London's West End from September 1999 until January 2000. Quartet premiered at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival on 9 September 2012, followed by screenings at another dozen film festivals during the autumn of 2012. One involves former opera stars who were once married, long ago and briefly. On George Bland's twenty-first birthday, his father, of the landed gentry, asks him what he intends to do with his life. “Quartet,” the first feature directed by Dustin Hoffman, is a sincere but sloppy piece of work. A Late Quartet is a 2012 American film co-written and directed by Yaron Zilberman starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christopher Walken, Catherine Keener, Mark Ivanir and Imogen Poots. [8], This article is about the 2012 film. There seem to be no elevators, and all the octogenarian residents, even Jean with her hip replacement, use the stairs. The screenplays for the stories were all written by R. C. Sherriff. Here is a sentimental, sweet entertainment full of legendary British stage, movie and opera stars. After a torrid affair, the younger man dies. For the 1948 British anthology film, see, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Dustin Hoffman riles Sir Donald Sinden with his comments about new film, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Quartet_(2012_film)&oldid=983920573, Articles needing additional references from January 2013, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 October 2020, at 01:51.

As the quartet enter the stage individually, and to the rapturous applause of the audience, Reg stands next to Jean. George's answer is incomprehensible to his entire family: he wants to become a concert pianist. Based on "The Kite", included in the 1947 collection of Maugham stories Creatures of Circumstance. Geschildert wird, nach einem Theaterstück von Ronald Harwood, die Geschichte von alten Musikern, die ihr Altenheim durch eine Gala vor dem finanziellen Ruin retten.

Eventually, of course, sensing his unease, she tells him the passion was based on his love for her, as it was when they were young.

[5], Quartet received generally positive reviews from professional film critics.

In a luxurious British retirement home for retired musicians, two questions circle each other. The plot takes place in Beecham House, a retirement home for former professional musicians, patterned after the real-life Casa di Riposo per Musicisti founded by Giuseppe Verdi. George is killed later that day with a blast to the chest from a gun he was supposedly cleaning. Based on "The Colonel's Lady", included in the 1947 collection of Maugham stories Creatures of Circumstance. Still, he is tortured by the insinuation that it could be true but is too afraid to ask his wife about it. Quartet is a 2012 British comedy-drama film based on the play Quartet by Ronald Harwood, which ran in London's West End from September 1999 until January 2000. It was successful enough to produce two sequels, Trio (1950) and Encore (1951), and popularised the compendium film format, leading to films such as O. Henry's Full House in 1952. The film is actor Dustin Hoffman's directorial debut. The idea of rehearsing and playing before an audience has brought life back to the home and the quartet. But when you look at this film, you see a stately manor surrounded by pastoral beauty. The newlyweds are happy, except for Herbert's lifelong enthusiasm for flying kites. The movie shows the others going to great lengths to coax her into the gala. We understand why that would be enough for the stage, but Hoffman’s film accepts all the limitations of a stage play and just doesn’t care. Inspired by and structured around Beethoven's Op. Nobody. Roger Ebert was the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 until his death in 2013. All the guests in the retirement home are suffering in varying degree the ailments old age can bring but continue to be engaged in their former professions in one way or another, including lecturing and introducing young people to music. He arranges for Herbert to be released and advises Betty on how to save her marriage. On the last night of his stay, he disregards all three: he wins a large amount of money at roulette and meets a beautiful woman named Jeanne, who borrows from him before he can react. The following morning, Cissy takes Jean flowers from the garden to cheer her up, and asks if she wishes to discuss the quartet, but Jean doesn't want to taking the flowers and beating Cissy with them which only aggravates Cissy's already delicate senile condition. Hedsor House in Buckinghamshire was used as the location of Beecham House. But Dustin Hoffman, who chose the 1999 Harwood play for his first film as a director, knows that. After listening to much talk about how "sexy" the book is, the colonel finally asks his mistress to borrow her copy, then insists she tell him about it. The book is about a middle-aged woman falling in love with, and having an affair with, a younger man, told in the first person. At one point Cissy, the Collins character, visits Jean’s room with flowers and a plea for her to change her mind. The colonel does not read the poetry (although he says he has) and is surprised when a friend says it is "not suitable for children." No grandchildren. Settled and content, he is seeking a comfy senility in Beecham House, he says. Reg is sceptical but agrees having overcome his issues and problems with Jean living at the home and being in such close proximity daily. Reg is shocked to find his former wife Jean Horton, the missing soprano of the Rigoletto recording, turning up to live at Beecham House. Many of the supporting and background cast in the film's "retirement home for former professional musicians" were portrayed by actual professional musicians, as illustrated by then-and-now photos during the closing credits:[3]. Maybe what it needs is more exotic marigolds. The staff consists of the supervisor and a few nurses. However, the lure of his latest, giant, unflown kite proves too great for him.

Reg, Wilf and Cissy are retired opera singers who often worked together in the past; among other residents are Cedric Livingstone, a former director, and diva Anne Langley. In a luxurious British retirement home for retired musicians, two questions circle each other. "[6] Metacritic gave a score of 64 out of 100 based on 36 reviews, indicating "generally favorable reviews".[7].


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