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We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. Winston’s experience regarding creature work enabled the effects not to use too much of the limited $3 million budget. Related: Andy Muschietti’s The Howling Remake Could Revive The Werewolf Movie. Most recently, Michael helped launch Screen Rant's new horror section, and is now the lead staff writer when it comes to all things frightening. Tracey, Bunt, and Chris then watch as Pumpkinhead bursts into flames.

While the campers search for Steve, Pumpkinhead drags away Maggie, and Ed again experiences the ensuing murder. More: The Ring Is The Best Japanese Horror Remake. One hopes at least that Lance Henriksen could be convinced to appear in some capacity. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Back at the cabin, Joel begins to experience remorse for his actions and determines to turn himself in to the police. [27] As of 2020 there has been no update on the reboot's development.

Pumpkinhead centers on Ed Harley (genre icon Lance Henriksen), a store owner who lives with his young son Billy out in the country.

Pumpkinhead went on to receive three really bad sequels, but a remake/reboot is reportedly on the way. [30] The game was poorly received. If anyone tries to stop Pumpkinhead or help his victims, that person becomes marked, too. Michael Kennedy is an avid movie and TV fan that's been working for Screen Rant in various capacities since 2014. He then drags Chris back to Harley's house, where Tracey, Bunt, and Ed have taken shelter. A local boy, Bunt, helps the two remaining campers, Tracey and Chris, reach an abandoned church.

[14], In a 1992 retrospective, Jon Nalick of the Los Angeles Times described it as "a well-executed film in a genre that is littered with dimwitted slasher flicks". Stan Winston's 1988 cult hit monster movie Pumpkinhead is set to receive the remake treatment, and here's everything we know about it so far. Sign me up.

When not writing, Michael enjoys going to concerts, taking in live professional wrestling, and debating pop culture. Together they summon forth a legendary demonic presence known as Pumpkinhead and send it out to attack the youths...but the father soon discovers his fate and Pumpkinhead's are linked in blood! He also loves both Marvel and DC movies, and wishes every superhero fan could just get along. Joel confronts Pumpkinhead with a machete, but it swats him aside and drags off Kim, whom it drops from a fatal height. [28] The comic was supposed to be a four-part mini-series but only two issues were published. Great Gift Ideas: Imported DVDs and Blu-rays, Great Gift Ideas: Entertainment Collectibles. [3] Chris Willman of the Los Angeles Times wrote that, despite its poor writing, the premise is interesting, but it's not executed as well as Forbidden Planet. [3] The De Laurentiis Entertainment Group sent Stan Winston the script only expecting him to do the creature effects, but Winston instead saw in the project an opportunity to make a directorial debut. When dirt bike-riding teens accidentally kill a young boy in the backwoods, the child's distraught father seeks help from a local witch in gaining revenge. Both Ed and Pumpkinhead cry out in pain, and Pumpkinhead releases Bunt. Watching through a window, Ed witnesses the man caught and killed by a monster. This film, originally released in 1988 . Sculpted by Japanese artist Takayuki Takeya (竹谷 隆之), the second kit was based on the Pumpkinhead sequel story written by Carducci and Gerani and published in the Dark Horse Comics series. Block co-wrote the Pumpkinhead remake/reboot script with Nate Atkins, and says while it borrows a lot from the original and contains lots of fan-pleasing Easter eggs, it isn't a straight up remake of the previous story. Club called it an endearing, pulp film that lacks subtlety.

Block also plans to use practical effects as a tribute to Stan Winston. Dynamite Entertainment began publishing a five issue Pumpkinhead limited series, written by Cullen Bunn and illustrated by Blacky Shepherd, in February 2018. De Laurentiis PRODUCER'S PICTURE DARKENS: KNOEDELSEDER, WILLIAM K, Jr. Los Angeles Times 30 Aug 1987: 1. The first in the Pumpkinhead franchise, it was followed by a direct-to-video sequel, two TV film sequels, and a comic book series. Movies Unlimited - The Movie Collector's Website, Sign up to receive our emails.

One teen, Steve, stays with the boy until his father's return; the rest flee the scene. After a tragic accident, a man conjures up a towering, vengeful demon called Pumpkinhead to destroy a group of unsuspecting teenagers.

[10], Dave Kehr of the Chicago Tribune wrote: "As a technician, Winston clearly knows how to make a monster, but as a director he's yet to learn how to bring one to life". [citation needed], In 2005, Sideshow Collectibles released a Pumpkinhead maquette. [4] Filming took place in Los Angeles, California. One day, a group of trouble-making teen campers arrives in the area, and a dirtbike accident leads to Billy's death. Directed by Stan Winston. [15] Bloody Disgusting rated the film 4/5 stars and called it "a gothic story of love, loss, vengeance, and redemption". Pumpkinhead grabs Tracey by the neck, but before he can kill her, Ed shoots himself in the head.

While Pumpkinhead received mixed reviews, the film has built up a cult following in the years since its release. [13] TV Guide rated it 2/5 stars and wrote that the film's second half becomes tedious because of its overdone slasher formula. In total, it grossed $4,385,516 total at the domestic box office.

In the prologue set in 1957, Tom Harley waits inside his farm cabin with his wife and young son, Ed. Given Winston was then busy refining the story, he gave free reins regarding design to artists Alec Gillis, Shane Mahan, John Rosengrant and Tom Woodruff, Jr., the last of whom also wore the Pumpkinhead suit. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Horrifying cult shocker stars Lance Henriksen, Jeff East, Kimberly Ross, Mayim Bialik. Henry's Childhood Friend In The Haunting Of Bly Manor Explained, Midsommar Theory: Each Character Death Represents One Of The Four Elements, Train To Busan 2: Peninsula Ending & Twist Explained, It: Why The Stephen King Book Deserves A Sequel, COD: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Story Details Revealed, Halloween 6: Why The Producer's Cut Is The Superior Version, Why Don't Breathe's Twist Was The Movie's Biggest Weakness, Black Widow Movie Images Reveal First Look At OT Fagbenle's Character, The X-Files: Every Major Character That Returned For the Revival, Halloween: What Happened To Laurie Strode's Son, John, Superman's Ultimate Form is Stronger Than Any Hero, Ever. [32], The horror punk band The Misfits released a song entitled "Pumpkin Head", which was featured on their album Famous Monsters, released in 1999.[33]. Later that night, the witch buries Ed in Pumpkinhead's grave, ready for the next person seeking vengeance, and still wearing the necklace his son Billy made him. In 2016, it was announced that Saw producer Peter Block was shepherding a Pumpkinhead reboot to the screen. They were broadcast on Syfy in October 2006 and on February 10, 2007, respectively. Pumpkinhead sank at the box office, but the film found an audience on home video and via cable airings, becoming renowned primarily for its practical monster, designed by Winston himself. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English DTS HD stereo Master Audio; featurettes; interviews; audio commentary; behind-the-scenes footage; theatrical trailer. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them or that they’ve collected from your use of their services. How Long Before Bly Manor's Wedding Did [SPOILER]? That said, it's still way too early to try and predict a release date, since production is still far from kicking off. While Pumpkinhead received mixed reviews, the film has built up a cult following in the years since its release. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans.

In November 2019, Block assured fans that the Pumpkinhead remake/reboot was still in the works, and that big news on it will be announced fairly soon. Two additional sequels, Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes and Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud, were filmed in 2006 as made for television movies. Pumpkinhead momentarily collapses to the ground, then grabs Bunt again. [8] It was released on Blu-ray in September 2014. Pumpkinhead is a 1988 American horror film.It was the directorial debut of special effects artist Stan Winston.The film has built up a cult following in the years since its release.

Horror history is packed full of memorable creatures, and in some ways, the monster is the creative lifeblood of the genre. Instead, Ed says that he wants revenge; the witch agrees to help, but warns him that vengeance comes with a terrible price. [29], In 1995, Electronic Arts published a first-person shooter computer game for Microsoft Windows called Bloodwings: Pumpkinhead's Revenge. [11] Richard Harrington of The Washington Post wrote that the film has poor writing and acting, but it is surprisingly polished for a B movie. Pumpkinhead is a 1988 American supernatural horror film directed by Stan Winston and starring Lance Henriksen. The witch uses blood from father and son to resurrect the corpse, which rises as a gigantic, spindly demonic monster named Pumpkinhead. In the world of film and television there are many such examples of cult classics. It featured the demon on a display base depicting a portion of a burned out church. At their cabin, the campers fight about whether or not to call the police. The three remaining campers unsuccessfully beg the locals for help. [22] In 2013, Tyler Doupe included Pumpkinhead in his list of Underrated Horror Killers at Fearnet,[23] and Fangoria included it in their 101 Best Horror Movies You've Never Seen.[24]. Joel, who is personally responsible for the boy's injury and is on probation for a similar incident, rips out the phone cord, knocks one of his friends unconscious and locks him and a girl in the closet to stop them from contacting the authorities. MGM released the film on DVD twice: once in 2000 as a standard edition[7] and again in 2008 in a 20th Anniversary Edition featuring an audio commentary and over an hour of featurettes. However, with things being in the early stages, there's been no casting announced, and further story details aren't yet available. [7] Nick Nunziata also criticized the 2000 DVD release and wrote that the film does not hold up.

[18] Nick Schager of The A.V. Pumpkinhead is a great example of the term, cult classic. Email Address In 1957, Tom Harley waits inside his farm cabin with his wife and young son, Ed. Bunt relates the legend of the monster Pumpkinhead, explaining that the monster avenges one who was wronged. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Pumpkinhead went on to receive three really bad sequels, but a remake/reboot is reportedly on the way. It was directed by Jeff Burr. Ed stumbles out of the barn but is accidentally stabbed in the arm by a pitchfork. A group of teenage campers stop by Harley's, and, while riding their dirt bikes, they mortally injure Billy. A FL native, Michael is passionate about pop culture, and earned an AS degree in film production in 2012. 86 min.

), Hellraiser: What Happened to Kirsty Cotton After Hellbound, How Cronenberg's The Fly Remake Improved On The Original Movie.

A long-term member of the Screen Rant family, Michael looks forward to continuing on creating new content for the site for many more years to come.

It was the directorial debut of special effects artist Stan Winston. [26] Block told Entertainment Weekly that Nate Atkins will write the script for the reboot and that filming would begin in 2017. A reboot of the series has been reported[25] and is to be produced by Saw executive producer Peter Block. [5], The film was given a limited release theatrically in the United States by United Artists in October 1988 and again in January 1989.


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