piston vise plans

Compound Angle Piston Vise . ~~~~~~Shady.

-The vises' tilt table is doweled to fit the T-slots and it bolts up with 4 T-slot bolts.-I tilt the vise up on the right hand side whatever angle like 23 for conventional SBC's.-I almost always do a center punch mark of the pistons like where I have a left and a right piston or I'll center punch just one if all the pistons … Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Taking his comments into consideration and some of Brian Gilbert’s design I combined those three thoughts and this is what I came up with. The 13mm flat is the base for the fixed jaw on top of the wooden post. Compound angles are acheived by simply rotating the piston. If you ever happen down this way I hope you will take time to stop in and visit. This assembly is mounted on a Tilt/Swivel Base that is equipped with large, easy-to-read Protractors for angle setup in both planes and is ready to mount on any milling table. vise” has been widely adopted to describe this type of vise. I made a vise out of a steel plate with aluminum jaws similar to what Tony suggested. Do you have any pics of your cuda? This message will be removed once you have signed in. It is not an oval sgaped piston , is it? ( Log Out /  I hope Little E wins, but would like to see Sadler come in a close second.

Cons: I still some slight give when the jaws are tight and I go to twist. In the future I can find a length of acme threaded rod I would prefer to use that as the regular TR tend to wear out relatively quickly in this type of use. Not a problem The nice thing about this type for our work it it will accomodate any piston and we can use the top jaws in the lathe as well.....How many more days til we can race again?? Accurate positioning is ensured both horizontally and vertically using durable heat-treated steel V-Jaws for pin clamping and an opposing, soft aluminum V-Block to ensure skirt protection. In case you forgot I broke my fine 1 year (almost) old vise trying to bend a piece of larger rebar at the end of April. BHJ's Piston Flycutter Set is also available separately and includes three Flycutters in .750", 1.125", and 1.500" sizes. Insert into 5/8" diameter holes for fast hold-down clamping. Change ), Blacksmithing: "Making exquisitely simple items extraordinary and tremendously complex items understatedly simple", Artistic Blacksmith Association of North America, http://mailchi.mp/buildthreads/vise-stop-hand-turning-rest-router-plate-alignment-tool-342705. I used the same rod that I used for the jaws as the main adjustable leg support welded on to the 4 cm flat. I need to build one ASAP to machine the valve reliefs on the bosss race car. All moving parts that are subject to wear are made from alloy steel. Ball Lock Bolts are a time-saving, efficient method of locating, and fastening fixture elements to the BuildPro® tabletop. Shank size of cutter heads is .500" diameter. ( Log Out /  Time spent building about 16 hours, cutting, cleaning and painting. /thinking out loud. Materials: 13mm x 7.5 cm x 30 cm flat, 4cm x 6mm x 6 meters flat bar, 3cm sq x 120cm bar, and some 22mm threaded rod, washers and nuts and some welding rod. Roubo’s screw press from plate 280 of “L’art du Menuisier” The Benchcrafted Moxon vise uses the same precision rolled acme screws as our other vises. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. The easy-to-use Vise holds pistons firmly, yet delicately from the pin centerline and accepts piston sizes ranging from 2.375" to 5" in diameter. I let it normalize and then heat treated it. I had what looked like two good leads, but both of those didn’t pan out.

I've cut a LOT of pistons in all kinds of different vises and set-ups and my favorite was the chuck / sine plate set-up... Dan, thanks for the advice...also....good luck to you guys in the chase for the championship. If you have access to it use heavier leg material and even a set of hardened guide pins or a heavy square tube guide system to keep it from twisting.

Piston Fixture Vises - Piston Lightening, Piston Balancing . Register now to participate in the forums, access the download area, buy Mastercam training materials, post processors and more. The universal cast Iron fixture plate. As far as we know, we are the only company which sells both a vise and... We add some more lightweight folding sawhorses to the shop. Insert the Ball Lock Bolt... Fireball tool newest tool! A Fine Adjustment Attachment (left) allows exact angle settings to be acheived with ease and can be attached to the vise in a variety of locations. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Hey..you may even see him qualify this week, we are really expecting alot out of that new 740 Fulton engine. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Together, we are the strongest Mastercam community on the web with over 56,000 members, and our online store offers a wide selection of training materials for all applications and skill levels. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Model # 5090 Piston Fixture Vise, 10" Tilting Rotary Table with 8" Chuck & Special Piston JawsModel #5090-TK 10" Tilting Rotary Table. I know that gearhead tool sells a good one but I was hoping to find an exploded view or drawing of one to aide in making my own.

What is better about this and what is not. Thanks again for the input. Thanks for your help ~~~~~~Shady, Yea I know Kenny .....he whips me every time we come up against each other....Good Racer!and nice guy I will look your boss up at Budds Creek this weekend hope your Fulton does the job They're usually pretty stout, You probably thought I forgot about this but I could not get my camera to work finally borrowed my daughters (actually got her to do it) I tried to email pics to you but your address returns unsent Would be glad to post them here but don't know how, Tom, I dont know which email you tried...if you dont care you might try [email protected] or [email protected] Thanks...talk to ya later ~~~~~~~~Shady, Tom, I got the pics, thanks alot for your time and trouble on this one. I have a bending jig between the fixed jaw and the base plate (there is a nice space there that I can use to make rings, bends etc using the jaw of the vise). It's easy! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. ( Log Out /  This gives us … Use your display name or email address to sign in: By He just installed a new Fulton engine, preparing to run this weekend at Buds Creek Md. We have a Wire so I used that to do the whole thing. eMastercam - your online source for all things Mastercam. These are the plans to the DIY Vise video. I will give my brain time to kick in and see what kind of madness comes out. This vise has a specially designed 4 point swivel base designed to match up with holes on most common welding tables.

BHJ Products, Inc., 1651 Atlantic, Union City, California 94587 USA   Phone: +1(510)797-6780   Fax: +1(510)797-9364. Jaws Available For 6" & 8" ChucksModel # 50904 - 4" jaws for any size automotive pistonModel # 50907 - 7-1/2" jaws for pistons with connecting rods attachedModel # 50909 - 9" jaws for diesel pistonsJaws for 8" and 10" chuck available on request. If you run T/S then you probably know Kenny Rucker too then. Thanks for your help, ~~~~~~~Shady. Tony, thanks for the file....it was much appreciated. Hi guys, In case you forgot I broke my fine 1 year (almost) old vise trying to bend a piece of larger rebar at the end of April. I have to us spacers to keep the jaws parallel. You can build it as is, or customize based on your parts and material on hand. It appears to work, well, time will tell. We use a three jaw chuck mounted on a double sine plate. Replacement in kind is about 60 bucks, my costs in materials is about 40. I have better clearance on each side. It must be able to hold a piston that is 4.600 diameter and must be capable of compound angles. It serves me well.

Shady, I've seen your bosses car at the IHRA races We have a Top Sportsman 68 Barracuda I thought that's who he was when I saw the "Auxier" in the first post One of my engine customers is a friend of his I'll get on the pictures for you, I really appreciate it Tom. I took another course and it was a combination of Brian’s and a woodworkers parallel vise. Is your welding table not flat? I was wondering if anyone here has ever built an automotive type piston vise. That left me with two options; buy another cast one and hope for the best or make one. It is obviously for flycutting valve pockets in pistons, but we here at ABS do a few more things. The original Mega Square is available in a 12 or 8 inch size with two material choices: Cast Iron (FE) or Cast Aluminum (AL). Both the Vertical Angle Protractor and the Fine Adjustment Attachment are removable after setup, for added clearance during machining.

All Mega Squares feature a stiff “flange and... window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS = window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS || new Array(); The Piston Vise is also great for gas porting. BHJ's Valve Angle Comparator VT-6 is a recommended angle-measuring companion tool for the Piston Vise. Thanks to anyone willing to help.~~~~~Shady, then Run slots almost all the way out to the Ends Down the center of the block (So you can collapse the Bore when you clamp on it in a vice).


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