ogre battle best ending guide

You put your every effort into fighting, and... neglected everything else. Also MIA. Do we have no control over it? ...Get moving! In the middle of the party the Hero and friends headed again for the wilderness. Old Man's Voice: This is... the fourth time I reincarnated. I couldn't stop him... Yulia: I know. I suppose. We're heading back for Zenobia, to inform our King of what happened. Slust the Red. ...That woman... (An infant crawls from beneath Mari's dress, and floats in midair, glowing with an evil aura). I only did what was necessary. Meredia: Hey, don't get me wrong.

It feels like we can do anything, even the impossible! Everything starts from here. Destin: But I don't know if I'll be coming back. The horror of the Ogre Battle... Albeleo: I cannot believe that I have lost! Among the heroes who proved themselves in battle, there weas a young man in particular, who led the Revolutionary Army to victory. Rauny: But our work isn't finished! He didn't submit to his fate. 'Man has a responsibility to make the most of his talents and abilities...' ...Believe in yourself, Magnus. This time, I'm totally serious!

Crush the Rodisti! You're no different from the netherworlders! Left her name in history as one of the finest singers ever to live. It's too dangerous! Our jobs are not finished.

...Be true... to yourself... and... move... on...... (Destin dies). Everything stars from here.

Warren: May the gods smile on us, always! City kids of all ages will want to take in the natural beauty and breathe the fresh country air in this fascinating f... Start with a fledgling town (you name it yourself) and build it into a metropolis. We must follow what "Female Lord" did, and create a kingdom with no more wars. Magnus, ...come with us. Female Lord: There are other places in war outside of Zeteginea. We have again attained freedom and justice. The empire you built become known and feared as the 'Black Empire'. With your strength, I can rest assured.

We will win our future!! I only helped you. Queen Rauny Zenobia. You've made me very happy. Just relax.

Wait a moment, they're excluding me...? Why aren't you king? We're all getting together again. In the great battle that shook the entire continent, King Frederick met with an untimely death.

We also have a debt to pay... Destin: Well, I guess I can't talk you out of it.

Tristan: I'm glad to hear that. https://ogrebattlesaga.fandom.com/wiki/Person_of_Lordly_Caliber_-_Endings?oldid=22942. ...I think that's impossible.

The doors of fate have been opened. Will his strength again be needed down below? Destin! To use this feature, you need to be logged in to GameFAQs. Revolutionary Army Soldier: You still don't get it!? Don't ever lose sight of your humanity, ...your kindness. Sheen: ...Oh man, there goes my temper!! Liedel: Why are you all shy? This is a new beginning for the land below. That's enough.

"Female Lord" has left?

...He accepted his fate, and what's more, he lived for all he was worth. Create a wonderful country, OK? As a result of the unrelenting attacks by the eastern barbarian tribes, the history of Palatinus came to an end. Winning the battle is only the beginning. Tristan: Yes. ...We must not let our hearts be filled with hatred! The fight is over. We can't allow those who are controlled by the Infernal Aura near him. Destin the Valiant: ...Saradin has said this to me often. Come one (sic) back to the hall and have a drink with me, hmmmm? This is a list of the endings in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. Yushis: But I wasn't able to help my sister... Fogel: Mizal was looking for a final resting place. Because he never sat on the throne, and his policies reflected the will of the people, he later became known as King Frederick the Benevolent. ...Those who followed you, and fought with you, are here. You can't fall apart yet.

Thus the birth of a new ruler over the Zeteginean Continent was born. For Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber on the Nintendo 64, GameFAQs has 19 guides and walkthroughs. By being hero, you were bound to come for the throne sometime. Hah, hah... Lans Hamilton. Kerikov: How could his be... Those idiots are going to rule this kingdom? I'm sorry. ......Damn it, somebody tell me why!! But don't tell the others. Thanks to Destin, my mother and father have been avenged. You know... United, we stand! I'm very worried about that. I... What about me... ? For his valor in defending the continents of Zeteginia and Galicia from invasion of the eastern barbarian tribes, and for practicing the republican policies of his predecessor, he will be remembered as a great king, in both strength and wisdom... ...His legacy will be carried on by his son, Prince Aeneas Gallant. Not at all! There are rights to all which should never be violated! Tristan: You're exactly right. Gilbert: Yeah. I'm looking forward to seeing the new Palatinus, ......your kingdom. ...They gotta be!! We must support King Tristan so that no more meaningless wars occur. No need for compassion! Just you wait until we meet again! Became a loyal supporter of the new King of Zenobia. It is your duty to make the most of your talent. Upon his death, the rule of Palatinus was given to a man, who was the late King's right hand man.

Can we forgive that? Give me a smile. Debonair: What? We have again attained freedom and justice. Just accept it. Oh, Mizal... Fogel: Cheer up. Fenril: Very good. Destin: I know. He was a victim to his own black magic! Meredia: You guys are...? Lans: I never thought I'd be able to enter Zenobia Castle again. I promised the King. Look! Thanks for everything. You don't belong here. Destin the Valiant: ...What will you do now? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tristan: Ah!

I won't leave your side.

And you bear the responsibility to share your talents and abilities as you can! Warren Moon. You're thinking too much. In a battle that rocked the entire continent, Frederick Raskin, the King of Palatinus, met with an untimely death.

...Isn't that right, you who walk with the darkness!? Person of Lordly Caliber - Special Characters, Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. https://ogrebattlesaga.fandom.com/wiki/The_March_of_the_Black_Queen_-_Endings?oldid=23260. Debonair: Ha, ha, ha! But that is not all... People, you must not forget! Destin the Valiant: ...We'll continue north from here. Head Angel Yushis. The throne passed to me, but you are the hero here. Destin the Valiant: They weren't wrong. Fenril: I suppose I'm just worrying too much. There's no need for two kings in one kingdom. Your true adversary lies within yourself. I am one of the gods come to earth! But the outcome isn't important! To live in the Light, or to live in the dark. Alone? But... can you lead them as well? The happiness she received as queen lasted her entire life. You have become a hero unlike any ever known before.

Like he knew he would be defeated... Slust: So you think maybe the Big Boy is coming back? Did Yumil have to follow his fate... that was predestined for him? And now more lives must be lost to bring it down. High Wizard of the New Zenobian Magical Battalion. Whatcha doin? Female Lord: Tell all of the people! Killed in action 2 years later. Rauny: To stop another like Rashidi from ever reappearing. Please allow this tired old man to find his final resting place... Tristan: I know. Please log in or register to continue.

Accept it for what it is! It should have gone to you. A half year after the revolutionary war... Frederick Raskin, the leader of the revolution, succeeded the throne and sustained the kingdom of Palatinus. Tristan: Guard "Female Lord" with your life! But that is not all... People, you must not forget! We paid too high a price to regain our freedom to let it be taken again. Wow, really? The world is now yours. There are many other places where I am needed. Sheen: ...Should I get outta here?

They want to rule over you!

One year later, a unit of Liberation Forces led by a young Prince Tristan... destroyed you and your army, and freed Zenobia once again. The peace you've won, his dream is here, now. She got her wish. General Magnus Gallant, the Guardian of Palatinus. Tristan Come back to us, OK? The battle has just begun... Until that time, enjoy yourselves as you can. With Rauny taking the throne, our people and the Highlanders should never fight again. May the gods give us their favours and honour on the road we are to take! The best unit to have is 2 attackers in the front and 3 magic-users in the back; two of those magic-users being wizards or doll mages and 1 being a healer. Your name will go down in history and never forgotten. We can now return to the Heavens, eh? Until then... Tristan: Yes. No need to worry. Only you may decide! There are things that you must learn. Destin: I don't need any thanks. Yulia: Canopus? Europea, the Astral Knight: Destin, he is coming... with his comrades. Tristan: You are the people's Hero.


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