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12/01/09 Be sure to pickup this month's issue of RETRO GAMERmagazine, the essential guide to classic games. Originally launched in the arcades, Neo Geo offered arcade owners the ability to insert up to six different game cartridges into a single arcade cabinet,[1] while the home console counterpart was originally a rental-only system for video game stores in Japan but this was later reversed due to high demand and price, coming into the market as a luxury console.

The following list contains all of the games released for the Neo Geo.

[4] One million Neo Geo MVS units have been shipped worldwide as of April 1997. It was released in three different iterations; a 24-bit cartridge-based arcade system board called the Multi Video System (MVS), a cartridge-based home video game console called the Advanced Entertainment System (AES), and a CD-based home console called the Neo Geo CD. Most games were first released on the MVS then rereleased for the home consoles, however some never saw a home console release and eight games were released exclusively for the Neo Geo CD. Each system features similar hardware and run the same library of games through different media formats.

[3] Both the Neo Geo AES and the Neo Geo CD have sold 980,000 units combined worldwide as of March 1997. The Neo Geo is a video game platform developed and designed by SNK and supported from 1990 to 2004. Prototypes and various hombrewed titles also exist. Now here’s a game that never seems to get enough love. Listed here are all 158[a] officially released Neo Geo games, including all 148 MVS games, all 117 AES games, and all 97 Neo Geo CD games. This price guide is made in EUROS for complete games, in good condition (USED to MINT). Ces cotes sont en EUROS pour des jeux complets, et en bon état (USED à MINT). roms (except Ironclad & Ghostlop). The Neo Geo is a video game platform developed and designed by SNK and supported from 1990 to 2004. Browse through the best collection of Neo Geo ROMs and be able to download and play them totally free of charge! This is a list of games released for the Neo Geo system, which includes a series of arcade cabinets (the Multi Video System, or "MVS"), and a home console platform (the Advanced Entertainment System, or "AES"). FOUND IT USEFUL? [1] Many of the officially licensed games (as well as some of his prototype, homebrew and unlicensed games) also appeared on the Neo Geo CD platform. Crossed Swords 2 was a Neo Geo CD exclusive game that might be the better game but I picked the first one for the challenge of the AES version. Neo Geo Kult - cote, argus, AES Price Guide. [5] SNK continued creating software for the system up until 2004, even after the company ceased manufacturing the home consoles in 1997. YOU CAN HELP US MAINTAIN THE WEBSITE. Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior, The King of Fighters '99 Millennium Battle, The King of Fighters 2002: Challenge to Ultimate Battle, Minnasan no Okagesama Desu! 7. [2] In 1994, the Neo Geo CD was released as a cheaper alternative compared to the AES. In issue #70, John Thacker AKA Geddon_jt, who is a veteran community member, forum moderator & the creator of the Master Listâ„¢, has provided us with an in-depth Neo-Geo article that includes a comprehensive interview with SNK Game Lord, CHAD OKADA & Shawn(yours truly).

Not included are unlicensed and prototype Neo Geo games, Neo Geo Pocket Color games, or Hyper Neo Geo 64 games. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. utilisant des roms MVS officielles (sauf Ironclad & Ghostlop). For converts, prices are for games using official MVS Obvious Choices: Metal Slug Series. Dai Sugoroku Taikai, Quiz Meitantei Neo & Geo: Quiz Daisōsasen Part 2, Super Sidekicks 2: The World Championship, The Ultimate 11: SNK Football Championship, The King of Fighters Special Edition 2004,,, In addition to officially licensed games, a number of unlicensed titles were released commercially. Concernant les converts, les côtes annoncées sont pour des jeux Run N Gun. ARTICLES REVIEWS SPECIALS VERSUS PICS COLLECTIONS HARD AES  MVS CD GUIDES TIPS LINKS. Featured Game: Shock Troopers ” The control is great once you get used to the firing system, and rolling is a great way to dodge enemy bullets.

Prototypes and various hombrewed titles also exist. This is a list of games released for the Neo Geo system, which includes a series of arcade cabinets (the Multi Video System, or "MVS"), and a home console platform (the Advanced Entertainment System, or "AES"). Achingly beautiful – along with its sequel and Garou, it remains one of the Neo Geo’s best-looking games – The Last Blade’s deliberate pacing, outrageous depth and balanced characters have earned it an army of fans, and yet it’s nowhere near as well-known as Samurai Shodown.

The home system had the exact hardware specifications as its arcade counterpart, which allowed to bring exactly the same arcade experience for home users. Last Blade 2 (MVS, AES, NG CD, Wii VC, PS4, Switch) The Last Blade 2 is such a cool fighter.


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