national guard helicopter pilot reddit

Specifically I'm curious about Apache/Blackhawks and doing so as a Commissioned Officer. The projects and teams I manage are around $5M-$10M in equipment and personnel, so about a third of a single helicopter (just puts the responsibility I'd be taking on in a different light). This will take about 1.5-2 years. I've heard there are some tests that an aviation hopeful has to take before being considered, what are those tests? This can be important if you're looking to fly for the multiple airlines that have started up Rotary Transition Programs. It’s important that if you do go Guard aviation, you understand how big of a commitment it is and you’ll need a job that will allow you to fly + Officer shit. Army National Guard Pilot lifestyle vs Air National Guard Pilot lifestyle? The reserves has an HRC listing on its site but no guard. ... TriCare question that Google and Reddit … Balancing this with a civilian employer can be difficult. The best pilots I know are prior tangos. I have no idea where you're at in the process in ROTC, but being in an aviation unit can help your chances with meeting the State Aviation Officer (SAO) who will probably make a decision on your packet. On the NG website it looks like you must be a warrant officer but I'm not sure of exactly that entails. My state requires a Class 1 Flight Physical and a passing SIFT test. I've heard some great things about Guard aviation, but I have no way of validating any of it as I've never been to a Guard aviation unit, or seen the day-to-day work done in an aviation unit. I’m a mechanic so I know a few pilots so I can give some insight. I second Craigox27 in that we rarely actually can fly during drill given all the administrative tasks and additional training we are required to do. The National Guard aviators have been involved in many important roles … Things come up like weather or schedule conflicts which will cancel flights but this month I will manage to get about 11 hours. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the nationalguard community. I telework once a week (I use this to work from the airfield at fly at night) and I’m off every other Friday (I will fly during the day). Minimum score of 110 on your GT portion of the asvab. Press J to jump to the feed. There is an epidemic if you will of guys flooding to the airlines. So I'm considering joining the NG. You really need to ensure you have a civilian job that is the right fit for this lifestyle. Yep no high school to flight school in the guard. Is it going to be really difficult? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Follow up question. We also do first responder stuff for natural disasters, so tie that in too. I have a really good work situation but the problem is I’m about 2 hours away from the airfield. I've heard some great things about Guard aviation, but I have no way of validating any of it as I've never been to a Guard aviation unit, or seen the day-to-day work done in an aviation unit. A valid Class 1 flight physical. Being a 15T was awesome and even if you don't for some reason make it here, it's a great career. I've made around $15-20k/year extra on just flying alone. The Army wide there is a shortage of pilots.

So the box is checked there.

Currently with a MEDEVAC unit but we usually have flights going on during drill weekends in addition to your normal army classes, administration tasks, etc. We're required to fly the same flying hours that our Active Duty counterparts do, and for the most part (facility and state dependent) a lot of NG pilots fly more than AD because you can basically make your own flight schedule. At the end of the day i enjoy it. You will be qualified in one advanced airframe (Chinook, Blackhawk, Apache) with the potential opportunity to be qualified in the Lakota (Airbus EC-145) - they are using the Lakota as a trainer but they have not completely transitioned, hence why that qual is up in the air. Super helpful. You should generally have an idea on what your advanced airframe will be as if your state doesnt have Chinooks, you're not going to be flying them.


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