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Cyril aims to land a marlin in Costa Rica equipped with nothing but a handline, continuing a seemingly quixotic quest inspired by a classic novel. I was in the Alps in France, I must have been about 15 years old, and I was fishing in a pond not far from my home. Cyril Chauquet is a television host born in 1976. Biologist Zeb Hogan is in search of some of the largest fish on earth.

Angling for a particularly fierce quarry, monster fish hunter Cyril continues his globe-spanning quest to net the most fearsome denizens of the deep. What is it that you like about sportfishing? With Cyril Chauquet, Skipper Bivins, Kit Carson Mobley.

12 October 2020 He currently supports several programs that study the impact of environmental changes on giant fish. | To land a real monster, you have to stay one step ahead and predict animal behavior that we don’t fully understand. A drama series about the origins of the opioid crisis. Deadline The first giant pike I ever caught! Cyril is widely famous for his series Chasing Monsters that has aired in over 140 territories and has been sold to broadcasters and OTT platforms such as Netflix, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, History Channel, BBC Earth, Channel 5, Viasat and RMC Découverte. Before producing Chasing Monsters, Cyril was the animator and producer of Fishing Adventurer, one of the highest-rated television shows in the history of the French travel channel Evasion and sports channel ESPN2, where it remains their highest-rated repeat show. On a personal and professional level, Cyril is also involved in helping protect endangered fish species. ... 2016.

| If I’ve found a place that fits those criteria, I want to know what’s going on in the area around the fishing zone. Uncover stories on the peculiar and unknown on History, Jodi Sta. Fishing for kob along the coast of South Africa, Cyril must carefully maneuver across a rocky shoreline with pounding surf while avoiding sharks. I was really proud of that catch. [1] He is the producer and host of the Television series Chasing Monsters, an adventurous fishing related show where viewers follow his adventures in search of the largest fishes in the world...[2] Cyril’s growing interest in fishing started as a young child and soon became a boundless passion. Another great memory was fishing for tiger fish, both because it’s an intimidating fish with a full mouth of razor-sharp teeth and because I had to go deep into the Tanzanian Jungle to set up. I’m also fascinated by the mystery of what lurks under the water… I love that aspect! Using many methods of fishing to catch the giant fish he is in search of and Often finds himself in exotic environments. © 2020 - Cyril Chauquet inc. All rights reserved. Trying to avoid sharks, moray eels and a storm in Florida, Cyril sets out to reel in the razor-toothed "tiger of the seas," the great barracuda. He appears in many radio and talk shows and numerous articles celebrate him in famous fishing magazines around the world. TV Series This series explores both the fascinating cultures and the amazing, elusive, wild fish living in the hidden depths of the planet’s oceans, lakes and rivers! Cyril gives just the right amount of information about the fish he catches throughout every episode (not too much to be dry and too boring, but not too little to where it seems you didn't learn anything about that fish). Chasing Monsters with Cyril Chauquet. That’s basically the premise of the show. Cyril’s growing interest for fishing started as a young child and soon became a boundless passion, as his quest for underwater creatures continues to this day.

When you throw a lure into the water, you just have to sit back and wait for the fish to attack. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet.

All rights reserved. In Uganda, Cyril pursues Africa's largest freshwater fish, the Nile perch, while facing harsh weather, crocodiles and hippos. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Before “Chasing Monsters” started, there was another show called “Fishing Adventurer.” I started that show about 10 years ago and it evolved into “Chasing Monsters,” … [which] started from a passion, an obsession [with] catching and chasing the biggest fish in the world, whether they live in the ocean or in fresh water. The french version of the show is called Mordu de la Pêche. In 2005, Cyril established himself as the television host of his own documentary series in which he embarks on extreme fishing adventures in the most remote locations around the globe.

TV Series 60 min On an emotional journey in Morocco, an entrepreneur pieces together the turbulent life of his estranged mother and meets her adopted daughter. Discover what to watch this November, including a documentary series that dives deep into the Marvel Universe, a reboot of a beloved '90s animated series, and a special that celebrates a very important Star Wars holiday. Using many methods of fishing to catch the giant fish he is in search of and Often finds himself in exotic environments. Rate. According to fishing aficionado Cyril Chauquet, however, fishing is a lot of things: it is mysterious, dangerous, and, contrary to the previous sentence, it is indeed quite exciting. View production, box office, & company info.

Documentary. With adventure sports such as surfing and diving as hobbies and a true interest and dedication for angling, it was obvious from his early years that Cyril’s life was not going to be an ordinary one.


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