minecraft dragon addon
i kept playing and there is acctuly not that many bugs but please fix the game for everyones sake, I think it was pretty good only a few miny problems will you still update the Orespawn addon ??? Published on November 16, 2019.

crashes everytime i mount a dragon and open inventory :/. My favority dragon the “ghost dragon” because I like skeletons,death and others things like this, but I can’t ride in the “ghost dragon” you can fix this please? Also I want to know how high you need to go to above the paradise biome to find the nest. Is the fly function for iOS just jumping and gliding down. Your addons are excellent. I can’t play because the world closes every time I open the world with this addon and why the normal armor are invisible and what is the purpose of the armor that you made?? they look beautiful Or does it just spawn in vanilla mass? Just do all tamable with fish aiyo since when dragon eat dragon egg beacon??? Thanks Dex and Dad for letting me use it!! 4 if u fix those things this addon would 5/5 stars. FlipoChannel. Added the lightning dragon and the new water dragon, Added what not to do with my addon. WAY too many dragons in the world. (But i don’t know how to tame it). I fixed the wither dragon, and if you want that version, then ask and I will release it. What do it mean? Also if that’s not a problem, this make my mobs drop weird gems, like zombies drop a zombie gem. I’m not saying there are no problems with this add-on, there are some things to improve. and yes, you need to turn on experimental gameplay. (All Claim Requests are reviewed by admins. Need Help. robot dragon (protects villagers) – shoot arrows.

not trying to put pressure on you but can you also add griffins and wings. how can I make the tamed dragon breath in xbox? It has 150 health.

where is the armor for the dragon? Complete Minecraft PE mods and addons make it easy to change the look and feel of your game. I hope you like the animation I made.

It’s pretty good not gonna lie the fact that the detail of the dragon is spot onto the ender dragon design.please make more addon like this thank you, this is a pretty good add on but it would be better if you made it fly like: look up to fly up look down to fly down instead of jumping really high also can you fix the wing animation to make it more detailed and fix the wing animation when the dragon is not flying, I like the model and how it follows you and I can also ride it but I used the command and all the functions showed up but you still can’t fly it can you fix it plz anyways good job, The scales don’t drop ☹️ and the dragon just dies. Can you reduce the their projectile explosive rate,? Im always waiting for dragon addon, can u make more dragons. I will put your link in the description. BTW, it works in 1.13 and above. ancient dragon (boss monster) – the ancestor of dragons can do all types of attack, second strongest dragon, I have it working on my iPhone and in my realm, but it failed on my iPad. Great Addon!

If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Very nice and cool add-on :O!! If so please change it to looking where to fly like the black dragon addon, cause i really want to play with both these addons since the dragons are the same size and this one looks good. 4. oh.. it still works for me in 1.16. the biome’s don’t work and the male sunlight dragon is invisible, though, which is a problem…, How do you download and get this stuff to work on Windows 10?

Creator: Minecrafter_001, YouTube Channel. I have this error message : Missing dependency with ID ‘ac75129b-81aa-4b20-8cfe-e818bb4774d5’ and version ‘1.0.0’. Legitdragonb0y what if people say some bad stuff or bad words to you?… You will be sad,mad right soo stop it. Thank you, Please can you change the file to an mcaddon fille, Hello I love your mod but how do u move forward I know how to go up and down but I yeah pls awnser, Maybe one of the beast dragon addons but when is swamp++ out, Depending on if you are on console or not you need to download the file and then go into the file with whatever file manager you use and move the behavior and resource packs seperately. Keep up the good work spiky boi!

The male sunlight dragon are invisible please help!!!!!!!!!!! “Diana” is an idiot he tells that “LegitDrag0nBoi” did steal that, but he is not stealing the model okay…, I downloaded the original addon and it won’t let me download the updated version it says duplicate pack detected!!!! Most Item id’s are not correct (item:name)

My deviljho addon is still a work in progress.

2) Armour cannot be equipped when long press. Be prepared though, it will be challenging to get a pet Aether Dragon. if ur on I pad or phone, hover your circle pad over the dragon in the torso, when it says mount, you get on and put on saddle. Well, a few. It looks like the savana with tons of dragons and no trees. (They equip with health boost or its “food.” I’m eating it) I loaded my world with it, but I had to restart it for the armor to work, it’s annoying KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK ALSO IT WORKS FOR ME IN 1.16.0 OMG 5 STARS, Can u pleaseeee add a mediafile link because addfly doesn’t work for me and my friends, ok this is a great addon here but the all the biomes do not spawn in and you should add a way of teleporting the dragons like a pockeball or a dragon horn or emulate. BUT, after destroying the beast, you receive a pet Aether Dragon. Now to add a more adventurous to the game if want to tame a dragon you first need to kill a wild dragon after killing the wild dragon it will transform to a dead dragon … How do you get the babies off your shoulders please? Thanks, Ps I can’t summon all the dragons When I first tried that without it on; my game crashed too. It’s awesome! Hi I love this addon. (Like take the non tamable version and make it not hostile but keep the non tamable version still hostile.

Cool love the new update like it Tha textures are so sick, well said, I’ve seen more than one occasion where this kid’s been toxic. the pack keeps crashing my game how do i fix it? The animation of dragon did not work on 1.16, Please add eggs to make it more exciting, than the dragon keeps appearing everywhere, Everything looks really cool right now, but for me the tameable dragons don’t have any animations . ), © 2014-2020 MCPEDL.com.We are not affiliated with Mojang AB.Privacy PolicySubscriptionsContact UsAbout Us, Hostile to players, Villagers and Endermites. the armor for us doesn’t work you cant put it on and the swords dont work.

5. Please do not repost this addon in any other websites. it worked for me when I turn it on. Is there any way that we could ride and control the dragon? The author did a great job. Are you sure you're the owner of this item? I on PE. Updated fly function!!!! Your IP: How do I fly? Also plz do an update this mod is the best mod in a update can u fix the texture for some of the dragons and fix it wear the armour goes invisible plzzzzz, Why I mount the dragon and touch that item my iPad 2 will closed Minecraft.

Become one with your dragon and show everyone that the bond you share with your dragon is unmatched. Honestly this is the most creative Addon I’ve ever seen. Didnt try yet but i think its a perfect mod if the dragons can fly

This is in a brand new world world with no other mods loaded with experimental gameplay. can someone pls tell me how to put this mod on my mac, it looks amazing and i really wanna try it out! i keep going up. if that happens, make sure to have healing potions and keep on spraying healing potions on them. I love the fact that you have dragons in Minecraft now, due to this addon. Other than that one of the best mods I’ve come across so far. The texture of her it is “long pink mane” and “large pink tail ” The lightning dragon still crashes the game when it attacks and the tamable dragons do not move from their spot when spawned. You can download a .ZIP file for this addon here. The dragons dont exactly fly they glide a bit more making it a tad bit of a annoyance to fly around. It says it’s not a valid zip, Plz lower spawn rate I love this addon but the dragons spawn too much. Hello LegitDragonB0y, I have a suggestion! No more then a minute into the game there are literally hundreds of the and the game lags. Toxic, but this add-on is still in development and updates for Minecraft often break add-ons. Thanks! If you are talking about me, you are incorrect. I have detected issues in 1.14 and I activated experimental gameplay. But this is the original look he/she added some more dragons I can’t tell the other mods to sit or get up. It spawns in the end. thank you if you think you maybe would want to put this function in your addon ‘ω’, Can u respond to these suggestions OK so suggestion #1 can u fix bugs with invisible dragons and fly function #2canu make reactive dragon eggs so the dragon turns into the area around it #3 can u make a mode where u can hover #4can we add banners to are dragons #5can u make the dragons bigger #6 u should make it so we can cross breed dragons so we can get rare dragons thank you. 3.cant use dragon breath

I also would like dragons to spawn less. Make sure to check Use Experimental Gameplay in your world (and to add the pack!). I asked for permission in the comments. I’m not impressed by this addon as much as I thought I would be Definitely add more animations, but also make it less complex (like have all the dragons eat the same food so you don’t have to keep looking at the web page). Ok this addon looks cool but is this addon will get more dragons and maybe some dragon eggs depending on their types? What changlog version am i supposed to use? Did u fix the bug with items disappearing from your hot bar when mod is active?

are you playing on the beta? Items says the info on it like tile._______:_______ and stuff. It spawns in the end, but make sure to tame the ones on the ground, not the big boss. This addon doesnt allow me to put it into mcpe. Great addon can you add the dragon amulet in the next update plz!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to ask a question, what heck is item,newskeletongem.name and what is it used for? But i love this add on really, I love the Moonlight the atmosphere and crystal You crouch while not riding them, then make a sit button should show, Bro i find some bug on NBC ew update When Lighting and Skeleton attack me it crashes my game also tamable wither dragon has no texture. That is the only version that works properly for me. Im on 1.16.59

Hey ,can I use the ender dragon for a custom map? Por lo demás esta genial sigue así porfi , Are you gona to update this addon?, Because if you do that maybe you can add some diferent kinds of dragons, like a colossal dragon, or something like that, it can he crazy and golf. This isn’t his fly function. 2. i really do like some of the dragon designs such as the sunshine dragon and the skeleton dragon as i think they look quite cool. May have something to do with the current game version or the llama spit mapping. How to make a Princess Celestia Add-on, 1. 6. Added the new fly function that was requested!!! Well done with the addon, the fly function is great, can you add a nether dragon, has 750 health, breathes hell beams and is tamed with netherrack, oh and it has it’s own armor. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ecb06373c228002 This add-on is amazing, but I can’t help but notice peculiar similiarities to a Java edition mod of the same name. Ask for my version and you can obtain it. But my problem is the Bow, Armor is not complete


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