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Because of NCAA rules, he couldn't transfer to a Division I school until he earned an associate of arts degree.

Roger Weathers: In jail. What did you say? A basketball team was the first sports program introduced at Kilpatrick, in 1986. "I took football as a joke," Black said. A lot of the motivational speeches in the movie were based on real speeches that Porter gave. Dwayne Johnson was not able to consult closely with Porter about the role, though Porter did offer some helpful insight and he was very impressed by Johnson’s performance. "I did something wrong and had to pay for it, but in a sense, it woke me up," Black said. In 1990, Black, then 16, was convicted of auto theft and sentenced to six months at Camp Kilpatrick, a Los Angeles County youth correctional facility. He said this about the job: “I could save somebody else’s life. Every so often a real fight would break out, or a real ward would be marched into the box in the solitary confinement building. Off the field, the players each begin writing letters to their families to try to heal broken relationships. Ditto Black, who earlier in the year rushed for 324 yards in a game. After the meeting, Porter goes to visit his sick mom, who encourages him to go ahead with the football idea and give it his best effort. Seeing him plow past would-be tacklers like a bowling ball, it is difficult to imagine Black sitting in a California Youth Authority prison cell going nowhere, as he was four years ago. In 1990, Sean Porter expanded it into a full 11-man team and organized enough games with high schools to create their first season.

This scene was important because it showed how much football meant to the young boys, who were gang members with violent pasts. He put football aside, got a job building scaffolds at Anheuser-Busch north of Los Angeles and went to night school. Then he threw it away. In two seasons, Black has joined the ranks of elite Cougar backs by gaining 1,935 yards and scoring 18 touchdowns on 390 carries. After all the turns his life has taken, he counts on little. In one game, he gained 324 yards and scored six touchdowns in 16 carries. Mammoth struck back with the home run, however, when Daron Dondero hit receiver Mike Benson for an 80-yard bomb to make it 14-6. Your guide to the 2020 election in California.

Jamal Evans, the overweight player who quit, happily rejoins the team as the equipment manager. Porter sees the letter and feels bad for Willie. Michael Black, Self: Gridiron Gang. Sean Porter, the head of the facility, comes in and starts hitting Roger with a rolled up newspaper — not hard enough to hurt him, just hard enough to get his attention. In 1986, he signed with the San Diego Chargers but was placed on IR and waived in 1987. Black has other reasons to celebrate a brief but successful WSU career that could culminate in a Rose Bowl appearance with a victory against rival Washington in Saturday's Apple Cup. 0 0.

It was distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing and Columbia Pictures. They spot Kelvin and because he used to be connected a rival gang, they shoot but do not kill him. Learn how your comment data is processed. “We were lucky we had some good schools that would play us and believed in what we did.” The team did not have any home games and had to travel as long as four hours just to get to games. An LA Times article said this about some of the challenges that Porter faced in 1991: “The Freedom League, a football-only league that was formed last year, disbanded after the 1991 season because only two of six members planned to return to the league. So that's where I realized freedom is the ultimate thing. The Cougar running back is enjoying the final days of his college career. “Believe in yourself and knock me on my ass!”, says Coach Porter. Sean Porter: Roger, you’re 17-years-old. If you accept this challenge, when it’s all over you’ll be winners.”. The cast and crew were surrounded by high fences and tightly secured with guards at each exit, while more than 100 real inmates went about their day with a movie shooting around them. These kids never, ever played.

You’re not gonna be in jail; you’re gonna be dead. …The program gave me that opportunity to earn my way back in, and you know kind of get a new start, get a second chance.” -Jason Lamb. Black figured he would earn a scholarship to attend USC because of local ties with his Kilpatrick and West Los Angeles coaches. After practice, Porter talks to his mother about the problems he’s having with the kids, and she gives him advice to think about things from their perspective.

The next day, the team surprises Coach Porter with flowers for his dying mom. He then went on to work as a salesman and, as noted by LA Daily News, would often go watch the team play.

When Porter finds out that the prison has delayed getting the necessary funds to purchase equipment, he gets angry and takes it out on the kids – pushing them too hard and not giving them a water break.


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