list of former red arrows pilots

Red 2: Flight Lieutenant Jon Bond. However, the team carried out official flypasts with nine aircraft by utilising Red 8 as well as ex-Red Arrow display pilot and current Red 10 Mike Ling. The first demonstration of the Red Arrows is on May 6th, 1965, in Kemble airbase. Notice that the Reds were wearing blues for the simulator and the debrief Every year three pilots will leave and three new pilots will join the team. A pair of coloured lights on each side of the Instrument Panel Shroud, showed when the cocks were open. the aircraft away from the home base. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The team use the same two-seat training aircraft used for advanced pilot training, at first the Folland Gnat which was replaced in 1979 by the BAE Hawk T1. The Red Arrows were formed in 1964, when the Royal Air Force merged all of its display teams into one. The first display in the UK was on 6 May 1965, at Little Rissington for a press day. 233480. In the

During this season, the 'Diamond Nine' pattern was formed and it has remained the team's trademark pattern ever since. It was also good to see that groundcrew were also featured in the show. In 2019, millions across North America watched the team on their 11-week tour across the continent. The first demonstration in public is in France on May 9th the same year during the national day of French Air Force in Clermont Ferrand. To express your interest, please email During displays, the aircraft do not fly directly over the crowd apart from entering the display area by flying over the crowd from behind; any manoeuvres in front of and parallel to the audience can be as low as 300 feet (91 m), the 'synchro pair' can go as low as 100-foot (30 m) straight and level, or 150-foot (46 m) when in inverted flight.

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The chief of the Central Flying School by that time, Captain Bird Wilson, gives the name of the new team - the Red Arrows. The operation of the White Smoke System was controlled by a switch on the Throttle - the switch had been the UHF Aerial Selector. Spectators in more than 20 cities across the United States and Canada were treated to displays and flypasts by the team. For 1966, leadership of the Red Arrows passed to his Number 3, New Zealander Ray Hanna, newly promoted to Squadron Leader. It is true to say that following recent tours to This aircraft was chosen because it was less expensive to operate than front-line fighters. The new pilots joining the team spend their first season flying at the front of the formation near the team leader. The plane differs from the standard trainer by having a smoke system fitted. called upon to promote the British Aerospace industry through displays at home and abroad. An RAF pageant was held at Hendon in 1920 with teams from front-line biplane squadrons. The candidates must also have a category rating of 'excellent' in their annual report.

He was previously served as a team pilot between 2009 and 2011. The Red colour was selected by the Press -To-Transmit button and the Blue colour by the Press-To-Mute button of the control column. The team equipped with three coloured smoke system of Red, White and Blue. [22] Each season nine members of the Blues are selected to be members of the 'Circus'. Since in RAF at this time exist several aerobatic teams, a decision to create only one aerobatic team which will have to present the abilities of RAF aircraft is been made. They often provide flypasts and brief displays to smaller events if they are already passing over or it is a small detour. As the Folland Gnat used by the team was a two-seat trainer aircraft, each Pilot had a nominated member of the Groundcrew, (and the Junior Engineering Officer), to fly with them. Press release: Tuesday, 15 September 2020. They sometimes gave co-ordinated displays with the Blue Diamonds. Those who are successful are chosen to commence their three-year stint with the Red Arrows, before returning to regular duty. In November 2019, three new pilots joined the team ahead of the 2020 display season: Flight Lieutenant Will Cambridge, Flight Lieutenant Nick Critchell and Flight Lieutenant James Turner. Pilots must have completed one or more operational tours on a fast jet such as the Tornado, Harrier, or Typhoon, have accumulated at least 1,500 flying hours, and have been assessed as above average in their operational role to be eligible. The demonstration aims to present to media the new RAF team. The 1000th show was flown in the summer of 1977 at Coloured lights, either side of the cockpit coaming, came on to show when the colour smoke was selected on. [13] However, in December 2011, those plans were put under review. Also, 10 aircraft engineering technicians and one photographer are chosen to form 'The Circus', which flies in the passenger seat to and from displays. When the Team started in 1965 there are seven aircraft in the main Formation. This smoke system is installed in a pod (similar to the Aden Gun pod) which is further divided internally into three tanks each which have pipes leading from them to allow fluids to be injected into the jet engine exhaust where they are vaporized. [19] Pilots stay with the Red Arrows for a three-year tour of duty. Mike Matthews. Registered in England No. The display involved firing blank ammunition into the stadium crowds and dropping pyrotechnics from the aeroplanes to simulate shrapnel from guns on the ground. Fl Lt Jack Rust (Red 8), had experienced a fire warning on his aircraft XR995.

Bowler flying solo and flew into the ground during a routine join up with another aircraft during a practice pairs manoeuvre. All Red Arrows pilots have served operationally, many with a variety of aircraft, before selection. designated as First Line and 41 are Second Line. We’ve been there for the RAF Family for more than 100 years so it’s been a real pleasure to spend time with some of them today, young and old, and enjoy a cupcake or two, in celebration of those momentous events 80 years ago.”, To donate directly to the charity, please visit: The Red Arrows' Officer Commanding is former Tornado pilot, Wing Commander David Montenegro, who took charge of the 130-strong team earlier this year.

[34], In 1977, a charge of £200 was introduced by the MOD for a Red Arrows display. So both aircraft were lost on that day, but neither pilot was injured and they both soon returned to flying duties.

On 13 June 1969, the Commandant of the Central Flying School, crashed XP501, one of Gnats the Team had as a red painted spare aircraft which did not have a smoke system fitted, (called a Tinship by the Team). To carry out a full looping display the cloud base must be above 5,500 feet (1,700 m) to avoid the team entering the cloud while looping. In December 1969, in the work up for a new display year, when not all aircraft are available - due to the Winter Servicing Programme that was carried out following that year's displays, the Team was flying half the formation. The smoke trails left by the team are made by releasing diesel into the exhaust; this vaporizes in the hot exhaust flow, then re-condenses into very fine droplets that give the appearance of a white smoke trail. Seven aircraft were flying at the time, and an investigation has concluded that one of the pilots carried out an incorrect maneuver. Greenham Common.

‘For the first time in Blades’ history, we auctioned off the front seats of our Extra 300 aircraft on a passenger flight in and out of Biggin Hill to do exactly that – to fly alongside multiple warbirds, including a Spitfire and a Hurricane. Another accident happens on October 17 during training flights in Cranwell airbase. The Red Arrows returned to a full aerobatic formation of nine aircraft in 2013.[31].


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