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In Earth-295, After Legion, son of X-Men leader Professor Charles Xavier came back in time and accidentally killed his father, he created a new reality where Apocalypse took over America and where Magneto formed the X-Men.

As a result Logan stopped wearing his brown costume and decided to wear his original yellow and blue uniform again.

Like the All-New suit, it completely covered Laura except for the lower portion of her face. After the death of his father he was found by Kitty Pryde who told him the truth about his origins. Marvel Database is a FANDOM Comics Community.

Except for the jar lid, that one is brand new. [43], Created by the Butler, using Deadpool's healing factor to fuse mutant genes from X-Men onto North Korean prisoners to be used as superweapons for North Korea. Earth-616 He also wore a pair of black gloves. First appearance: Wolverine Vol 2 #48 (False implanted memory; unnamed),Wolverine Vol 2 #49 (First real appearance; unnamed), X-Men Vol 2 #5 (Named), By 1961, Logan, known as Wolverine now, joined the Weapon X Project, part of the Weapon Plus Program, which had been created to fight the mutant menace. No more blue underpants, the ears of Wolverine's mask were much shorter, same thing with the shoulder pads and he now had a blue/black belt. This suit had several yellow mark on the shoulders, boots, and on his gloves.

This costume is mostly dark blue/black in color, with stripes of yellow on the shoulders and with an "X" symbol on the chest.

During a time travel adventure with Spider-Man, Wolverine ended in the future where he discovered that a future version of Beast created a powerful weapon called the Phoenix Gun. When Declan Shalvey was drawing Return of Wolverine #3, the issue featured a scene inside Logan's psyche of him talking with a version of himself wearing his X-Force costume. In this reality, Logan was seen wearing a black/dark blue suit, gray and yellow gauntlet, yellow and black leg pad, a brown belt with several pouches, brown straps on his legs, and also several pouches on his chest. In Earth-61112 created after Ultron succesfully annihilated humanity.

In Earth-12041, Wolverine wore a suit similar to the classic brown and tan version of his comic counterpart. He used this suit while he was was working for Department H and Alpha Flight. Thanks to Spider-Man's help it seemed that Logan was able to get rid of the Phoenix Force. Universe

[38], Hellverine was an unnamed powerful Demon from Hell who thanks to the Red Right Hand took over Wolverine's body while his soul was dragged to Hell by a group of demons.

When Wolverine was recruited by Nick Fury for a secret mission in Latveria, he wore a black stealth suit, similar to his combat suit but with slight alterations. The Aviator, is a completely unique flight Jacket. This bodysuit is yellow and black with a red "X" logo on the stomach, the pants and the sleeves are black while the torso and the shoulders are yellow.

Blue tiger stripes could be seen on his upper body, he had a red "X" buckle, the legs of the costume were mostly grey same thing for his gauntlets. When Wolverine joined the X-Men his suit remained relatively the same except for his mask, which was altered to have longer black ears and no whiskers, Wolverine kept this suit up until X-Men #138 where he started to wear his famous brown and tan costume. While the real Wolverine became Apocalypse's Horseman of Death, this Skrull acted in his place as a member of the X-Men until being killed by Death.[34].

[22], After the loss of his healing factor and his defeat at the hands of Sabretooth, Wolverine went to see the Superior Spider-Man for help. Despite being a vampire, the "X" logo could still be seen on his costume. See more ideas about Apocalypse fashion, Apocalyptic fashion, Post apocalyptic fashion. Mojo was not pleased with this team and told his assistant to dump them, seemingly killing them.

This black costume showed some similitudes with the Nick Fury Jr. costume also designed by Declan Shalvey with a similar red motif. Primarily, Mean enjoyed nothing more than chomping on his cigar and kicking back with a six-pack of beer. After his defeat at the hands of She-Hulk and the refusal of several teams to hire him as their "Wolverine", Deadpool decided to give up.[47].

All about Interior Design, Vintage Clothing, Denim, Heritage, Countrylife, Motorbikes, Old Airplanes, Babes, Tattoos and more. When White saw the uncolored artwork, it occurred to him to use it as the base for a modern version of the brown costume. Logan, Laura Kinney Wolverine and the X-Men (TV series) Season 1 1, Ultimate Spider-Man (Animated Series) Season 1 10, Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers Season 1 16,, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Current Owner In order to fight the Worthy, he along with the Mighty had certain weapons blessed with Asgardian Magic. Единственной доступной для него работой была обслуга. It was really similar in design to the costume worn by the Ultimate version of Wolverine and to the battle suit costume worn by the classic version of the character. [41], When Hydra made an alliance with Norman Osborn's H.A.M.M.E.R., Gorgon became part of the New Dark Avengers as their Wolverine. [25], After a fight with the X-Men and a whole island full of undead people, the costume was removed from Wolverine. See more ideas about Apocalypse costume, Apocalyptic fashion, Post apocalyptic costume. Without his efforts to make peace between mankind and mutants, open war broke out between humanity and mutantkind. After a first encounter with several Soteira's soldiers, the vest of the costume was ripped apart.

The classic yellow and blue was his main costume, he was also seen wearing a black uniform similar to the black tactical suit worn by the classic Wolverine. Official Name As a member of the Fantastic Four, Logan was wearing a custom dark blue and white Fantastic Four uniform with a "4" on his chest. He became known as Weapon Omega as a result and started to wear an grey armor similar to Apocalypse, with a "A" buckle. Len Wein originally intended his claws be attached to his gloves. Origin Previous Owners Jubilee also had her iconic pink glasses and was using energy claws similar to Wolverine's. The yellow and blue colors could be seen on the sleeves of the costume. It consisted of a black domino mask, a thick black collar around his neck, and a black band around his middle between his fore and hind limbs. First appearance: Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #10. In this reality the new Fantastic Four were once again and Logan was their leader. Logan offered himself to the Celestials to prevent the planet's judgment and was further augmented by the Celestial technology, yet while he had ascended in form and power, his mind had become so twisted to the point of assembling a deadly group of genetically modified warriors known as the Black Legion. Just kiddin' Production Partner: Wilku (Wojciech Cysdorf) More bags: More accessories: More clothing…, POST APOCALYPTIC Cuff Arm Bracer Mad Max by WastelandWearable. Jun 9, 2015 - Explore Louise O'Brien's board "Post-Apocalyptic" on Pinterest. Gallery This gun could fire one Phoenix Bullet containing the power of the Phoenix Force which could destroy any target but also its user. Every material comes from a 100% recycled source. 30 мая 1921 года полиция городка Талса арестовала 19-летнего чистильщика обуви. He was provided a black version of the X-Uniform. In Earth-11052, Logan was a teacher at the Xavier institute. [39] Hellverine tried to kill everyone Logan cared about but Logan managed to escape from Hell and with the help of his own memories, Melita, the X-Men, a subconscious projection of Nightcrawler and what appeared to be a vivid memory of Jean Grey as the White Phoenix he sent Hellverine back to Hell.

This armor was mostly black and yellow in color with a large X shaped on the chest and with several plates on the arms, shoulders, legs, knees, neck and on the back. After the events of Secret Wars, Logan started to wear a brown leather jacket, a white tank top, and a pair of jeans up until a mission in the Negative Zone where he was forced to wear a black/dark blue and red costume for a while until he left the X-Men. His mask featured glowing red lenses over his eyes.


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