kaylee or kaylie
Hmm. Regarding the two original spelling choices, I do agree that the -leigh spelling looks rather overwrought and trying-too-hard... but then, I just might prefer it to the -lee. Since your first daughter got your preferred spelling, I say let your second daughter get your husband's preferred spelling. All the Kaylee's I've ever met had struggles with spelling things out for people. Speaking as a Kacie, I can tell you that yes, a name like this will be mispelled. Our older daughter's name is Lorelai Elizabeth. While these names are preciously darling, it’s hard to see them age into adulthood very gracefully.

So Kaylee is the more "common" spelling. Kaylee. There are so many spelling options for Kaylie/Kayleigh/Kaylee/Kayley that no matter which you choose, you will be constantly clarifying the spelling, so if that is a concern for you, I would strongly recommend looking into other names.

The number Nine personality represents the completion or ending of the cycle, and a need for perfection. Hmmm, I don't usually like spellings that are fussier than they need to be, but in this instance I think I prefer Kayleigh.

But if they're just looking up my name on a sheet, I don't have to. But I thought I'd add some more input for future similar situations.

I've seen: In my opinion, if it's a traditional or real name, I prefer it spelled the original way, such as Ashley or Ashleigh, or Caroline or Karolyne. my dd is kalen and my husband pushed for the name and spelling.

Kaylee (or however it is spelled) is a completly made up name that got into style somehow. I have not been traumitzed by my weirdly spelled name.

But all of these versions will inevitably sound relatively immature now, since they only began to appear on the charts around the 1980s or 90s, and skyrocketed in the 2000s, so there's almost nobody over the age of about 20 named any of these variations. On the name voyager, Kali doesn't have nearly the spike that Kaylee does. Kaylee (or however it is spelled) is a completly made up name that got into style somehow. It's a very pretty name! Or maybe use a baby name poll and agree in advance that you'll use the winner.

And the NN Kee is precious! No matter what spelling she has, it'll always get messed up by people. I don't mind names like: Like, names that are just missing a letter or adding a letter.

I have a friend who just named her daughter Kaely. Some people go to extremes though, with the names.

Would you consider Kayla, Kira, or Kara?

It's got a simpler look visually, but still has the -leigh spelling that you prefer. I think Kaleigh hasn't been suggested because it is possible/likely to be pronounced like Callie (instead of Kay-lee), which I believe is not the OP's intent. I agree that there are so many ways to spell this name that maybe you can both find a compromise spelling. Personally I think Kaylee seems more straightforward and Kayleigh seems "fussy" but I think since there's no traditional spelling, anything goes.

This is the type of name that appeals to simple, no-nonsense parents who like cutesy names (Kaylie, Bailey, Rylie, Haylie, Kylie, Callie, well, you get the picture).

People who befriend Kaylees become better just for having met her. But then again, an entire generation of Kaylies will grow old together and by that time, it just may very well sound modern American. These personalities will not tolerate injustice.

It just looks more like a real name to me, while Kaylee seems a bit... overly phonetic? So I would definitely spell it Kaylee. We’re calling this name Celtic in origin, although it’s more of an American invention, another respelling of Kaylee.

I agree with the above comments that no matter how you spell it, she will likely have to spell her name every single time such a situation comes up throughout her life, because Kaylee/leigh is not a traditional name with one traditional spelling.

namecandy - Celebrity baby names, ask the Name Lady, & more. I have nothing against the name Kaylee/Kayleigh, it's a beautiful name that I actually really like :) But Kaylee is the most common spelling, so you should go with that.

Neither spelling looks fancy or pretentious to me because, honestly, Kaylee/Kayleigh is such an unassuming/mainstream name that I don't think it would be possible to make it look pretentious with any spelling.


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