kandi viper 250cc trike
Kandi Viper -250cc Engine Trike Kandi Trike 250 cc Engine NEW 2015 Custom Trike, Chopper Trike, VW Trike, Motorcycle Trike, Trike NEW 2015 Motorcycle Trike, Custom Trike, Chopper Trike, VW Trike, Trike Kandi KD-250MB2 Trycicle (similar to Can am spyder) Kandi Sand Rail KD-150GKM-2 150cc Super Fast!!

call us at 562-261-5183. I’d recommend widening the front track at least 6 inches on each side so it’s more stable when taking corners. Engine Type: Single cyinder 4-stroke water cooled, Type of Gasoline: Unleaded No. This Trike is EPA & DOT Approved and and can be registered as an on-road vehicle in 49 States except for California.

If you want a trike that leans, Kandi offers them too. The average speed were I live is 35mph. This is an AWESOME summer toy. ront/rear :Double arm-swing/ single armBrakes. They sell these in America? Hydraulic ABS disc brakes which provide the ultimate in stopping power! That means that there’s some flexing going on, possibly in the rear swingarm subframe or in its mountings, maybe in the main frame as well. 95. New Member Introductions. Maybe I just dig cycle style fenders that turn with the front wheels. From the looks of the yellow Viper pictured here, you can replace the stock muffler with sporty dual upswept exhausts.

This one always seemed more viable: http://www.motherearthnews.com/green-transportation/three-wheel-cars.aspx#axzz2XkiuMZ2z. These vehicles are considered scooters and motorcycles and are ideal as Rental Products, for Alternative Transportation at RV Parks and as an Accessory Vehicle for RV transportation at destination points. Still, it looks like it’d be a ball to drive and cheap to operate, possibly even a cheaper commuter than either a battery EV or a smart car. If you spend some time looking at videos and comments posted by Kandi buyers a recurring theme appears – rather poor quality control, though many buyers seem perfectly satisfied. We have this Kandi Viper 250MD Trike ready to be shipped. *CHOOSE YOUR DELIVERY OPTIONS or Terminal Will Call: Full Face Motorcycle Helmets - click here, Womens Pants Street & Off-Road - click here, Women's Helmets (Offroad & Street) - click here, Street-Bike Accessories / Parts - click here, Motorcycle-Scooter Tires - Street - click here, Motorcycle / Scooters Covers - click here, Street Covers for Sportbikes & Cruisers - click here, About us – Shipping Info - Customer Service - click here, - Street Covers for Sportbikes & Cruisers. This looks like a lot of fun, but not sturdy or stable enough for real-world traffic. comes with single muffler. It proved to be as much fun to drive as I had thought it might be. The difference being there was a lot more metal, padding and plastic between you and the road with a Fiero then there is with the Viper.

5"x 66. Add in the mandatory directional stability, airbags, 5 MPH bumpers, and you’ll be in Smart territory. I’m not the only one. I strictly use 93 octane gasoline. Come to think of it, with a scooter engine in back it might be as much like a Messerschmitt as a Morgan.

The engine has electronic ignition. However, I don’t see anyone else offering a car-like two passenger reverse trike for anything near $6,000, and to be honest, I’d be more concerned about QC in terms of safety than reliability. You could build one yourself, just search Google, Bing or YouTube for reverse trike build. I have also added some green LED lights on the bottom of the trike. Now they’ve come up with something a bit more like the Morgan and Polaris trikes, something more like a car than a motorcycle or ATV, the Viper reverse trike.


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