jay novacek son
“The first night was terrifying,” Novacek says, “but I only saw guys have to eat [tobacco] dip, do army crawls, get sprayed with a water hose and clean toilets with a toothbrush. We don’t believe that anything happened at Beta Theta Pi that contributed to his injuries and hope to resolve this lawsuit soon. You’ll be done. To be honest, I'm angry about this, and I will be hiring a lawyer to aggressively defend me against these baseless accusations.". In fact, no pledge or other fraternity activities occurred on that date. “I keep asking my doctors and therapists the same question, ‘When will I get better?’ ’’ says Novacek, now 21.

“I remember the members telling us it was [the pledges’] fault that we lost to Texas,” Novacek says. Blake Novacek, 20, is suing the Gamma Phi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi and two of its members from the Oklahoma University.

Beta’s defense includes an Instagram photo of Novacek at the Oct. 11, 2015, Cowboys-Patriots game, not in Norman when the original lawsuit claims he was assaulted.

), “A natural sports junkie,” he says as his otherwise dull eyes suddenly sparkle. Cooke shrugs off the inconsistency as a “minor clerical error” that has been amended. The Piazza family last week unveiled a coalition aimed at toughening anti-hazing laws and further restricting the accessibility of alcohol at fraternities. Muselmann and Beta Theta Pi both deny the accusations vehemently. And in the end, there is no denying that these sorts of incidents are all too common, and that you don't have to be close to the Novacek family or anyone else involved to understand the pain. They came to DFW, took him to Dave & Buster’s and a Texas Rangers game. Enter your email or sign up with a social account to get started, Dallas' independent source of local news and culture. In a statement, the fraternity called Novacek’s allegations "false and inflammatory.". No bleeding from a wound. Happier memories from the Novacek family.

The fraternity told DailyMail.com that the fights took place away from chapter facilities and participation was completely voluntary, Blake is the son of former Dallas Cowboys star Jay Novacek. Instead, he returned early with a broken brain and shattered dreams. In photographs of the disturbing event that Blake took at the time, students are seen shirtless with blood dripping down their chests. But that’s still my dream. We would pass one of his fraternity brothers and he’d start twitching. Since council administrators weren’t allowed to open doors to private rooms, he says before inspectors arrived, the alcohol, stored in horse troughs on wheels, was simply rolled into members’ rooms and out of sight. They had two state-of-the-art studios, and by my second semester, I was promised my own radio show and a job on SoonerVision [OU’s version of the Longhorn Network].”. “We had given up,” says Amy. I just wanted out of there.”. “Training camp wasn’t a whole lot of fun,” Jay says of his time with the Cowboys. The also said that brothers voluntarily took part in the fights.


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