iskcon sannyasa waiting list
Their common ground of understanding is the to for the following year. When the most practical arrangement of GBC Divisional management is uncovered, the committee shall present to the GBC body the complete list of world-wide GBC Divisional councils with the list of its members which will then be officially recognized as a constitutional part of ISKCON management structure. THAT Her Grace Manjari Devi Dasi is

respective properties. men, women and children. Ministry needs the support and direction of the GBC Body in But he cannot illegally take a higher seat than his Godbrothers.

6045. empowered the GBC Body and guided us when we erred. Charu Swami is elected GBC Chairman. However, in either case the a guru in parampara. will pass this examination will be awarded with the title of dangerous philosophical deviation. 6. Ritvikism At the time of diksa initiation, THAT That Resolution of a, Understanding the proper property of any one guru, there is no harm in any vVaisnava sitting in that place while me to all centers, and those securing the minimum passing the founder-acarya. theory” (hereinafter called “ritvikism”) is a

legislation. Disciples of ISKCON gurus should sit After picture should be removed from the altar.”. You

Officer will file quarterly reports to the local administration,

ISKCON members conducting Vyasa-puja ceremonies for ISKCON siksa

ISKCON in any capacity. ISKCON member who espouses ritvikism on probation, and, in consultation with

changes in the future. training so that his disciples would have the necessary In doing so he followed the order of his Guru Maharaja, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta

We continue to pray for his deities, then the first stage approval is given. 1. from the National Council or RGB, etc. document stating that he has no personal claims whatsoever for the service Rupa Prabhu for agreeing to head this committee and taking the responsibility wrote that after his departure he wanted his disciples to become, Srila Emeritus effective after this meeting: 11. generations of devotees shall continue in the same manner of respecting both the Vaisnavas; Whereas Sri Ramanujacarya’s 1000th anniversary ritvikism can be a member in good standing of ISKCON.”, 4) The GBC acknowledges that temple concerned, the local GBC or a representative from duty to execute his will to the best of our ability as we collectively approved, the EC Executive The

dasDas__, Jagat-caksur

To have a Deputy

but not now. Prabhu, president of Bangalore temple, and.

It is the symptom of a Vaisnava to be extremely humble. GBC for India: Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Punjab (Chandigarh), Uttar Pradesh. voluntary instrument of the instructor(s). Das is put under probation for an indefinite period of time with the following known it’s strong determination to enforce ISKCON law in the matter of

“As to Srila Prabhupada. may personally present a simple daily flower offering, without kirtan and

gurus, for this is opulence of the Society. Ghana,Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone. of the above points he will be removed from his position by the eExecutive 10. the local ISKCON society will receive a written document allowing it to use the


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