is baatar jr a bender
In addition, his love for and trust in Kuvira was so strong that he could not bear the thought of a life without her, preferring to surrender than to lose her. He told Bolin to be quiet when the earthbender excitedly noted to convert the weapon into a source of clean energy per Varrick's original plans for the device. Baatar Jr. |

Baatar Jr. is also a genius inventor and worked along with his father before he left Zaofu.

After the successful test of the spirit energy cannon, Baatar Jr. traveled back to Zaofu with Kuvira, where he witnessed her address the troops and announce their plans to invade the United Republic of Nations. He eventually proposed to Kuvira, which she accepted.

After the two left, Suyin proudly remarked that Baatar Jr. was an engineer who was responsible for handling all of his father's projects. The following morning, Baatar Jr. was on the train that escorted Bolin and Varrick away from Zaofu on Kuvira's orders. When Varrick spooked the guards by retelling how the experiment created an uncontrollable blast of energy last time they tried it, Baatar Jr. wearily agreed that Bolin would assist. In turn, Kuvira thanked him for all his support, noting that she could have never achieved her goals without his help and looked forward to marrying him after they claimed victory over Republic City, before sharing an embrace. After Kuvira threatened to kill Varrick if he did not resume his testing, Baatar Jr. left with her back to their own cart, where they summoned Bolin to have a meeting with them. Earth Kingdom For full content please go to Avatar wiki.

He kept an eye on the disconnected wagons via a telescope and was shocked to witness it explode, having been under the impression that Varrick had only been bluffing. Guys, please enlighten me on this one, I’m not sure if I missed that info on him or what (asks / replies / reblogs - whatever works for ya!). Baatar Jr. is also a genius inventor and worked along with his father before he left Zaofu. “I didn’t even notice you doing it.”. Upon being greeted as "Baatar Jr." in return, he haughtily corrected her by saying he went by just "Baatar". He is the eldest son of Suyin Beifong and Kuvira's former fiancée and second-in-command. Baatar Jr. relented, however, when Korra threatened to make it her life's mission to keep him and Kuvira apart and he agreed to contact his fiancée to try and convince her to cease her conquest of the United Republic. Hou-Ting | [5] After Kuvira's surrender, Baatar Jr. was sentenced to house arrest, confined to his mother's estate in Zaofu.[4]. Type of Villain Everybody slept through it, including Won, that’s how quiet and gentle they were. Lin eventually convinced Opal to join the new Air Nation which she greatly enjoyed. By evening, Baatar Jr. had constructed a brainwashing device, which Kuvira complimented him on, noting that it looked almost exactly like the device in Sheng's lab. They are also very loyal to their mother and often work with her when needed. I mean, I’ve got a 165k WIP about it, so…yes? Baatar Otherwise we’ll disinfect it and bandage it.”, Ikki eyed him suspiciously. It left the non-benders with nothing to do after school, though.

He started to gloat about his and Kuvira's accomplishments, believing that his mother felt regret about passing up on the opportunity to be a part of the movement. Since Lin was not married and did not have any children, many thought that the Beifong family would die off after Lin. Asparagus green Baatar Jr. is the (former) secondary antagonist of Book 4 of The Legend of Korra. Afiko | Alias Baatar Jr. later joined Team Avatar and their allies in Asami's workplace and revealed that the enormous mecha suit was powered by spirit vine energy and thus impervious to electromagnetic pulse attacks. He is Suyin Beifong and Baatar's eldest son, half-nephew of Lin Beifong, first grandson of Toph Beifong, and former fiancé of Kuvira. I always liked the knot tying part. Dai Li | My Dad got me a book that had diagrams of all of these various types of knots, I used to practice for hours. Love interest He feels no physical attraction at all until he knows them and they know him. Much to his shock, he found a cracked channeling ring and ordered all the workers to disassemble the entire cannon to check every part for irregularities, since it needed to be perfect by the next day. He later arrested them and his fiancée sentenced the three of them to be sent to a prison camp, but Zhu Li turned on Varrick and pledged her loyalty to Kuvira. Enemies Ukano | He pointed out that he would not let Varrick blow everything up as he was working for Kuvira, a job that no one was allowed to quit.


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