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I’d love to see more on the site and memories of club nights (if that is possible!). Cavernous arena that has a rich history of live gigs. Sheila Egan was my line manager, she was the Cassette Buyer! and I say 'I'm just a punk'. Keen adopters of sampling technology, the Young Gods early - and most influential - work is dark, dingy and mechanical. hi i was a saturday girl in the original store in corporation street! The reasons "The... "...can you feel the changes coming?" The Noveltones - Left Bank 2 (2:26) 2. Which means I have loved it for more than a quarter of a

I walked past the shop a few years ago with my adult daughter who just didn’t get my excitement when I pointed out where the shop was. We are now actively looking for content for the archive and will always add content that you send to us.


I'll spare you the legal jargon, but in essence, if you LIKE IT, BUY IT!!! He was replaced by Nigel Holmes who became manager of the Cardiff store and offered me a job there. But a couple of weeks later they were gone. HMV said it has ploughed millions of pounds into the facility and is paying around £100,000 a year in rent.

What I found “horrible” about the store was the first impression when I walked in: men in suits. In 1976 singer Robert Lloyd, with guitarist/drummer brothers Alan and Paul Apperley formed after an advert was placed by the Apperley brothers in the Birmingham Evening Mail.

Sorry, I meant no insults to any of the staff, that’s just typical for my brash direct way of talking. There was a guy who worked there in early-mid seventies who’s name was Paul Dolman??

sev... 01 – A New Day Has Begun02 – Make Something Out Of What It’s Worth03 – Work

I bought both of them. coolest place around. Assistant Managers were John Hogg and Simon Lambert.


You can get Maximumrocknoroll fanzine. One of the weirdest crowds of misfits I ever happened across in one small space – punks, flunks, drunks, druggies and a very strange man in shorts and red patent leather shoes picked out by the lead singer for ‘doing the funky chicken’.

Escort Girls

compilation put out in 2005 Written by Johnny Doug... *Questa era la sigla de La Buona Annata radiofonica*

already. “Motions” (1979) Rough Trade/Vindaloo

The exception are the recordings

The outlet – which also houses a distribution centre – will contain more than 100,000 CDs and LPs, as well as 60,000 films on DVD and Blu-ray. At that time Phil was running the singles section downstairs with Ron(?).

Staggered to the train back to studentland after. Mind you, it ran for more than 40 years, closing in 2010, so it had a good innings. Their … Sunrise has kept 114 of the company's 127 stores open so far, a sharp contrast with many new owners of retailers bought from administration which tend to mount huge cutbacks. H MV's cavernous store in Birmingham is the first major move since Mr Putman’s Sunrise Records took over, ... Disco inferno as biggest nightclub operator seeks buyer. "We're supposed to doing a short tour, , they don't believe in breaking down their music into narrow little divisions. *Ilford UK*

It was really good up there, you only, at Digbeth Hall.


This is the second of two singles. Faults Still blonde but not the rest any more! The Irish quartet Zerra One had enough soaring harmonies and ringing guitars to follow in the footsteps of compatriots U2. *Breed* At their first gig at a recognized venue (Rebecca’s in Birmingham) later that month they were bottled off stage after premiering their new song, “Birmingham’s a Shithole”. Da, Rez, Whitecross and Whiteheart are all on this and I have posted all of Paul was Manager at The Bull Street Store and was not married at the Time of the “Opening” I worked with Paul and the others names were Phil Middleton Jon Webber and Sue Bradley (1979 era) We also had Ron and Jude who did the shrink Wrap on the “Albums” I hosted the BRMB Booth inside the Store and organized trips through the Radio Station with Robin Valk and hosted Personal Appearances from Visiting musicians promoting their New releases and also did the cashing out at the end of the day. of the blog is again in my possession.

2. Mr Putman’s Canadian business has gone from five stores when he bought it in 2014 to 84 stores today. Wake Up And Make Love To Me* The band were part of The Clash’s ‘White Riot Tour’ (playing on the bill of four shows), supported Buzzcocks, played with The Slits, The Fall, The Damned and many others. In the early days it was the only decent record store to get rock stuff. I joined Virgin in 1978 (after being interviewed by Tim Stratton-Clarke who comments above – hello Tim) and spent the first few months working in various shops around the country, the first being 6-8 weeks in Birmingham. The Offs released two 1978 singles on the band's

Two guys and a girl. The interest was such that a Live in 1978 CD was also released on British label Caroline True in 2005. had already signed.

The interest was such that a Live in 1978 CD was also released on British label Caroline True in 2005. Got talking to Eddie Van Halen and hung around after the signing.

Urbandoned are a bit dark...ah, they're German, that explains everything.

Hi back to you Sarah. watching two friends aim for the high score on Space Invaders. Remember the 50p albums by Faust and Camembert Electrique? “I am a firm believer in the potential for British high street retail and HMV will play a fundamental role in ensuring that our shopping districts continue to thrive.”. John Hogg left, to help out with the opening of stores in Belfast and Hong Kong (I think). The Paramount Theatre opened on 4th September 1937 with Errol Flynn in “Charge of the Light Brigade”. Based: Birmingham, UK. The band acquired legendary status in the UK, partly because no records were released until the band had split up, and then, only one posthumous single (“Motions”/”Things”) on Rough Trade, which the band agreed to on the condition that Rough Trade record Lloyd’s new band The Nightingales. January 1979: Sorry folks, this totally unoriginal blog is posting something that someone might have posted somewhere else in the blogosphere. Their shop, by the way, was Tempest, in Bull Street, and don't bother looking for it because it isn't there any more (no surprise).

As you were, normality has been restored. (I notice that some other people who’ve commented refer to the Bull Street store as the original store, probably because they’re too young to know better). Andy then opened his first shop in 1980 at 596 Kingsbury Rd, Erdington and went on to open two more shops at 677 Kingstanding Rd, Kingstanding and 115 Harborne High Street, Harborne.

Rownderbowt's very existence i... Label: Wantage USA Unsuccessful applicants included Nikki Sudden and Frank Skinner. Terry Guy keyboards, vocal Obviously there is a lot of uncertainty everywhere, it’s tough. Find out more, The Telegraph values your comments but kindly requests all posts are on topic, constructive and respectful. "The Rubble Collection" Vol. I think it was 1976 when you closed, do you remember exactly? P.E. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. "It's not the best we've done. Drum set to join Terry Webb and The Spyders in redditch just after John Bonham left them from them, happy days! paul became a good friend also have great memories of phil ron vickie carol sue b sheena etc *Get It At Discogs* i worked part time at bull st shop late 70s.

David Hirst has sent this great photo into the archive: Taken at Eric’s Club in Liverpool supporting The Fall.

*mp3* I never saw Richard for more than a few minutes at a time and never behind the counter. We had a DJ called Steve, who spent most of his time with Steve Fowler eyeing up all the women! The counter on the ground floor was shared between cassettes and Videos (run by Tracey Mullins). The band fronted by Simona Ferrucci started... All posts copyright AndieJames.

** So we went down to Inferno and saw them. Lovely man. Girls - 1983 Future Duran Duran star Roger Taylor was in this punk band before he shot to fame!

I remember the shop in Corporation Street…amazing..used to step over people sitting on the floor. *01. great memories!!!!! If the proposed tours get off the ground, then it should go from, as the next big names from Brum. Canadian music mogul Doug Putman is today opening the Vault, a 25,000 sq ft site in the city centre which it claims will be one of Europe's biggest entertainment shops. “Camembert Electrique” (by Gong) was normal price.

Were they happy? Not impossible but unlikely. Download Here Paul and I and Sue Bradley and Phil Middleton and Jon Webber opened up the Bull Street Virgin. Adding to the material of Dead Wretched, punk expert Midge sent this gig flyer and signed Dead Wretched single in to the archive. It’s where I bought my Tubular Bells. re... *Nirvana – Donkeyshow* If so tell him I said hi.

The company also trades as In-credible Records in Corporation Street, Birmingham and has a shop in Coventry. Keep your fingers crossed. They had security guards who wore suits! 3. Rock | Mp3 320 kbps | 118 Mb It was a fun place to work and a great bunch of people. From my recollection Richard was an infrequent visitor and it was usually fleeting. Based: Birmingham, UK.

Sounds like AC/DC. Still miss him dearly. There again, some people still do that with their Ipod’s. I went to a signing by Van Halen when they toured as support for Black Sabbath on their 10th year Anniversary World Tour. I worked there during the summer holidays and weekends from 1971 for a couple of years on and off and lots of people mistook Paul Dolman, the manger for Richard Branson. There was a brief overlap when both stores (Corporation Street and Bull Street) were open at the same time. I remember buying a ticket for the Dead Kennedys at the Imperial Cinema in Moseley from there.

Joaura Woodward sent in these flyers that show the quality of nights Wobble put on and the great design of their flyers.

The original Corporation St shop was THE place to go for rock music in the early 70’s. to get the new TYR album signed by Black Sabbath mob. “Our goal is to grow, which always makes people look at me a bit strangely.

When the two bands played The Opposite Lock, Mik and Bazz. The ... * 1. Thanks for that Gillian, very sad he died so young. hugely divisive 1993 single that has Berlin’s Terri Nunn duetting with Von I worked at the original ‘black cavern’ Corporation Street through the school summer holidays and weekends from 71 onwards for a few years. Inferno Records of Dale End, Birming-ham, and two directors of the company, Keith Robert Thornton of Bedford Drive, Sutton Goldfield and Brian Har- ris of Little Sutton Road, Sutton Cold - field. Inferno. listening to this truly awful overproduced indie rock shiesterpiece! Read our community guidelines in full, Doug Putman ahead of the launch of HMV's flagship store in Birmingham, who paid £883,000 for the stricken music retailer in February, Markets rattled as Trump falsely claims victory – latest updates, M&S swings to first loss in 94 years as clothing sales collapse, Amazon up, airlines down: The lockdown 2.0 winners and losers, Fashion brands 'can't rule out' links to Uighur forced labour, Questions over arts funding scheme as £223,000 nightclub grant frozen, Pubs seek compensation for pouring away 7.5m pints, Questor: a British ‘gem’ that leads the world in the undiscovered niche of software deletion, Share prices on the up as traders anticipate undisputed Biden win, Markets report: Crest Nicholson builds payout hopes, Crispin Odey hands over reins of his hedge fund in changing of the guard, School closures 'to cost every pupil £14,000', Facebook removes Shell climate change ads, Spend more wisely, ex-Treasury mandarin tells ministers, US fund circles owner of Newcastle, Leeds-Bradford and Luton airports, G4S rejects rival £3.3bn offer as bidding war breaks out, Primark wants to open 24 hours a day when lockdown lifts, Markets climb as America goes to the polls.


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