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 P, Lu In-Hospital Outcomes among Propensity-Matched Patients Who Were Not Transferred to a Treating Facility with Acute Myocardial Infarction Complicated by Cardiogenic Shock Undergoing PCI with Intravascular Microaxial Left Ventricular Assist Device vs Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP), Among All Hospitals, eFigure 3.  KK, Young Second, this study examined clinical experience, rather than device performance among highly selected patients treated by experienced physicians and hospitals in RCTs.5,7 The recent experience with Impella RP is instructive: the FDA’s May 2019 advisory warning22 suggests experience with devices as they are used in everyday clinical practice must be closely monitored. A 2-stage ordinary least-squares regression analysis was conducted. Over the study period among patients with AMI, an intravascular microaxial LVAD was used in 6.2% of patients, and IABP was used in 29.9%.

#7 Fallon Station, Nevada Settlement Population: 705 Updated: 2020-04-12 Fallon Station is a census-designated place in Churchill County, Nevada, United States.

 CP, Battler

Further research may be needed to understand optimal device choice for these patients. Impella versus IABP in acute myocardial infarction complicated by cardiogenic shock.  GS,  J, Sharma

In this cohort of 28 304 patients with AMI complicated by cardiogenic shock undergoing PCI, 1768 (6.2%) received only an intravascular microaxial LVAD, 8471 (29.9%) received only an IABP, 1838 (6.5%) received other MCS devices or multiple devices, and 16 227 (57.3%) received medical therapy alone and were not treated with MCS (Figure 1). Patients with intravascular microaxial LVAD were significantly less likely to have acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (78.2%) vs patients with IABP (84.4%; P < .001) but significantly more likely to be transferred into a Chest Pain-MI–reporting facility (patients with intravascular microaxial LVAD [27.3%] vs patients with IABP [23.8%]; P = .02). It controls the Impella catheter performance, monitors for alarms, and displays real-time hemodynamic and catheter position information. Cannon The evolving landscape of Impella® use in the United States among patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention with mechanical circulatory support [published online November 17, 2019].

All Rights Reserved, Challenges in Clinical Electrocardiography, Clinical Implications of Basic Neuroscience, Health Care Economics, Insurance, Payment, Scientific Discovery and the Future of Medicine, United States Preventive Services Task Force, 2020;323(8):734-745. doi:10.1001/jama.2020.0254. Decompensation following left ventricular assist device implantation, Recovers the heart’s ability to pump blood.  A, McCoy In this registry-based retrospective cohort study that included 3360 propensity-matched patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention for AMI, treatment with intravascular microaxial LVAD vs IABP was associated with a significantly higher risk of in-hospital death (45.0% vs 34.1%) and in-hospital major bleeding (31.3% vs 16.0%).

Over the study period among patients with AMI, an intravascular microaxial LVAD was used in 6.2% of patients, and IABP was used in 29.9%.  C. Xgboost: a scalable tree boosting system. City council approves first reading of salary ordinance. These statistically significant differences were consistent, regardless of the timing of device placement, among patients with intravascular microaxial LVAD placement before initiation of PCI (45.5%) compared with patients receiving IABP before initiation of PCI (36.8%; ARD, 8.7 percentage points [95% CI, 3.1-14.4]; P = .003), and among those with intravascular microaxial LVAD placement after initiation of PCI (44.0%) compared with IABP after initiation of PCI (32.2%; ARD, 11.8 percentage points [95% CI, 6.6-17.0]; P < .001).  et al. Characteristics of patients receiving intravascular microaxial LVAD vs those receiving IABP were compared using χ2 tests for categorical variables and 1-way analysis of variance or Kruskal-Wallis tests for continuous variables. The new integrated purge system automatically sets the purge flow to maintain the purge pressure and eliminates the need to actively monitor purge pressures.  SR, Anand In the propensity-matched cohort, IABP use was not associated with lower in-hospital mortality when compared with medical therapy alone; there was a small but statistically significantly higher risk (IABP, 28.6% vs 26.5% for medical therapy alone; ARD, 2.2 percentage points [95% CI, 0.8-3.6]; P = .002). Acquisition, analysis, or interpretation of data: Dhruva, Ross, Mortazavi, Hurley, Krumholz, Berkowitz, Masoudi, Messenger, Parzynski, Ngufor, Girotra, Amin, Desai.


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