how to offer wudu

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In the time of advanced technology, it is great to see that we can actually, "I'm actually not a Muslim but I have an interest in learning about the Islamic religion. Repeat it for three times.

While wudu isn’t required for children, teaching them how to perform wudu will help them prepare for that requirement as they get older. 2. It was a bit hard for me because English is not my first language, but this website helped me a lot. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. "I didn't know about the Niyat, pointing your index finger up, and chanting after Wudu. He may enter through whichever of these gates he desires (to enter).” [Muslim]. In Islam, the act of wudu is a cleansing ritual that is performed before prayer. If the Quran says that there are only four steps, then why do we do more? That’s why it is referred to as the mental as well as physical cleanness for the preparation of prayers.

Thank you and inshallah.

", "This is a great article. 2. Wudu is a verbal noun which refers to water used. ", "This helped me a lot better than what everybody told. Say it out loud or silently to yourself, whichever makes you comfortable. Do this for three times. ", "My sis was teaching me wudu for homework tomorrow ,and inshallah, I think I'll pass, thanks to you. This video shows us the basics of completing wudu, and the importance of being clean as a way of showing your devotion to Allah. This wikiHow page made me understand more about wudu and how to perform it the correct way.

May Allah show all of us right path and bless us. If one is travelling by bus or car, then one should stop at a place where they can access water, do the wudu and then perform the prayer. ", confusing!" Moreover, see this post about the benefits of Wudu in Islam. Before entering into the prayer (Salaat), the Muslims are required to perform wudu in Islam which is a certain purification and cleaning process, without this Muslim’s prayer would not be acceptable in Allah Subhana was ta’ala view. There is wikiHow article on it. 2) How to perform Sunnah wudu steps: Make niyath or Intention of wudu. Steps 1. Brush teeth by using miswak, if miswak is not available use finger to rub teeth. Instructions are given as to the order of cleansing body parts, so that this ritual can be performed as thoroughly and perfectly as possible. Wash your lower arms 3 times from wrist to elbows, right to left. ", "Very informative article that depicts useful ideas on performing Wudu. In Islam, wudu is believed to be important for both physical and spiritual reasons. This site is really, "The language used in this article is simple and explicit. Now Alhamdulillah I konw it from this article. Also I don't need to worry about anything. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. To truly perform. Not necessarily. ", reading this article. There isn't a fixed number of times you should do Wudu.

Every, "i needed the wudu in simple words in the bathroom so everyone that did wudu could look at it and perform it, "Effortlessly explained, very well done! It's sunnah to do these steps. If you have other Muslims in the school, it might be easier. "It really helps me to teach my non-Muslims how to do ablution and the explanation is really clearly understood, "I'm writing a PowerPoint to teach seniors about Islam. Approved. If nothing happens to invalidate your wudu between prayers (such as going to the bathroom or sleeping), you can pray without performing wudu again. But if Muslims are a minority, it can be hard to get the right facilities. To create this article, 126 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Do it before you go to school, during a break, or at lunch. Thank you guys and may Allah, "Helped me teach my children how to become good Muslims and help other children in this way. Use the wet hands, not the water to wipe your forehead from eyebrow to hairline. All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. First, make the Niyyah (intention) in your heart that this act of Wudu is for the purpose of preparing … Wudu is defined as the ritual of washing the body parts to perform the preparation for prayer and worship. If there is no water within 77 km of you, then perform Tayammum instead. Thank you! Wash the face with water thoroughly and spread the water from right ear to left. 1. 7. Water should be reached from the edge of the hair to the chin.

Niyyah means: intention. What do I say when I come out of the bathroom? Use the water to wash the right foot properly that water reaches between toes. In the end point of wudu the right index finger to the sky and recite the prayer of witness. Make sure to use safe water to perform this ritual; in some warmer areas of the world, water may contain. Make the niyyah to perform wudu and center yourself and quiet your thoughts. Wash your hands. How To: Offer wudu or perform ablution By islamforhumanity; 12/7/09 2:08 PM; WonderHowTo. ", "This has been very helpful to me and has given me more information than I expected. All remaining food should be removed. By using our site, you agree to our. Only after you break your Wudu, such as after passing wind, using the restroom or sleeping. So, focus on what you are about to do and clean up your mind from various thoughts. All categories of readers will find understanding from, "I'm more than fully satisfied with the step-by-step instructions regarding how to perform wudu. Step 2: Rinse your mouth. Do it for just one time. In order to inhale the water into the nose, use the right hand to cup water and inhale water into the nose. After that, use your right hand to... 3. This section on wudu is very helpful, beautifully and simply. It is Sunnah to make a firm intention in your heart for Wudu. Clean your head from the forehead to the back of the head, then wipe your ears and the outer portion of the ear canal. You make sure to rub between the fingers of the hand. Do this three times and then with left feet also for three times. 6. It will help the new people know how to do it. The second step is to wash the right hand up to the wrist with the left hand and wash left hand with right hand three times. Can you explain why niyyah is important for salat? It is very clear to understand by the, "I dedicate my life to worship one God. ", time I do Wudu I look here and it is better than other articles since it includes everything in it. It's very helpful, "Islam can be a lot to take in as a newly converted Muslim. If you have a cast, you are allowed to simply wipe over it instead. Wudu is required before praying salah.


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