how to block mind reading technology
Even the most basic sentence is loaded with more information than you might realize: each word represents a new concept, and their placement and relationship to each other can drastically change the meaning of the whole. June 26, 2017 Beyond Bananas: CMU Scientists Harness “Mind Reading” Technology to Decode Complex Thoughts. By using brain-imaging technology he’s beginning to decode thought and explore the difference between the conscious and unconscious mind. But how far will it go? To achieve this electronic weapons and gang stalking must be taken out of secrecy and openness and transparency is necessary - Peter Mooring, Electonic Torture (, FBI and NSA PSYCHOPATHS are conducting these NON-CONSENSUAL SECRET, ILLEGAL, SADISTIC, PERVERTED and PSYCHOPATHIC SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY EXPERIMENTS and PSYCHO-ELECTRONIC WEAPON ATTACKS on hundreds of thousands of innocent american citizens, THE ULTIMATE BLASPHEMY: THE MECHANISMS OF COVERT MIND. After being recruited as a trainee spy, explore the skills and abilities required by real agents and use some of the latest technologies that help spies gather and analyse information. ‘If these detainees have information we haven’t been able to extract that could prevent another 9/11, I think most Americans would agree that we should be doing whatever it takes to extract it’. [7] I say, ‘influencing’, advisedly since the technology that enables thoughts to be accessed, certainly also allows for the dulling of mental processes, the interference of memory, the excitation of mental or bodily processes, the infliction of pain on any organ or nerve, the increase of blood pressure, breathing or the slowing down of these, as well as the activation of rage, sadness, hysteria, or inappropriate behaviour. That's what most human thoughts are composed of. Ref:John Norseen’s work: Images of Mind: The Semiotic Alphabet. All rights reserved. (18) – Pigeon ON-OFF and other outdoor sounds (crows, dogs, cats, electric (sawing) machines, hammering, motorbikes, coughing, etc.) and is expected to revolutionize crime detection and investigation.. "We have finally developed a way to see thoughts of that complexity in the fMRI signal. In this article I described how pigeons, crows, cat and dogs are used by secret services to murder their targets (by driving them out-of-their-minds). READING AND OTHER HIGH TECH CRIMES, Secret service: Electronic Mind Control, Electronic weapons used on people surrounding the target WITHOUT them knowing this, Secret service: mind rape targets to steal, torture, murder, create enemies (and call them terrorists), Gang stalkers and people cookers are murderers, the crimes they commit belong to the worst crimes in history - part 2, IBM: Mind reading is less than five years away. Now, a … But there was no-one representing Her Majesty’s government to demonstrate how these very same devices[3] can be used quite freely, and with relative ease, in our wireless age[4], to conduct experiments on free-ranging civilians tracked anywhere in the world, and using an infinitely extendable form of electrode which doesn’t require visible contact with the scalp at all. Or to force a thought into the brain. Now, a team from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) has developed a way to accurately read more complex concepts from a brain scan, and even piece together entire sentences. How many are they in number?

They use almost random people for their experiments, they use this technology to eliminate activists, whistle blowers, politicians or orher people they don't like. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. Trained light, targeted atomic spectroscopy, the use of powerful magnets to absorb moisture from human tissues, the transfer of radiative energy – these have replaced the microwave harassment which was used to transmit auditory messages directly into the hearing. The surveillance technology of today is the surveillance of the human mind and, through access to the brain and nervous system, the control of behaviour and the body’s functions. By Shilo Rea Carnegie Mellon University scientists can now use brain activation patterns to identify complex thoughts, such as, "The witness shouted during the trial." I believe an application where man can control a cat by looking through his eyes, hearing through his ears, and controlling the mind of the cat is just a few years away from now. Being a (random) target and survivor, I will summarize the current status of this technology below based on my personal experiences and observations. Humans, like explosives, emit their own spectral signature in the form of a gas.

used with gang stalking and electronic harassment/electronic torture. In recent years she has been a researcher into the invasive methods of accessing minds using technological means, and has published papers on the subject. when you move your right leg, a specific brain area is very active, when you think about sex, another specific brain area is active. A true mind-reading device that can decode what you’re literally thinking and feeling with noninvasive technology is about 10 to 15 years away. Copyright 2006-2016 Peter Mooring. A next step might be to decode the general type of topic a person is thinking about, such as geology or skateboarding. The present probing of people’s intentions, minds, background thoughts, hopes and emotions[5] is being expanded into the more complex and subtle aspects of thinking and feeling.

One of the most popular exhibits was the ‘Mindball’ game, which required two players to go literally head-to-head in a battle for brainpower, and used ‘brainpower’ alone. ‘Using the scanner, we could look around the brain for this information and read out something that from the outside there’s no way you could possibly tell is in there. Efforts to alert human rights’ groups about the loss of the mind as a place to call your own, have met with little discernible reaction, in spite of reports about over decades of the dangers of remote manipulation using technology to access the mind[13], Dr Nick Begich’s book, Controlling the human mind[14], being an important recent contribution. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. Using machine learning, researchers have been able to read more complex thoughts from brain scans, After being trained on 239 sentences and their accompanying brain activation patterns, the algorithm was able to accurately predict the activation pattern of the last sentence. This requires getting it through wider government and legal bodies, and for that, it must be seen to spring from the unbiased scientific investigations into the workings of the brain, in the best tradition of the leading universities. The description of ‘shining a torch around the brain’ is as absurd a report as one could read of a scientific endeavour, especially one that carries such enormous implications for the future of mankind. NOTES[1] Other scientists are decoding our desires and exploring the difference between our conscious and unconscious mind. The technology involved is far more advanced than many of us can imagine, or want to believe.


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