honda silverwing 600 top speed

Vast amounts of storage space.

Review your HONDA SILVER WING 600 (2001 - on). Not to mention I was running out of 'previously scouted road'. I've still got the big trailie (1200cc) and sports tourer (1000cc), but the scooter does more miles per year than the other two combined.

Short answer, faster than common sense should allow. I have added heated handgrips for winter riding. I love the convenience this bike offers. Blow those sluggish factory settings away with this Magnum Honda Silver Wing 600 ECU chip. Indeed but the title of the thread is 'Silverwings Top speed' and the OP asked how fast it was possible to make the Silverwing go not 'How fast have you made your Silverwing go?' The Book says 115MPH - I can't quite remember which Book.

Rapid acceleration, and reasonable mpg.

Should be riding while you can! However, reports on the forums of reliability and smoothness coupled with Honda reputation sold it for me. Owned it less than a week, though. I marked it down slightly on ride quality but I am being picky. The belt drive, variable transmission is simple, reliable and 'stepless' from zero to over 100mph. Buying experience: Bought the Silverwing from a dealer in Norfolk, online, and he arranged delivery to Bristol. 8500 RPM's on the rev limiter she'll go no faster and that's with 26G sliders. To achieve this, Honda designed their impressive 582cc parallel twin cylinder ‘DACT’ engine. Yes I know it's £7k (0% over 3 years). I feel good cruising at 70-75mph (good roads, good weather, light traffic) but anything above that is IMHO beyond my acceptable risk limit. The finish is excellent. I don't see how the weight of the sliders or rollers would make much difference if you're using the otherwise stock variator since any weight roller should have the thing wedged out all the way at that rpm. Brakes are ok, but a second disc would have helped inspire more confidence in braking. The Integra isn't really a scooter and loses out over the Silverwing on practicalities, otherwise I'd have gone for that instead. From last nights ride I know 90 doesn't faze the squirrel in the cage. Office papers, laptop, iPad, camera, tripod, crash helmet, rain suit - it all goes in. A pair of Hagons have sorted that. The seat’s vast and plush, there’s loads of leg room and the screen/fairing works a treat. Hi, Welcome to the Silverwing 600 Forum. I'm a bit anal about maintenance so as soon as I got it back from the dealer, I had all the plastic off (which is a pain admittedly), coated everything in ACF50 and cracked every electrical connector I could get to and greased them.

Best features of the bike Charging point in the left luggage compartment, massive under-seat storage. I would definitely buy another but not at £7 new. I did it myself and will wear the risk of any issues arising but it is very off putting. This scooter also includes both a centerstand and a side stand. The bike is a decent all round bike, can carry huge amounts with an additional top box, good weather protection and providing the wind is not too strong, good for long motorway cruising stay at 70 all day long. It has great brakes with discs front and rear, ABS (standard as of 2011, optional before that) and CBS (essentially linked brakes so the left lever pulls both calipers). Theres a youtube video of a guy going 185kph. There's some really nice features aswell like the LCD dash, 12 volt power socket, parking brake and under seat light aswell as the huge storage space. See the need for a larger windshield and a rack. Apart from this, no problems. After a couple of expletives and a chuckle I thought, why not I've got 15 mins to kill. One of the most important considerations for a maxi-scooter is rider comfort and the Silver Wing does quite well in this regard. Two up me and her are on the weight limit and scampering about the hills had the rear shocks bottoming out. It is great- it is quick, solid, well made and very comfortable. Loads of power, excellent performance and handling, great brakes… Not only is it competent, it’s versatile and huge fun, too. A close-run thing. Prior to the Silver Wing, Honda’s largest scooter had been 250cc (Elite 250, Helix, Reflex). Currently owning a PCX150, I expected more of an increase in ride quality in the larger, heavier Silver Wing. It was sold for a total of 12 years with barely any changes. I changed the standard screen for a Givi screen which eliminated buffeting, and I altered the riders buttstop to a backrest which was quite simple to do and cost pennies to achieve. GPS and speedo the same. Cost £2.5k 4 years ago. I passed a Harley at 140 km/h. I just voted on something and not sure what?My big On IPad . There are very well supported forums and Youtube videos that cover all the essentials. My C650GT is a bit faster at top speed than the Silverwing. The Silver Wing had several obvious competitors: . Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below. If I'm not mistaken, speedometers in the UK are roughly 10% off, i.e. The storage pockets add that little extra and includes a 12v charger for my phone. 104mph like JeffR's. Need a break after an hour and a half, have done two hours on it in one go but it is a bit tiring due to vibration. I do my own servicing which is a doddle on this bike.

– 2004 Honda Silverwing 600. Once it was dry, sprayed the switch with water repellants but in theory it could happen again. 100mph sounds fast to me - but 97mph does not. Aftermarket extras abound. This gives even more rider seat room. But not in town, that's a waste.

Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. The rear seat backrest is adjustable for the passenger and works well for its size. Hit top speeds on the motorway and it’ll weave a little, though: unnerving but not treacherous. Now I understand why all the Europeans ride them. or 'How fast has anyone heard that a Silverwing can go?'. Suzuki gets a lot of credit in the maxi-scooter scene as they were the first seller overseas, but Honda deserves kudos as well. All of these scooters share many of the same accolades (powerful, great storage, comfortable). The bike will only go as quick as the power to weight can over come, but mine hits the Rev limiter at an indicated 110mph, and the only way you can defeat that is to change tyre sizes given the top speed gearing is pretty much fixed. And I know we haven't got the restyled model here like on the European mainland (exactly the same underneath). Colleagues have referred to it as a 'hairdryer' and they may be right! On a recent weekend camping trip the lot went under the seat inc. tent, bag, stove and clothes. Great handling makes it good fun on the roads and you can sit at 80mph on the motorway for ever. * Stiff rear suspension without passenger. The passenger seat doesn’t equal that of a Goldwing but it’s reasonable. Can't seem to coax it any higher in calm wind. For Big Bird on pictures----looked back thru pictures...have only a few-----trip to North Cap, found 2 or 3 Honda XBR500s, Pacifico fairing---have 3, 2 with snow background,,,then looked at 1998 in Canada---CB750 NightHawk &Kwik Camp trailer & dog....going to present SilverWing----all have the same pair of aftermarket CB750 type mirrors.

Dunno why i waited so long to get one.

Lots of pillion space, too. I will say this though, "It is an amazing machine even at that speed it was very stable." I've upgraded the screen and fitted heated grips to give that bit of extra weather protection and comfort. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. Yes I know there are better maxi scooters out now (not £2k to £3k better though). My C650GT is a bit faster at top speed than the Silverwing. I ride fairly conservatively but not slowly and the bike usually does long enough runs to get properly warmed up. The styling remained fresh and it withstood the test of time better than its Suzuki competitors which have now been redesigned.

I keep meticulous records and I have a low of 54mpg (in winter) and a high of 64 mpg (in summer). The linked brakes work very well too. The last model to go on sale, costing £7000, is a bit too much money. If you have dodgy knees and can no longer cope with a 'normal' bike then a maxi scoot like the Silverwing does the job. I like the hand brake very useful on this bike. This compact workhorse put out 49.6 HP @ 7500 RPM and enjoyed an array of fancy technology. I change my oil more frequently primarily because it can be done in 10 minutes and it only require 2 litres. The design of the bike is very modern, which I like, the front and rear light clusters could easily have been removed from Hondas latest sports bike as well as the dash. I have done 90 mph easy.kinda stupid and unsafe to go any faster with a little bike like this; did 125 on my 1500 Gold Wing a few yrs ago and 135 mph on my 73 Triumph Hurricaine ..that was kinda stupid too. Fuel economy isn't brilliant at 45mpg but I do tend to cane it a bit ! You've really got to try a big maxi scooter. I can't offer any comments on tyres other than the standard Bridgestone Hoops seem okay at the moment. I found one with less than 2000 miles for £2500. Never need to use the ABS, buts that because I ride defensively, don't even know if it still works?? Engine very responsive and smooth. For GL riders my '90 1500 would top out very near 115mph and my '06 1800 hit the limiter a bit over 125mph. Converting a Vari-Drive to a 5 Speed Manual, 1st attempt at a MTD vari drive and 3 speed manual trans mutation, Help Please, Rhino 700i, clutch/speed issue. I buy oil in bulk. I approached the century mark a couple of times and the wind buffeting had me worried so felt no point in going further. Seems to be well-built, like a Honda should be. Plenty of luggage space, all very well thought out. I can't say I feel the same. Absolutely fantastic is the way to describe the wing. they over-read by about 10%. The styling remained fresh and it withstood the test of time better than its Suzuki competitors which have now been redesigned. I even carried a full size sack of spuds bungied to the passenger seat. The Honda FJS600 Silver Wing is beautifully put together and well designed, making it not just useful but also a real joy to ride. My previous bike was a Honda CBF1000 which had plenty of performance. The price is a bit steep but the  Honda FJS600 Silver Wing is a great motorcycle that can certainly raise a dyed-in-the-wool biker’s eyebrow…, Watch the Honda Silver Wing take on the Aprilia Mana, the Suzuki SV650 Sport, and the Pigaggio MP3 400.


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