grey eye color
Grey eyes have more collagen in the stroma than blue eyes, which changes the way light scatters and reflects grey rather than blue. Please leave a comment and let me know.

There are a few unique colors, and combinations of colors, that make up this group: the rarest of the rare. But I have Partial Heterochromia! everyone else in the comment section who apparently have super cool eye colours.. damn, you're lucky :'), I have green hazel eyes ...some people say they r gree and some say they r brown but they r hazel☺, I have amber hazel eyes that colour change, Everyone says they're a light blue so i'm actually not sure but they look pretty grey to me-. Melly Parker has been writing since 2007, focusing on health, business, technology and home improvement. Scientists tracked a genetic mutation that took place thousands of years ago, which is the cause of all blue-eyed people today.

By Chad Miller, [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Flickr. Ready to find out what it means when you have grey eyes?

My dad is the same . Gray is a beautiful, unusual eye color that should be played up as much as possible when choosing your hair and makeup shades. is that even an eye colour? This is inspiring and sad at the same time. I took a picture of my eyes a while ago and I just saw that they were completely grey, but with some yellow spots, making them look green-grey, I have dark eyes but when in light it will be like hazel mixed with grey.

It’s quite an unusual type of eye coloring that some individuals have, and while many people wear contacts to make their eye color more uniform, I think it’s beautiful, and such a rarity should be flaunted! My eye consists of three colours: around the pupil they are amber, and around that ( most of my eye) they are a dark green. Most people think David Bowie had two different eye colors, when in fact, he had anisocoria. What’s the difference between an HSA and FSA? I somehow have eyes that are green, blue, and grey yet I don't have Heterochromia. While some people may appear to have irises that are black, they don’t technically exist. So how hare is turquoise and how rare is my eye changing colour like that? You tend to go for things when the time is right-thanks to your ‘in the moment nature’.. People with grey eyes are sometimes plagued with intense inner conflict of emotions and they often find it hard to make rational decisions. It is said that people with dark or black eyes are very trustworthy and they keep secrets like their life depended on it. The funny thing is you don’t really like all of this attention. I don’t know how this is possible but....I have grey eyes and this article perfectly described every aspect of me....even my room, which is honestly frightening. Eye color is a genetic trait that is also determined by the amount of melanin in the eyes.

Also, make sure to check out our Freshlook Contact Lenses, which are the most popular, and most widely recommended colored contact lens available. True black eyes do not exist, rather there are brown eyes so dark that it is hard to distinguish between the pupil and the iris in regular light. However, there’s still not a lot known about the specific genes that determine a person’s eye color. It is thought that what makes these eyes appear grey rather than blue has to do with the amount of collagen present in the stroma. Offer cannot be combined with other coupons, sales, or special offers. So what eye colors are the most common, and which are the rarest? I have heterochromia I was born with bright blue eyes but now their hazel in the middle, a small green ring and then a blue outer ring. Some say greyish some just say blue but i kinda think their smokey blue?.. If you possess green eyes, you might come across as someone who gets angry at the drop of a hat or is mysterious; but you can hold the reins well under pressure. Also, the living room description gave me chills. I have blue eyes with minute amounts of brown that darken or lighten due to mood, such as if angry or depressed they darken but if happy or relaxed it becomes very light blue. They are reliable and not affected by emotional upheaval.

No idea what this means for me. Can coronavirus (or a cold or the flu) cause pink eye? I’ve always been fascinated by eye color.

The iris of the eye determines the eye color by deciding how much light to pass through it. hah i have the most boring brown eyes ever. I'm always told I have brown eyes but when you look close up in a brighter light, My left eye has a part on the outside of my iris (not touching the pupil) were its blue with some yellow flecks and my right eye has a greenish-blue color to the right in the middle of my iris (not touching the pupil or the edge near the sclera.

Albino eyes look can look red or pink due to the lack of pigment in the iris. We do know that rarer eye color genes are recessive, so perhaps it’s just a matter of the right genes coming together to bring forth the phenomena. Green eye color is one of the rarest eye colors in the world (others being seen in albinos and people with Heterochromia). Their low melanin content is similar, but in fact, gray irises are significantly more rare than standard blue eyes.

This is an example of anisocoria in green eyes! Heterochromia is a rare eye condition where a person's irises are different colors.

How older drivers can improve their driving at night, Face shields, eye goggles advised to prevent COVID-19 spread.


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