gon vs hanzo who wins

Gon and Hanzo were already in the, well floor space, wasn’t exactly an arena. You must log in or register to reply here.

Gon vs Hanzo is a fight that while not the best from a technical standpoint is amazing thematically, because this fight unveils so much of Gon’s character and develops the narrative effectively. Choreography, strategies and tactics, emotional impact, psychological condition, conversation through action, atmosphere and thematic value. I expect Hanzo to win, given his background and intense training. 7. Welcome to the forums! Killua on the other hand is unable to comprehend Gon’s actions and why it affected everyone the way it did and he remains in this manor misinterpreting Gon until Chimera Ant’s climax. You are using an out of date browser. I hope we get a friendly match between them. 9.

It may not display this or other websites correctly. Kirishima vs Hanzō - Dunno who Hanzo is, 10. Shigaraki vs Netero - Netero hard counters Shiggy and is too fast, 11. But I like to think that Hanzo was actually doing something while he was absent. Mirio Intangible is kind of OD for a lot of characters unless you make it so nen can hit him, If overhaul doesn't try to play with his food and goes for the kill he wins.

Johness vs Pokkle. 10. I agree, Gon was vastly inferior, but he had great mentors. Hanzo in the end recognizes the potential in Gon and backs down out of a mix of maturity and admiration, and Gon in predictable Gon fashion refuses mistaking Hanzo’s forfeit as an act of pity and doesn’t want an unsatisfactory win. Halloween Drawing Contest is happening now! We know that Gon has a lot of talent and potential as a Nen user, so for Hanzo to be given as many chances to win as Gon is very interesting. Gon vs Hanzo nails all but two of those elements, it’s certainly a fight worthy of being called great.

I would guess they are very close now and gon may even have surpassed Hanzo if he hasn't been putting himself into dangerous situations, he is a very cautious person. JavaScript is disabled. Mirio vs Hisoka. All for One vs Meruem - I can honestly see this going either way, but I'll side with Meruem since we don't really know how strong Prime AFO is, Bisky probably but I could see either way, Pitou. This much attention to detail that brings forth so many layers of meaning from action or maybe lack thereof takes skill love for the craft to achieve, Togashi is clearly very passionate about what he writes, and it shows. Although I still assume Hanzo would win because he would've probably advanced just as much and Gon would probably need a couple more years to surpass him. Hanzo was obviously stronger than Gon. He acknowledges that he’s no match for Hanzo in brute physical strength, but there’s no one who could overpower him in obstinacy. ;). Watch hanzo have a hax power like turning invisible like that chimera ant. ( Log Out / 

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. We don't know how strong Hanzo currently is, so there's no way to tell but I have the feeling that Gon is stronger.

Probably around the same level with Hanzo slightly stronger. The other thing that's fascinating is Gon's instincts. We don't know about Hanzo's masters yet. Admitting defeat is not on his mind, from his perspective he wouldn’t be worthy of meeting his father if he couldn’t even complete the hunter exam from the first try.


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